Grand Final Match Reports (2022)

Grand Final Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 11.11 (77) defeat Swinburne University 9.8 (62)
Goal Kickers: Riley Alexander 4, Matt Ogle, Pat Lindsay, Darcy Thorn, Bryce Dowler, Tom Whelan, Ben Vicary, Charlie Scanlon.
Best Players: Matt Ogle, Riley Alexander, Andy Castles, Riley Keath, Tom Whelan, Lachlan Webb. 

A dominant season but it all came down to the last 20 minutes of the season, on the Parade College ground that had riddled the Trobers with heartbreak and despair for nearly a decade, for our senior men to write their own piece of history!

With an unchanged team from our 80-point second semi-final victory over Swinburne and the fence line of Garvey Oval packed with Trobers young and old, our boys continued their form with two goals to zip in the first term kicking into the wind. It was our intense pressure that set the tone with a few big crunching tackles from Riley Alexander, Riley Keath and Harry Tanner. Riley Alexander got the opening goal five minutes in and then after the ball bounced between the arcs for another 15-minutes he broke the lock giving one off to his “dad” Bryce Dowler to take a 15-2 lead into the first break. Will ‘The Janitor’ Lowry was cleaning up across half-back and using the ball well with composure.

The Razorbacks didn’t take long to show they weren’t just going to roll over kicking their first goal just 53 seconds into the second quarter. Charlie Scanlon wrestled the next goal back for the Trobers, while ball winning machines Harry Tanner and Tyler Costa started to put their stamp on the contest. We went goal for goal until Riley Alexander kicked his second, quickly followed by a Ben Vicary “65 metre” goal. Andy Castles and Robbie Fawcett were locking it up down back, but Swinburne stole a very late goal to bring the margin back to 14-points at the halftime break.

Swinburne had the advantage of the wind in the third term which they made the most of with a goal in the opening minute. This was followed by another two goals as they took the lead for the first time at the 12-minute mark of the quarter. Tyler Costa looked the man of the moment with an intercept mark and hit Riley Alexander lace out on the lead, but the woodwork copped it for the third time from the league’s leading goalkicker. Swinburne rebounded with another to take a nine-point lead but just as all the momentum looked to be going their way, Matt Ogle put the ball down Sam Benetti-Baker’s throat who quickly dumped it forward. As the pack bought the ball down Pat ‘Uncle’ Lindsay collected and snapped a sensational goal from 45 to keep them in arm’s length. But the storm kept coming as The Piggies kicked two more late goals to take a 17-point lead into the final break.

With the season in the balance, Swinburne’s bench starting to get ahead of themselves, but our boys stayed composed as they had belief the tide was going to turn. They managed a fast forward entry kicking a point to get out to an 18-point lead, but we were up for the fight as the grind back began. Tom Whelan and Lachlan Miller were determined to keep the ball forward of the centre before Will Lowry was rewarded for a strong tackle and delivered a trademark bullet to Riley Alexander who finished off his work to bring back the deficit to nine points. Minutes later Wheels took an intercept mark on the wing then received a 50-metre penalty to put him in range. The key defender absolutely picked the moment to slot his first senior goal as he kicked truly to put us five-points down with 8 minutes gone. Sam Benetti-Baker was looking damaging around the ground, while Riley Keath had parked himself behind the ball and Matt Ogle began to look dangerous drifting forward. But it could only be one man who was going to put us back in front. Insert Riley ‘The Wiz’ Alexander for some magic as he drove home a 50-metre bomb to put the Trobers two-points up with 19-minutes played. It was a nervous five minutes of footy as the ball bounced in and out of our forward 50 before Matt Ogle drifted in to clunk a mark and kick an unlikely set shot to give us some breathing room with only minutes to go. With under two minutes left Darcy Thorn marked and put the sealer through to deliver the Trobers the premiership for season 2022!

Congratulations to first-year coach Ricky Nolan and his team on their success this season and we look forward to celebrating as a club for the next few weeks at Vote Count and Presentation Night!

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 4.6 (30) defeated by Albert Park 5.8 (38)
Goal Kickers: Nathan Richardson, Luke Nelson, Mark O’Brien, Mackenzie Mann
Best Players: Nathan Richardson, Paddy McCormack, Conall Barrett, Adrian Marulli, James Toomey, Jake Shelley. 

After a solid win last week against Box Hill North, the Reserves entered the Grand Final to take on Albert Park for the fifth time this season. We entered the game without our full-back Jamie Koo, who unselfishly gave up his spot in the side after picking up an injury at training during the week, putting the team first as he has all year.

The pre-game message was, “to be first in and tackle and harass if you’re not”. The first quarter started off red-hot with players from both sides trying to have an impact early. The La Trobe midfield, led by Nathan Richardson and Dom Tracy, set the tone early with some crunching tackles on their Albert Park counterparts. The Falcons would score a couple of early goals, before the Trobers started to get some ascendancy through the middle of the ground but were unable to take advantage on the scoreboard kicking 3 points for the quarter. Unfortunately, we did lose our Vice Captain Laughlin Cargnali to a dislocated knee early in the quarter. Albert Park led by 10 points at quarter-time.

The second quarter was much of the same, the intensity was high and the Trobers were up for the task. The back six lead by Paddy McCormack, Conall Barrett and Jacob Shelley, held strong only conceding one goal for the quarter. Trobers once again had their opportunities but were held goalless for the quarter, and the half. Albert Park led by 17 points at half-time.

The message at halftime from coach Mick Correnti was to “maintain the intensity” and “to show a little more composure with the ball going forward”. Some changes were made with the tackling machine Ernie Fan moving into the backline to help the pressure in Albert Park’s forward 50, and the ever-reliable Mark O’Brien was swung forward to give our forward line another mobile marking target.

The third term saw the continued running of James Toomey, Liam Walsh and Adrian Marulli help the Trobers set-up more forward opportunities and they were able to capitalise. Our midfield hard-nut Nathan Richardson would kick the first and light a fire under the boys; Luke Nelson, one of our most consistent performs across the whole finals’ series, would kick the second; and the Big Mack Truck, MacKenzie Mann, would kick the third. Unfortunately, not all good news as Ernie Fan sustained a hamstring injury and was out for the remainder of the game. La Trobe entered three-quarter time 8 points down.

The Three Quarter-Time message was to “maintain the belief” and “just keep coming”. The final term was much the same as the other three, with a high intensity arm-wrestle all over the ground. The Trobers kicked the first goal for the quarter, thanks to what could only be described as a contentious deliberate rushed behind call – Mark O’Brien was the beneficiary of the decision kicking a goal and bringing the Trobers within 2 points. The boys continued to run and harass but were unable to get a possession in our forward line that could be converted into a goal. Albert Park kicked a late goal and won by 8pts.

A disappointing finish to a very good year, the boys can all hold their heads high knowing they gave their all and fought hard right to the very end!

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Vale Bob Segrave

It is with great sadness that we inform the Trober community of the passing of Bob Segrave on Monday morning 17th January, 2022.

Vale Russell Badham

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform our Trober community of the passing of Russell Badham on Monday morning 3rd January, 2022 after a short illness. Russell Badham arrived at LTUFC in 1969.

Cameron Marcroft up and about
Michael Correnti ready for the big game
Angus Tickner clears the ball
Finds Jordy O'Brien
Sugar with a handball
Liam Walsh looks inside
Mackenzie Mann with strong hands
Laughlin Cargnali goes down with injury
Rob Pain wheels around
Ernie Fan with a shot on goal
Look at the follow through
Luke Nelson with a clean handball
Dom Tracy (12) and Andy Devine (5) fly high
Jobba looks for options
Adrian Marulli with a massive golden fist
Adro got up
Conall Barrett kicks inside 50
Macca marks and plays on
Kicks inside
Nathan Richardson with a big tackle
Brendan Plowman in the ruck contest
Martin Grinter snaps around the body
Mick at quarter time
Conall and Jobba listen in
Richo with the fresh fade
Dom with a mark in the hands
Moves it on quick via handball
Tick kicks down the line
Big crowd at Parade College
James Toomey kicks out in front of Andy
Andy Devine marks on the chest
Andy kicks back into the corridor
'Silk' Nelson moves it forward
Walshy with a quick-fire handball
Jacob Shelley finds space as La Trobe bench looks on
Toomsey tries to hit the scoreboard
Walshy has a set shot
Mick and the players in the rooms
Richo takes a great mark and cops a late hit
50m penalty and kicks the Trobers' first of the day
Let's go!
Brawl after Richo copped an elbow while he was on the ground
Earns the free kick
Into Lukey who flies and then gets sling tackled
Free kick as the crowd watches on
Hits it flush off the boot
You beauty, it's home, another goal
A rushed snap from Luke
The scoreboard is tightening up
Sugar and Walshy support each other in the tackle
Richo with the mark
Paddy McCormack slams it out of the backline
Jobba plays on and kicks to the top of the square
Macca slots a goal
Great support for the boys
Paddy under pressure
Adro with a bone-crunching tackle
Jobba switches the ball to Dom
Dom Tracy elegantly kicks forward
Patrick Mulvahill with the rushed kick
Mark O'Brien goals from point blank range
We're coming, the boys celebrate
Toomsey in the back half
Jacob Ellett with a clearing kick forward
Andy kicks down the line
Painy with a narrow miss on goal
Dom roves the ball beautifully
Sugar gets some airtime
Agony, an 8 point loss at the end of the day

Grand Finals 2022

Tayla Dando looking for options
Molly O'Brien tackled (high?)
Paige Kenny needs to get that arm free
Jess Rogers kicks out of the back half
Casta fist pump
Jess Lowry drives the ball forward
C'mon ump, open your eyes!
Bondy swings onto her trusty left
Jaryd Coghill addresses his troops
Girls have started well
Final instructions at the quarter time huddle
Jess Lowry competes at the bounce
Jasmine Smith with a big tackle
Lis Symon in defense
Good from Vickers
Jess wins the throw-in
Courtney Donoghue competes for the mark
Bondy kicks clear of the pack
Hands outstretched and Swifty takes a great grab
Swifty shoots for goal
Great ball drop from Sophie Rodier!
Nat Cappelletti kicks from inside 50
Soph Rodier tackled
Molly O'Brien kicks from inside 50
Jas kicks into the goal square
A big smother from Swifty as Molly O applies the tackle pressure
Sherise Scicluna applies a big tackle
The bench seems pleased with how things are going
Sherise kicks from the centre square
JR about to kick down the pavilion wing
Jocelyn Yew breaks clear of the pack
They can't catch Bondy
Elise "Freo" Freeman brings out the vibe rater
Jas bursts out of the pack
Finds some space on her own
The kick for goal
And straight through, she has hops!!
Nearly a second for Jas
Swifty cops one high
Goes back
And goes bang, it's raining goals
Megan Phillips has a shot on goal
Another for the Trobers
Casta catches her opponent
A big tackle and rewarded
Casta kicks long
The girls celebrate a big win

Round Twelve – Senior Women, Reserve Men, Senior Men

Pre-game huddle
Game on!
Andy Devine clears from the backline watched by our Senior players
Paddy McCormack across half back with Mackenzie Mann
Best on ground Luke Nelson
Nathan Richardson kicking and Mark O'Brien
Cameron Marcroft does battle in the ruck
Ernie Fan set to pounce just outside the forward 50 arc
Andy Devine with another clearance
Liam Walsh takes a strong grab on the wing
Mobla giving those hammies a workout!
Luke Nelson marks inside 50
Nels finishes by kicking our first goal
Congratulated by Jobba and Laughy
Midfielder Andy provides another inside 50
Jordy O'Brien kicks for goal
Quarter time huddle with plenty of work required
Luke Nelson kicks his second goal
Sugar in the ruck
Andy about to break free along the wing
Andy at work yet again!
Laughy snaps a "Daicos-like" goal!
Three quarter-time break
Coach Mick Correnti urges his players to give it their all in the final quarter!
Final words of encouragement
Birthday boy Adrian Marulli kicks truly
High fives in celebration
Mackenzie Mann adds another goal
Laughy, Ernie, Painy and Cho celebrate with Macca
Paddy Mac on his left with another rebound from defense
Luke Nelson kicks his third for the match
The lead extends to 27 points just before time on
The boys celebrate Sugar's snap goal after great work by Painy and Ernie!
Ernie kicks to Dom Tracy as the siren is about to sound!

Finals Week Two – Reserve Men (2022)

Finals Week 2 Match Report (2022)

Finals Week 2 Match Report (2022)

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 10.10 (70) defeated Box Hill North AFC 8.1 (49)
Goal Kickers: Luke Nelson 3, Liam Walsh, Jordy O’Brien, Laughlin Cargnali, Andy Devine, Adrian Marulli, Mackenzie Mann, Cameron Marcroft.
Best Players: Luke Nelson, Andy Devine, Paddy McCormack, Conall Barrett, Mark O’Brien,  Nathan Richardson. 

After last week’s disappointing result, The Reserves headed back to Whitefriars College in Donvale on Sunday to take on Box Hill North in the D4 Reserves Preliminary Final, with a spot in the Grand Final against Albert Park on the line.

The first quarter started in red hot fashion as both teams were determined to be first to the pill and bring the pressure when they didn’t have it. The Demons were able to kick a couple of early goals, before La Trobe responded with one of their own from Luke Nelson. The Trobers entered quarter time trailing, but with enough positives to know the deficit could be turned around.

The arm wrestle continued into the second quarter, as our midfield battled for supremacy in the centre square. Led by Andrew Devine and Nathan Richardson, the Trobers worked hard to gain momentum but were unable to capitalise on the scoreboard. Liam Walsh found the big sticks and Nels slotted his second to give La Trobe a slim lead at half-time.

The message from Coach Mick Correnti at half-time was to maintain the pressure and be first to the footy. As our midfield hard nuts Dom Tracy and Angus “Tick” Tickner kicked into gear, the Trobers started to gain a little more control of the footy. The back six held strong, and thanks to the rebounding play of Mark “Mobla” O’Brien, Paddy McCormack and Conall Barrett, were able to provide our forwards with plenty of opportunities. Andy Devine was rewarded for his hard running with a major, our skipper Jordy “Jobba” O’Brien also kicked truly, and defender-come-forward Laughlin Cargnali kicked one that can only be described as “Daicos-Like”. La Trobe entered three-quarter time with a solid lead.

The final term saw much of the same from The Trobers as they stood up to The Demons’ pressure and continued to hit the scoreboard. The move of Adrian Marulli to the wing saw instant dividends as he racked up the touches, took a couple of very important marks and slotted a goal. Mackenzie Mann was rewarded for his hard work across half forward with a goal, and Luke Nelson cemented his best-on-ground performance kicking his third. And in a passage of play that can only sum up the Trobers effort across the day, Ernie Fan and Rob Pain refused to give up on a contested ball, they managed to keep the ball moving forward and their work was rewarded when Cameron “Sugar” Marcroft picked up the loose pill and kicked truly. The Trobers won by 21 points and booked their ticket to the Grand Final this coming SUNDAY on Garvey Oval at Parade College, Bundoora!

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