Cameron Marcroft up and about
Michael Correnti ready for the big game
Angus Tickner clears the ball
Finds Jordy O'Brien
Sugar with a handball
Liam Walsh looks inside
Mackenzie Mann with strong hands
Laughlin Cargnali goes down with injury
Rob Pain wheels around
Ernie Fan with a shot on goal
Look at the follow through
Luke Nelson with a clean handball
Dom Tracy (12) and Andy Devine (5) fly high
Jobba looks for options
Adrian Marulli with a massive golden fist
Adro got up
Conall Barrett kicks inside 50
Macca marks and plays on
Kicks inside
Nathan Richardson with a big tackle
Brendan Plowman in the ruck contest
Martin Grinter snaps around the body
Mick at quarter time
Conall and Jobba listen in
Richo with the fresh fade
Dom with a mark in the hands
Moves it on quick via handball
Tick kicks down the line
Big crowd at Parade College
James Toomey kicks out in front of Andy
Andy Devine marks on the chest
Andy kicks back into the corridor
'Silk' Nelson moves it forward
Walshy with a quick-fire handball
Jacob Shelley finds space as La Trobe bench looks on
Toomsey tries to hit the scoreboard
Walshy has a set shot
Mick and the players in the rooms
Richo takes a great mark and cops a late hit
50m penalty and kicks the Trobers' first of the day
Let's go!
Brawl after Richo copped an elbow while he was on the ground
Earns the free kick
Into Lukey who flies and then gets sling tackled
Free kick as the crowd watches on
Hits it flush off the boot
You beauty, it's home, another goal
A rushed snap from Luke
The scoreboard is tightening up
Sugar and Walshy support each other in the tackle
Richo with the mark
Paddy McCormack slams it out of the backline
Jobba plays on and kicks to the top of the square
Macca slots a goal
Great support for the boys
Paddy under pressure
Adro with a bone-crunching tackle
Jobba switches the ball to Dom
Dom Tracy elegantly kicks forward
Patrick Mulvahill with the rushed kick
Mark O'Brien goals from point blank range
We're coming, the boys celebrate
Toomsey in the back half
Jacob Ellett with a clearing kick forward
Andy kicks down the line
Painy with a narrow miss on goal
Dom roves the ball beautifully
Sugar gets some airtime
Agony, an 8 point loss at the end of the day

Grand Finals 2022

Tayla Dando looking for options
Molly O'Brien tackled (high?)
Paige Kenny needs to get that arm free
Jess Rogers kicks out of the back half
Casta fist pump
Jess Lowry drives the ball forward
C'mon ump, open your eyes!
Bondy swings onto her trusty left
Jaryd Coghill addresses his troops
Girls have started well
Final instructions at the quarter time huddle
Jess Lowry competes at the bounce
Jasmine Smith with a big tackle
Lis Symon in defense
Good from Vickers
Jess wins the throw-in
Courtney Donoghue competes for the mark
Bondy kicks clear of the pack
Hands outstretched and Swifty takes a great grab
Swifty shoots for goal
Great ball drop from Sophie Rodier!
Nat Cappelletti kicks from inside 50
Soph Rodier tackled
Molly O'Brien kicks from inside 50
Jas kicks into the goal square
A big smother from Swifty as Molly O applies the tackle pressure
Sherise Scicluna applies a big tackle
The bench seems pleased with how things are going
Sherise kicks from the centre square
JR about to kick down the pavilion wing
Jocelyn Yew breaks clear of the pack
They can't catch Bondy
Elise "Freo" Freeman brings out the vibe rater
Jas bursts out of the pack
Finds some space on her own
The kick for goal
And straight through, she has hops!!
Nearly a second for Jas
Swifty cops one high
Goes back
And goes bang, it's raining goals
Megan Phillips has a shot on goal
Another for the Trobers
Casta catches her opponent
A big tackle and rewarded
Casta kicks long
The girls celebrate a big win

Round Twelve – Senior Women, Reserve Men, Senior Men

Spectators watch on
Seniors pre-game kicks
Reserves ready for game time
Warm up done, let's go
Luke Nelson back with the flight
Mackenzie Mann kicks off the ground
Patrick Mulvahill clears it from the defensive 50
Luke Nelson boots it long down the wing
Jordy O'Brien goes bang
And goals!
Nathan Richardson dives on his opponent
Paddy McCormack clears the ball
Richo hits up a short target
Martin Grinter gets some air time
Lands and plays on quickly
Andy Devine gets a handball away
Liam Walsh streams through the middle of the ground
Cameron Marcroft finds some space
Andy gets the ball on the boot
Richo with another inside 50
Ernie Fan takes on the tackler
Gets slung in a rough tackle
Earns the free kick after the siren and goes the old barrel
Coaches address, Michael Correnti
Mick's message
Some points to work on
Huddle, let's go boys
Jamie Koo has a run off half back
Rob Pain uses the handball
Finds James Toomey in space
And goes long into our forward 50
Brendan Plowman competes in the ruck
Walshy with another attacking disposal
Jobba on the lead, you beauty!
Richo with the quick fire handball
Walshy with the quick play on and ball inside 50
Cam Mcpherson sinks the boot into it
And cops a late hit
Martin Grinter gets on the end of the downfield
And puts it through
Laughlin Cargnali with the ball in the backline
Walshy lays a big tackle
Cam McPherson takes a mark in the middle of the ground
Mark O'Brien searches for an option
Sugar wraps him up, ballllll!
Dom Tracy gets a clearing handball to Toomsey
Siren sounds and Albert Park too good
Post-game chats
Onto next week for a spot in the grand final

Finals Week One – 2022

Pre-game huddle
Game on!
Andy Devine clears from the backline watched by our Senior players
Paddy McCormack across half back with Mackenzie Mann
Best on ground Luke Nelson
Nathan Richardson kicking and Mark O'Brien
Cameron Marcroft does battle in the ruck
Ernie Fan set to pounce just outside the forward 50 arc
Andy Devine with another clearance
Liam Walsh takes a strong grab on the wing
Mobla giving those hammies a workout!
Luke Nelson marks inside 50
Nels finishes by kicking our first goal
Congratulated by Jobba and Laughy
Midfielder Andy provides another inside 50
Jordy O'Brien kicks for goal
Quarter time huddle with plenty of work required
Luke Nelson kicks his second goal
Sugar in the ruck
Andy about to break free along the wing
Andy at work yet again!
Laughy snaps a "Daicos-like" goal!
Three quarter-time break
Coach Mick Correnti urges his players to give it their all in the final quarter!
Final words of encouragement
Birthday boy Adrian Marulli kicks truly
High fives in celebration
Mackenzie Mann adds another goal
Laughy, Ernie, Painy and Cho celebrate with Macca
Paddy Mac on his left with another rebound from defense
Luke Nelson kicks his third for the match
The lead extends to 27 points just before time on
The boys celebrate Sugar's snap goal after great work by Painy and Ernie!
Ernie kicks to Dom Tracy as the siren is about to sound!

Finals Week Two – Reserve Men (2022)

Reserves quarter time huddle
Umpire Tate holds the ball aloft
Brendan Plowman wins the hit out
Andy Devine with the clearance
Plow kicks into Trober's forward 50
Adrian Marulli on the move
Adro burns off the opposition and kicks inside 50
Andy kicks into the forward line
Jordy O'Brien in the contest
Andy with yet another inside 50
Eyes on the ball
Nathan Richardson about to handball as Martin Grinter and Rob Pain watch
Andy receives Cho's handball
And kicks for goal
This man's on fire!
Handballing to Adro
Adro looks into the forward 50 as Cho provides a shepherd
Pat McCormack handballs as Dez and Ginnis watch on
Paddy marks inside 50
Rob Pain kicks the ball forward
Jake Shelley selling candy
Jake sends the ball down the pavilion wing
Painy passes and calls to Adro
Adro marks
Adro delivers into the forward half
Ginnis shoots from the boundary line
Plow can't quite find the big sticks
Connor Burns kicks inside 50
Plow takes a great grab as Ernie is front and centre and Toomsey arrives
Mackenzie Mann delivers into the forward line
Jobba takes the mark
And kicks one of his 8 for the game
Adro on the move again
Ernie delivers inside 50
Paddy takes a great mark
Dez under the pump!
Senior Men's pre-game huddle
Harry Tanner has eyes for the ball
Riley Alexander kicks his first to secure the Leading Goalkicker Award for the Division!
Riley Keath jumps clear of his opponent
Keathy palms with precision to Ben Vicary
Sam Benetti-Baker with his head over the ball as Vicars and Lachlan Webb close in
Where'd the ball go Wiz?
Rob Fawcett switches in defense
Archie Conboy kicks into the forward 50
Wiz leads his opponent to the ball
Wiz turns and kicks towards goal
Josh Rogerson takes possession as Bryce Dowler looks on
A little high Ump?
Wiz kicks another goal
Keathy wins again and Archie is on the move as Tyler Costa runs in from the wing
Brucey kicks inside 50
Keathy again, with Connor McCredden's hands in great position!
Charlie Scanlon kicks on goal
Brucey ready to mark
Brucey kicks his goal
BB delivers inside 50 early in the 2nd quarter
Ball up inside our forward 50
Rogo takes possession just before it happens!!

Round Eighteen – Reserve & Senior Men (2022)