Round 2 Match Reports (2021)

Round 2 Match Reports (2021)


La Trobe 13.14 (92) defeat Masala Dandenong FC 12.4 (76)
Goal Kickers: J. Horder 4, T. Spiteri 3, M. Ogle 2, B. Vicary, P. Lindsay, R. Alexander, I. Fan.
Best Players: T. Whelan, B. Vicary, P. Lindsay, J. De Angelis, B. Robinson, I. Fan.

The Trober train is starting to roll. Saturday’s match was an arm wrestle from the first bounce but La Trobe were able to edge out a gutsy win against a competitive Masala outfit.

After trailing by 3 goals mid-way through the second quarter, the La Trobe boys needed a lift, especially in the midfield. That lift came from a pocket sized, Jack Russell type, Brad Robinson and the big tall bugger Matt Ogle. Their pairing shows a strong resemblance to the 1988 Arnie Schwarzenegger, Danny De Vito film “Twins’. It wasn’t just a two man show in there though – Sam Benetti-Baker played an important shutdown role and Josh Rogerson was also pivotal.

Ben Vicary impressed in his first game for the Club – you could argue his ferocious handle bar moustache enhanced his performance! The forward line is starting to gell with Josh Horder booting 4, Tate Spiteri snagging a treble and big “Uncle Pat” Lindsay dominating across half forward.

Ernie Fan played a nice lockdown role on a bloke affectionately known as “Disco’. Good on ya Ern! Tom Whelan continued his brilliant form with a stellar performance across half back and a special mention to Joey De Angelis for his running bounces – quite literally bouncing the pill on the paint of the boundary line.

Unfortunately, two players did go down with injuries late in the final quarter – Zach Tunks popped his shoulder out and Ernie Fan injured his knee. We wish them a speedy recovery.

The boys roll onto Box Hill North AFC next week and will look to go 3 ‘n’ Zip.


La Trobe 0.0 (0) defeat by Whitefriars OC FC 11.11 (77)
Goal Kickers: Nil.
Best Players: S. Darlington, K. Ritchie, E. Freeman, C. Croome, S. Castagnini, A. Atkinson.

After a near miss in Round 1 the women were hoping to taste victory this week. We arrived at Whitefriars home ground to find a large, expansive oval, similar to our own Tony Sheehan Oval.

This week there were 6 debutantes in the side, plus a number of noticeable outs.

Unfortunately, Whitefriars came bursting out of the middle, winning many clearances and getting on the board early and frequently. The girls in defence worked tirelessly all day, with Steph Darlington repeatedly putting her body on the line in only her second game of footy.

Our midfielders tried to keep up with their speedy opponents with Kaitlyn Ritchie able to break through the packs and gain some much-needed meterage with her long impactful kicking. Unfortunately, the ball boomeranged back down to our defensive 50 all too easily.

The Trober girls trailed 49 to 0 at half time. Coach Jaryd inspired the women to focus on areas of improvement to take into both the second half of the game and next round.

Elise Freeman, Charlotte Croome, Steph Castagnini and Annie Atkinson were also among the best in a much better second half with the final score 77 to 0.


La Trobe 33.33 (231) defeat Masala Dandenong FC 1.2 (8)
Goal Kickers: M. Oliver 11, J. O’Brien 10, J. Coghill 4, E. Stone 2, P. Howard, C. McKenzie, T. Hatty, J. Gibson, S. Rathbone, Z. Price.
Best Players: M. Oliver, J. O’Brien, J. Gibson, T. Costa, R. Pain, A. Marulli.

The Midday Show took to the road yet again, this time to the outer suburb of Dandenong to take on Masala and fair to say the boys had a big, big day out! The Trobers were levels above their opposition on Saturday and that showed with the massive 223-point margin at the finish.

Naturally with 33 goals scored, there were some big bags kicked by our forwards. And there was none bigger than the 11 snags kicked by big Mitch Oliver and 10 from Jordy ‘Jobba’ O’Brien. Despite the score line, there was a dramatic finish to this one as with just seconds left Jobba was fishing for his tenth, and he found it with a mark in the goal square just before the air horn sounded to slot it through.

The boys got off to a solid start in the first quarter but lacked a bit of polish in front of goal after finishing with 5.8 at the break. However, they straightened up in the next couple of quarters to go on and take the absolute mickey out of the game. The 100-point margin was brought up late in the second as the boys went on to kick 20.10 in the space of two quarters.
While the entire 22 played a part and could have been named in the best, the midfield combination of Harry ‘Pale’ Thackray and Ethan Stone had a field day while Joe Gibson was racking up the possessions from half-back. Women’s coach Jaryd Coghill turned up late in the first quarter but that didn’t stop him from kicking his four goals in quick succession in the second quarter against his former club.

To Masala’s credit, they were able to kick their first goal of the season early in the third quarter, a play we’re sure will be heavily scrutinised by coaches Huss and Nartz!
The Trobers will be looking for another big effort against Box Hill North AFC next week as they take off for their last away game before coming back home in Round 4.


La Trobe 9.13 (67) defeated by Emmaus St Loes OC FC 15.9 (99)
Goal Kickers: D. Guy 2, N. Delaney 2, M. Minichilli, N. Singh, D. Stephenson, M. Trainor, A. Tomada.
Best Players: T. Floyd, D. Thorn, R. Fawcett, L. Antonio, D. Guy, J. Lasslett.

With a full team of twenty-four our Thirds had the opposite problem to last week – trying to balance rotations. Cam Blair stepped up to help coach for the first time as the boys put up a good fight against Emmaus St Leos.

With a few more new faces again there were some cobwebs to blow off early, but Liam Antonio continued his Round 1 form dominating in the ruck like a young Nic Nat roving his own work and dancing around opponents with ease. Mark Trainor and Damon Guy kicked goals in the first term to get us on the board while Nick Delaney and Darcy Stephenson continued the trend with early goals in the second term in a tight contest.

Tom Floyd, in his first game for the season, was a class above with his slick skills and high work-rate. Jake Lasslett, Robbie Fawcett, Damon Guy and Will Wilson again led the way all day with solid performances. Darcy Thorn was also good in his first game back for the Club.

Unfortunately, the boys ran out of legs after three quarter time which would suggest the importance of getting along to training during the week. However, the good news is that plenty of boys are putting pressure on the Reserves for spots!

Published by Lachlan Miller, Steph Castagnini & Grant Dowler 18.04.2021

Round 1 Match Reports (2021)

Round 1 Match Reports (2021)


La Trobe 15.15 (105) defeat Swinburne AFC 9.11 (65)
Goal Kickers: R. Alexander 4, J. Rogerson 3, C. Randell 2, R. Wills, B. Robinson, J. Horder, P. Lindsay, R. Nolan, N. Richardson.
Best Players: C. Ross, S. Benetti-Baker, R. Alexander, J. Rogerson, B. Robinson, M. Ogle.

“We’re a bloody great team we’ll sing it again” … It was the textbook definition
of four seasons in one day Melbourne with La Trobe proving too strong for a
competitive Swinburne outfit. It was the first competitive game in 18 months
and there was legitimate excitement in the air. The game was hot with
pressure but La Trobe was able to always be first to the pill despite a few
dodgy late hits from a couple of Swinburne flogs. The game was tight until
three quarter time, but La Trobe were too fit and too good as they kicked
away with a 7-goal final quarter.
Riley Alexander took the mickey in his first game for the Club with 4 goals
and plenty of other chances, and will remain a player to watch. Calvin Ross
dominated on the wing by throwing himself into every contest and his
repeated inside 50 entries resulting in a BOG performance.
Despite some concern in regard to how the backline would hold up without
star defender Lachie Miller who was out with a stonefish sting, they proved to
be unfounded. Two debutants Tom Whelan and Joey De Angelis impressed
in the back six, quelling any concerns.
Brad Robinson excited in his first game back for the Club whilst senior
players Sam Benetti-Baker, Josh Rogerson (playing his 50th game) and
Matt Ogle were also impressive.
In some unfortunate news, captain Andy Castles went down in the second
quarter with a shoulder injury. Fingers crossed for Cas and a speedy recovery
with his 50th game due up next!


La Trobe 4.4 (28) defeated by Hawthorn AFC 3.11 (29)
Goal Kickers: K. Bond 2, T, D’Angelo, H. Wapper.
Best Players: K. Bond, N. Cappelletti, A. Atkinson, K. Ritchie, A. Olschyna, V. Lacock-Smith.

After a long hiatus the La Trobe women commenced Round 1 on a cold and windy day Saturday morning against Hawthorn at Rathmines Road Reserve. Eleven new Trobers made their debut in the red and black (Emily Davis, Annie Atkinson, Stephanie Darlington, Coby Lowrie, Shalini Jay, Maeve Huxtable, Montana Hillman, Amanda Olschyna and KJ EL-Sayed). All the girls, new and returning were pumped to put all their pre-season work to the test.

It was a slow start for both teams, as first game nerves got the best of the girls, with Hawthorn leading by 8-points at half time.

Fortunately, in the third term the Trober girls really stepped up the x-factor (it was probably because Coach Jaryd was manifesting good vibes only). Captain Kate Bond was one of many players who led by example. Her silky-smooth skills and pin-point accuracy allowed the girls to remain within arm’s reach of Hawthorn as she burst through the packs and slotted a beautiful goal, her second for the game.

Ness and Ritchie did well in the ruck, and some great tackling was seen around the ground by all players. Waps took a solid mark up front and kicked straight through the big sticks and Swifty finally got one after a couple missed chances.

Unfortunately, Hawthorn were just too good and defeated the Trober girls by a nail-biting one point in the final minutes.


La Trobe 11.21 (87) defeat Swinburne AFC 5.13 (43)
Goal Kickers: T. Spiteri 5, M. Oliver 3, S. Rathbone, J. O’Brien, T. Costa.
Best Players: H. Thackray, D. Tracy, T. Spiteri, T. Costa, M. Oliver, J. Hay.

Welcome to the Midday Show!
The return to footy in 2021 welcomed a new co-coaching team of Grant “Huss” Dowler and Michael “Nartz” Correnti and 8 debutants to the Club. With the team working hard over the glorious summer months Round 1 arrived with icy winds and drizzle throughout the day.
The game started with strong service from ruckman Harry Fry giving our midfielders first use and with Mitch Oliver starting by kicking truly! Unfortunately, this would not continue throughout the day as Mitch would end up with a wasteful 3.7. A real bag gone missing! Martin “Ginis” Grinter was getting plenty of the ball on the half forward flank feeding the rest of the forwards. At the end of the first quarter, we had much of the play leading 4.6 (30) to 1.4 (10).
The second quarter saw Dom Tracy get into his work, laying multiple tackles and smothers to keep the Swinburne mids under pressure. Lead up forward Tate Spiteri marking and kicking (mostly) well with 2 long goals to half time, even if he managed to kick one into the man on the mark from about 15m out directly in front. We headed into half time 5.11 (41) to 3.6 (24) controlling the game, but yet to put Swinburne to the sword.
The coaches implored our Trobers to continue with the pressure all across the
ground, with the dour defence forcing Swinburne wide and making their goals very hard to come by. Defender Josh “Tangles” Hay put in his first entry for the golden fist with consistent spoiling all across the ground. The midfield group of Dom TracyHarry Thackray and Zac Price all prolific being in and under with multiple tackles and smothering efforts. The injury of Jade Russell led to Tate Spiteri being moved into the midfield rotation, a move that resulted in an impressive Dusty-like game of 5 goals and plenty of the pill. More peppering of the goals meant less than full reward for effort, kicking 3.6 for the quarter.
The final quarter began and it being Round 1, bodies started to tire on both sides and with plenty of cramps evident, the game opened right up. Jordy “Jobba” O’Brien was left very flat after a clean pickup deep in the pocket, a great hit right over the goal umpire’s hat on his opposite foot and running back to give a high five, only to find the umpire had given a free to the opposition! Reckon Diesel owes him a froff. Following this, some late Tyler Costa magic by kicking one from well inside the square to cap off a solid victory and a winning start to the 2021 campaign – 11.21 (87). Think we might do some goal kicking work when we get back our oval later this week!
A big thank you to Alumni Representative Simon Hast for coming into the rooms and allowing us to learn about the contributions of our former Trobers Jim Phillips and Andrew “Boris” Brennan. We are all custodians of this Club and value the importance of reflecting on those who have come before us. Viva La Varsity!


La Trobe 2.2 (14) defeated by Whitefriars OC FC 12.18 (90)
Goal Kickers: J. Bellinger, J. Lasslett.
Best Players: J. Lasslett, C. McKenzie, R. Timmins, R. Fawcett, R. Campbell, Will Wilson.

With 25 blokes named on Thursday night, in typical Third’s fashion, the boys only had 19 players come early Saturday morning at Whitefriars College. Many of our boys hadn’t touched a footy in 18 months while Whitefriars had a big group that had done a full pre-season meaning it took us some time to blow off the cobwebs!
However, after quarter time the contest was more even with our boys winning their own footy and holding strong down back. Unfortunately, the side was unable to move the ball forward and capitalise on the scoreboard. Jake Lasslett kicked a nice crumbing goal to boost the boys early in the second as the Trobers took back control of the game. 
Jake Lasslett, Ryan Timmins and Damon Guy all bought their own footy to the game having plenty of it all day. Jack Bellinger and Jack Kovacic were solid on the ball with rucks Will Wilson and Liam Antonio giving them first use. Cam McKenzie and Ross Campbell were strong down back with the fist while Robbie Fawcett continuously cleared the ball out of our defensive 50.
Highlight of the day was Jack Bellinger calling his own free kick in the ruck contest which our Club Umpire Paddy McCormack happily obliged rewarding the shot on goal free kick which Bellinger kicked true.
Plenty of promise and improvement for the boys as the season progresses!

Published by Lachlan Miller & Grant Dowler 11.04.2021

Trobers seeking new Head Trainer

Trobers seeking new Head Trainer

After three years of service to our club Head Trainer Esta Williams leaves a void at the Trobers as she pursues a career change. Esta began with the club in 2017 as a Trainer while she was studying Osteopathy before becoming our Head Trainer and leading our student driven team of Trainers at the club. In 2020 Esta will be returning to study Speech Pathology and rumour has it may return to the field as a player after her debut best on ground performance last season. We would like to thank Esta for her great contribution to our club over the years and wish her all the best going forward!

If you are interested in becoming a Trainer at the La Trobe University Football Club please apply via email to President Samantha Greene ( We are looking to fill multiple Trainer positions, including Head Trainer for the 2020 season. If you are passionate about sports, have or willing to attain accreditation, studying in the health science field or have experience as a sports trainer then we hope to here from you soon.

Published by La Trobe University Football Club 14.02.2020

Trobers appoint Josh Rogerson to coach our U19 Men in season 2020

Trobers appoint Josh Rogerson to coach our U19 Men in season 2020

Senior footballer Josh Rogerson will be taking a break from playing in 2020 and instead has signed on to coach the La Trobe University Football Club’s U19’s program.

With a wealth of experience playing football his whole life, Josh is also studying his Masters of Teaching and has a knack for helping others learn, especially with sport and in particular AFL.

Josh has played 49 games in the Red and Black so far, and has now diverted his focus on his coaching aspirations as he recovers from a shoulder injury. Josh is particularly excited to take on the U19s coaching role this year, as it is another way for him to stay directly involved with football whilst not playing, whilst helping young footballers develop their skills, football knowledge and chemistry.

Josh has been giving back to La Trobe University FC in many ways in his tenure at the club, including 2018 Club Secretary, and now Men’s Football Operations Manager from 2019 to today.

We are excited to announce Josh Rogerson as U19s Coach and we look forward to seeing his on-field leadership transition into leadership on the sidelines.

We are now recruiting U19 Men for season 2020, if you are born after 1st July 2000 and are interested in playing football with LTUFC this year training’s are currently Monday and Wednesday 6pm at Tony Sheehan Oval (LTU). For more information regarding joining our teams visit and for more information regarding the U19 Men contact Josh Rogerson 0409 280 029.

Published by La Trobe University Football Club 03.02.2020

Trobers appoint former Premiership Coach Andrew Sutherland to lead the Senior Men for season 2020

Trobers appoint former Premiership Coach Andrew Sutherland to lead the Senior Men for season 2020

20 years after guiding the Club to its 1999 Senior Men’s premiership Andrew Sutherland returns for his second stint at leading our Trober Men after being appointed the 2020 Senior Men’s Coach.

Andy comes with a wealth of coaching knowledge but more importantly a wealth of knowledge about how our Club has operated over the past 52 seasons and the rich University culture of the Club. Andy, like many of our players, moved to Melbourne to study at La Trobe University, living on Menzies College he found his way down to our football club. He quickly made his way into the senior team and played 112 games for the Club, playing predominately as a defender Andy was selected in the Clubs 1977-1986 Team of the Decade. After focusing on his career Andy found his way back to the Club as the Senior Men’s Coach from 1999-2001 where he led the Club to the 1999 Senior Men’s Premiership and promotion to VAFA Division 1. Andy went on to spent the next nine seasons as Senior Assistant Coach in VAFA Premier Division for St Kevin’s OB from 2002-03, VAFA Premier B for Mazenod OC from 2004-08 and VAFA Representative Football from 2009-10. Andy was selected as the Coach of our La Trobe University FC 1997-2006 Team of the Decade.

Club Legend Tony Sheehan when speaking of Andy’s success in 1999 says “Andy proved to be a great student of the game, meticulous in his planning and supportive of his players” which ultimately led to his success as a coach. Now back coaching the Club, Andy is hoping to provide the players in 2020 with that supportive environment to create a well-structured and fast paced brand of footy that will hopefully see the Trobers taste some success next season.

With good numbers out on the track since early November we are very excited to have Andrew Sutherland taking up the role as Senior Men’s Coach as we lead into our final pre-Christmas training session this Thursday evening. We wish both Andy and the Men’s teams all the best for season 2020!

Published by La Trobe University Football Club 10.12.2019