Round 12 Match Reports (2022)

Round 12 Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 13.18 (98) defeated Masala 5.4 (34)
Goal Kickers: Riley Alexander 5, Josh Rogerson 2, Riley Keath 2, Tate Spiteri, Archie Conboy, Ben Vicary, Charlie Scanlon
Best Players: Riley Keath, Riley Alexander, Archie Conboy, Charlie Scanlon, Andy Castles, Ben Vicary

Another big game and another great win for our senior men as they knock off 4th placed Masala comfortably to take their winning streak to five games. Despite several forced changes this week, including Lachlan Miller, Mark O’Brien, and Paddy McCormack returning to senior footy and Angus Tickner and Luke Nelson making their senior debuts, our boys didn’t look like skipping a beat from the get-go.

Kicking with the breeze in the first term we quickly added scoreboard pressure with a five to one goal start which included three majors for Riley Alexander. Archie Conboy got off to a fast start and finished off in front of goal, while Riley Keath was the barometer for pressure around the ground. The second term we were able to maintain control of the game and extend our lead to 45 points at the main break. Debutant Luke Nelson showed he didn’t look out of place at senior level with a big bone crunching tackle on the wing.

In the second half our boys maintained the pressure and controlled the entire four quarters of footy. Sam Benetti-Baker was at his dominate best in his new white boots, while Riley Keath dominated the ruck and drifted forward to snag a couple. Charlie Scanlon, in the absence of Bryce Dowler, managed to hit the scoreboard for the first time this season and was also pivotal with his ruck work. Ben Vicary and Tyler Costa hunted the footy all day and found plenty of it. Again, it was a strong team performance with 22 contributors across the park.

Our men’s sides now have a two-week break before returning to Tony Sheehan Oval on July 23 for Past Players, Parents and Supporters Day!

Senior Women:

La Trobe 9.11 (65) defeated Power House 2.3 (15)
Goal Kickers: Kate Bond 3, Courtney Donoghue, Sophie Rodier, Jas Smith, Teresa D’Angelo, Megan Phillips, Steph Castagnini
Best Players: Teresa D’Angelo, Kate Bond, Jocelyn Yew, Ellen Brasier, Jess Lowry, Jasmine Smith

The Senior Women opened a triple header at Tony Sheehan Oval, taking on Power House in what was bound to be a competitive game and a great opportunity to get a win on the board for the first time since Round 2.

The vibes were high and so was the intensity from the first bounce, getting the first clearance out of the middle. Steph Castagnini, who has been damaging in her new position in the forward line, kicked the opening goal early in the first quarter. 

Teresa D’Angelo continued her stellar form with a “best on” performance. Swifty was the clearance queen for the day, getting everything out of the stoppages and bringing the ball forward. She made things happen around goal when she rested forward, as well as converting one of her own.

Kate Bond played an incredible game yet again, proving her footy smarts around the ground and with the footy; sidestepping her opponents and knowing what to do with the pill including slotting 3 goals. Her highlight of the day is the selfless play running into an open goal square and handballing over the top to give first year player Megan Phillips an open shot at goal. And what a goal it was! Congratulations on your first goal Megan!  

The other goal scorers included Sophie Rodier who was back in for her first game since Round 4, Courtney Donoghue and Jasmine Smith

Sherise Scicluna and Ellen Brasier are starting to combine nicely as the twin towers down back with improving chemistry in playing together. Jasmine Smith and Molly O’Brien continue to be consistent and are having a great first year at Trober town. Jocelyn Yew played a great game on the wing with the highlight being the running bounce on the wing and side step of two opponents to get the ball moving forward.

After a player review two weeks ago, one of the biggest goals was to “beat Power House”. With determination and grit, the women came away with a fantastic 50-point win with an overall team effort!

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 20.13 (113) defeated Masala 6.2 (38)
Goal Kickers: Jordy O’Brien 10, Pat Mulvahill 2, Martin Grinter 2, Josh Horder 2, J. Ellett, Jake Shelley, Ben Jackson, Brendan Plowman
Best Players: Jordy O’Brien, Pat Mulvahill, James Toomey, Simon Rathbone, Andy Devine, Joe De Angelis

Due to a triple header at Tony Sheehan Oval ‘The Midday Show’ was moved to the later timeslot of 1.40 p.m. to take on third placed Masala.

The Trobers won the toss and kicked with the breeze in the first term, and took full advantage, getting on top through the mid-field and hitting the score board with our skipper Jordy “Jobba” O’Brien kicking 2, as well as Patrick “Mulva” Mulvahill and Jake Ellett also kicking truly. All whilst keeping Masala scoreless for the quarter, thanks to the great pressure we applied all over the ground led by Simon “Diesel” Rathbone in his first game for the year.

Masala took this dominance as you would expect them to and decided to try their hand at MMA instead and fared about as well at that as they did at playing footy. Note to the reader – don’t make Andy Devine angry, you won’t like him when he’s angry! Trobers went into quarter time with a 28-point lead.

The second term was much the same from the Trobers, not letting kicking into the breeze stifle their attacking play and would continue to attack the goal face. Jobba would add another 2, Mulva would kick his second, Josh Horder and Martin “Ginnis” Grinter would also kick snags. The back six would hold strong again led by the attacking play of Joey De Angelis and Jacob Shelley. Our Trobers went into half-time leading by 52 points.

Coach Mick Correnti implored the boys to not take their foot off the gas in the second half, and they did not, adding another 6.4 for the third quarter. Jobba slotted another 2, and the boys shared the pill around which saw Hords and Ginnis each kick their second, Shelley would sneak forward to slot one and Big Benny Jackson would sell some candy before he kicked truly. Trobers entered the break with an 85-point lead.

The final term would see the Masala ump do his best to even up the result, but much to his disappointment he couldn’t hand out enough 50 metre penalties to get them back in the game. James Toomey would continue to prowl the big wings of Tony Sheehan Oval in what the coach would say was “his best game for the club”. Jobba would kick 4 goals to give him 10 for the game, and showing why he is the comp’s top forward, Brendan “Plow” Plowman would take a rest from his work in the ruck to kick himself a goal. The Trobers finished the game with a 95-point victory.

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Vale Bob Segrave

It is with great sadness that we inform the Trober community of the passing of Bob Segrave on Monday morning 17th January, 2022.

Vale Russell Badham

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform our Trober community of the passing of Russell Badham on Monday morning 3rd January, 2022 after a short illness. Russell Badham arrived at LTUFC in 1969.

Round 11 Match Reports (2022)

Round 11 Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 16.16 (112) defeated Albert Park 8.12 (60)
Goal Kickers: Bryce Dowler 6, Tate Spiteri 5, Riley Alexander 3, Jaryd Coghill, Ben Vicary
Best Players: Bryce Dowler, Tom Whelan, Ben Vicary, Sam Benetti-Baker, Tate Spiteri, Ricky Nolan

Coming off the best day of the season on our beautiful home deck last weekend, it was off to the worst place in Melbourne to play footy to take on Albert Park in a dreadful set of yellow VAFA clash guernseys. Despite the cow paddock we were playing on, the conditions were exceptional for a game at Albert Park Lake. A late out with Riley Keath crook as a dog meant Brendan Plowman came back in for a new look ruck combination, including Charlie Scanlon and Jaryd Coghill, who in his first senior game this season got us rolling with the first goal of the game.

Kicking with the breeze in the first term meant we had plenty of opportunities kicking 5.7 from 16 inside 50’s to give us a decent lead of 27-points in a scrappy affair. The second term saw Albert Park come out firing with a few quick goals to pull the margin back to within a goal before Bryce Dowler steadied the Trobers with a much-needed goal. Sam Benetti-Baker was at his dominant best by setting the standard on-ball nullifying every contest, laying tackle after tackle but also punishing them on the outside with his ability to get open. Archie Conboy followed suit working hard contest after contest, while Ricky Nolan and Ben Vicary were terrific at winning the one-on-one in the middle to get the ball going our way.

Holding a six-point lead at the half, the third quarter was a seesaw affair as the ball was locked in a scrap all quarter as we only managed two goals with the wind to extend our lead to 15-points at the final break. While Albert Park got a big gee up from their coach about how “piss-weak” we were and “always second to the ball”, our boys focused on what we do well – beating other teams at their own game and overrunning them. Again, Bryce Dowler was influential down forward as he put through a couple early goals to get the game well and truly on our terms and from there, we just kept our foot on their throat.

Will Lowry and Tom Whelan were instrumental off half back using the ball well kicking into the wind. Despite carrying an injury Ernie Fan bullied his way through the contest to make sure we maintained possession, while Damon Guy and Adrian Marulli started to get reward for their hard work down back all day. We ended up running away with the game to win by 52-points but what really took the wind out of Albert Park’s sails was when Tom Whelan buried a poor bloke in the middle of Ian Johnson Oval as they collided, Wheels spoilt the pill and jogged off while the other bloke lay there motionless and in tatters.

A hard-fought win to be proud of and a rare win in the VAFA clash jumper helps us move to the top of the ladder at 8-1. Next week we take on the 4th placed Masala in a triple header at Tony Sheehan Oval and our first 4:00 p.m. game of the season.

Senior Women:

La Trobe 2.2 (14) defeated by Glen Eira 12.6 (78)
Goal Kicker: Stephanie Castagnini 2
Best Players: Tayla Dando, Teresa D’Angelo, Kate Bond, Jess Lowry, Elise Freeman, Molly O’Brien

It was a beautiful morning in Carnegie for the Senior Women to take on Glen Eira for what they knew would be a tough contest. The Trober women were up for the fight and they showed that with the first clearance and inside 50 of the game. The tackling pressure was high from every team member throughout the whole game with Elise Freeman and Teresa D’Angelo leading from the front.

Tayla Dando had her best game of the year and played through the midfield which gave us extra effort, voice and tackle pressure around the ball. Jess Lowry was superb in the ruck, mitigating the impact her opposition player had on the game. Ellen Brasier and Steph Castagnini continued their form in holding up strong in the backline despite how often the ball was coming in.

The effort was high all day and we were desperate to get on the scoreboard with a goal and Casta was able to slot 2 goals in quick succession during the last quarter. 

Unfortunately, the Trober women went down but should be proud of their four-quarter effort.

Thank you to the many supporters who were there to cheer on the Trober women and we look forward to taking on Power House next week at home and hopefully get our second win for the season.

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 2.7 (19) defeated by Albert Park 11.11 (77)
Goal Kickers: Martin Grinter, Jordy O’Brien
Best Players: Mark O’Brien, Lachlan Miller, Liam Nelson, Angus Tickner, Jake Shelley, Cameron Marcroft

The Reserves were off to Albert Park to take on the Falcons in this Top of the Table Clash.

Our Skipper Jordy “Jobba” O’Brien won the toss and La Trobe kicked with the breeze in the first quarter. The boys had their opportunities but were unable to convert in front of the big sticks, kicking 1.4 for the quarter. Martin “Ginnis” Grinter kicked truly for our first goal as Albert Park went into quarter-time with a 10-point advantage.

The second term saw Albert Park in full attack mode with the breeze, Mark “Mobla” O’Brien, Lachlan Miller and Jacob Shelley would defend valiantly and keep Albert Park to just 3 goals for the term. The Falcons would head into half-time leading by 29 points.

After half-time it was more of the same from Albert Park with La Trobe unable to get any real run or flow with our ball movement. Luke Nelson and Angus Tickner battled hard in the midfield but the high pressure of Albert Park made it very hard for our boys to get on top. The home team would slot another 3 goals to lead us by 47 points at ¾ time.

The final term started positively with La Trobe kicking the first goal via our Skipper Jobba, but unfortunately that would be the end of our scoring for the day. Albert Park would continue their strong ball-movement, our defence did their best but were worn down by force of numbers. Coach Mick Correnti would give Cam “Sugar” Marcroft a run in the ruck in the final quarter, and the big fella would battle away for the quarter winning a few taps and being able to halve most contests. Albert Park finished with a 58-point win.

Not the best days for the Trobers, but we will lick our wounds, learn a few lessons and bounce back against Masala next week.

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Reserve Men's huddle before playing Eley Park Sharks
Welcome to La Trobe Max Primerano!
Fantastic first Trober game from Jake Shelley!
Andy Devine from our defensive 50 with Denis Singh (64), Jamie Koo and Jayden Jacobsen
Jacob Ellett clears along the outer wing - with Polaris sponsor's sign in the background!
Jaryd Coghill kicks a goal in his first hitout for 2022
Denis Singh handballs to Luke Nelson (79), with Jacob Ellett (62) next in line as Andy Devine looks on
Andy Devine through the centre square with Max Primerano watching
Luke Nelson about to kick inside 50
Jake Shelley looking to centre the pill with Luke Nelson (79) and James Billings (38)
Mark O'Brien marks in defence as Jake S, Lachlan Miller, Tate Tregea-Copeland and Joel Curry watch
Coggers checkside goal watched by Kane Newby (71) Luke Nelson (79) and Martin Grinter (45)
Bilbo mark inside 50 with acting skipper Lachlan Cargnali watching
Tate Tregea-Copeland leads his opponent to the ball
Jamie Koo delivers outside to Denis Singh (64) as Andy Devine and Jaryd Coghill watch
Bilbo slots a goal despite being surrounded by Sharks!
Luke Nelson kicks along the pavilion wing with Brendan Plowman trailing behind
Andy Devine heads for goal with James Billings (38) and Laughlin Cargnali (55)
Joel Curry, Jacob Ellett (62), Tate Tregea-Copeland and Jayden Jacobsen
Quarter time
Luke Nelson marks with James Toomey
Joel Curry about to kick with Luke, Jake and Miller
L to R: Andy D, Denis S, Brad Tremellen and Kane Newby
Miller clears from the defensive half as Jake Shelley watches
Jacob Ellett about to mark on the pavilion wing
Jamie Koo on, and straight into the forward line!
Result ... Kooie's first goal for the year - backmen love kicking goals!
And also love the celebrations!
Martin Grinter loves kicking goals as well!
Will Lowry with Coach Ricky Nolan
Coach Nolan looks pretty relaxed pre-match
Jayden Jacobsen with Sharks opponent Johnny T
Senior Men waiting to warm up at three quarter time - Walshy, Taps, Adro & BB
Nathan Richardson and Nick Delaney
Taps, Uncle, Adro, Wiz, Damo and Walshy
Reserves @ three quarter time
Max Primerano with Jacob, Kane and Jayden
Jake Shelley kicking as Jacob Ellett watches
Senior Men's pre-game huddle

Round Ten – Reserve Men, Senior Men, Senior Women (2022)

Round 10 Match Reports (2022)

Round 10 Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 33.22 (220) defeated Eley Park 3.2 (20)
Goal Kickers: Tate Spiteri 14, Riley Alexander 6, Josh Rogerson 4, Bryce Dowler 3, Riley Keath 3, Pat Lindsay, Darcy Thorn, Rob Pain
Best Players: Tate Spiteri, Riley Alexander, Liam Walsh, Archie Conboy, Darcy Thorn, Andy Castles

Another bye doesn’t slow down our fast starts, with big guns in Riley Keath and Ricky Nolan returning to help put up a big score at Tony Sheehan Oval. It was one way traffic for our boys as the goals were poured on in perfect conditions for footy and Tate Spiteri had a day out with 14 majors.

We hit the ground running with a nine-goal opening term, including five for Tate Spiteri. Our on-ballers we tough in the contest to ensure the ball started going our way from the centre bounces, while Charlie Scanlon and Riley Keath were able to get first use in the ruck. The second term was much the same as we extended our lead to 88-points at the main break.

The second half had us put the foot down as we piled on 17 unanswered goals to win by 200-points. The backs were exceptional in not giving Eley Park a sniff, while Andy Castles managed to get off the leash getting some footy up the ground. Riley Alexander and Bryce Dowler were at their best in the second half, combining for nine-goals between them for the day. Josh Rogerson was making his return to senior footy and helped himself to 4 majors. Darcy Thorn and Liam Walsh provided us with an outlet on the wings all day, while Archie Conboy and Sam Benetti-Baker were strong in the contest. It truly was an all-round team performance and the perfect start to our next block of games!

We still sit second on the ladder at 7-1 with Riley Alexander leading the league goal kicking with Bryce Dowler and Tate Spiteri equal fourth.

Senior Women:

La Trobe 0.0 (0) defeated by Albert Park 11.19 (85)
Best Players: Stephanie Castagnini, Elise Freeman, Jess Rogers, Tayla Dando, Natalie Cappelletti, Jess Lowry

The Trober Senior Women prepared for a tough game against Albert Park, back at the Tony Sheehan Oval. With some of their key players out, the Trober women knew it was going to be a tough match. The Trobers were ready to play from the first bounce.

Steph Castagnini was shifted into the midfield, continually creating pressure through her strong tackles and intensity. Albert Park were able to get a few lucky goals on La Trobe. However, Steph Darlington’s giant bumps and tackles kept them from scoring more.

The Trober women were able to keep the ball in their forward half for snippets of the game. This can be partially credited to Nat Cappelletti’s relentless running on the wing. In addition, Emily McColl created a beautiful passage of play, through her attacking style of footy. 

Unfortunately, the team went down scoreless, but it’s safe to say that the whole team stepped up during the match. A special shout-out to the people who filled in for us this week. We really appreciate your time and effort!

Next week, the Trober women take on Glen Eira at Packer Park. 

Hope to see you all there!  Go Trobers!! 

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 22.20 (152) defeated Eley Park 1.3 (9)
Goal Kickers: Laughlin Cargnali 5, James Billings 5, Jaryd Coghill 4, Andy Devine 3, Martin Grinter 2, Luke Nelson, Jamie Koo, James Toomey

Best Players: Luke Nelson, Jake Shelley, Andy Devine, Lachlan Miller, James Billings, Laughlin Cargnali

The Midday Show returned to Tony Sheehan Oval to host the Eley Park Sharks. With the beginning of university holidays the depth of the playing list would be on show.

La Trobe entered the game without our skipper and leading goalkicker Jordy ‘Jobba’ O’Brien, but coach swung some changes, as well as a very handy inclusion in Jaryd ‘Cogs’ Coghill, to re-work the Trobers forward structure.

La Trobe would start strong in the first quarter thanks to the run off  half back from first gamer Jacob Shelley and the strong play from Best on Ground Luke Nelson, who seemed to have his own ball all day. Cogs and James ‘Bilbo’ Billings would kick two each for the quarter, with single goals to Andy Devine and stand-in skipper Laughlin Cargnali. The Trobers would enter the quarter-time huddle with a 38-point lead.

The Trober defence, led by Lachlan Miller and Mark ‘Mobla’ O’Brien, was again at its miserly best in the second term coinciding only 1 point and just 3 points for the first half. Brendan ‘Plow’ Plowman continued to give the midfield first use, as Denis Singh and Kane Newby continued to rack up clearances. Our forwards continued to take advantage of our midfields strong performance with Bilbo kicking 3, Lachie 2, with singles to Andy Devine and Cogs. The Boys entered halftime with a 79-point advantage.

The Reserves came out after half-time and refused to let the break slow their momentum, Shelley continued his run off half back, combining with our wingers Jake Ellett and James Toomey to continue moving the ball from end to end with ease. Once again it was the forward line that reaped the rewards of La Trobe’s run and carry as Martin ‘Ginnis’ Grinter kicked 2, Luke Nelson and Andy Devine also slotting majors, but maybe the highlight of the quarter was the decision to swing the Trobers Full Back Jamie Koo up forward, which saw him slot his first goal for the year resulting in a 104-point lead at ¾ time.

The final term saw much of the same from the Trobers, as the defence held Eley Park scoreless, the midfielders kept getting first use and the forwards kept slotting majors. Lachie would kick 2, Cogs and Tooms would also slot majors. Trobers would run out impressive 143 points winners.

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LTUFC Launches Strategic Plan to 2025

The plan outlines our club’s purpose, vision, values, strategies, and action areas as we strive for continuous improvement and success on and off the field.

Coach, Jaryd Coghill
An eager Trober supporter - young Louie Greene
Teresa D'Angelo marks
Steph Castagnini lays a big tackle, Acacia Vernon watches on
Jas Smith kicks inside 50 in heavy traffic
Nat Cappelletti just hanging on!
Swifty flies!
Bondy marks
Ineka Hart marks near the centre pitch
Courtney Donoghue kicks into the forward 50
Is this Jess Rogers awaiting a throw in?
Montana Hillman kicking
Monty gets her handball away
Jas Smith lays a tackle as Emily McColl (L) and Ineka Hart (R) lend support
Ellen Brasier kicks out of the back 50
Swifty, Bondy, Freo, Molly G, Acacia, Nat (obscured) and Casta
Shalini tackles with Jas, Eve and Harty
Swifty looking for the best option
Bondy lines up for goal
Kicks ...
And it's through the big sticks!
Time to celebrate!
"Get around her girls!"
Goal umpire waves the flags - who is that?
Three quarter time address
Freo kicking out of the defensive half
Court in the ruck with Bondy ready to pounce
Eve versus 2 with Harty, JR and Court
Jas handballs to Swifty
Another Swifty possession
The co-captain's looking pretty pleased!
Eve marks in front of her HR opponent
Eve takes her kick
That's over the shoulder Ump, your free Bondy!
Kick it Courtney!
Ellen kicks
Bondy tackles as Eve and Swifty watch on
And Eve collects the loose ball
Bondy swings onto her trusty left foot
Game Over

Round Nine – Senior Women, Reserve Men, Senior Men (2022)