Grand Final Match Report (2019)

Grand Final Match Report (2019)


La Trobe: 6.3 (39) defeated by South Melbourne FC 10.10 (70)
Goal Kickers: B. Coghill 3, J. Rogerson 2, Z. Price.
Best Players: M. Burrowes, B. Higgins, B. Plowman, B. Coghill, W. Lowry, L. Galvin.

It was an exciting day for footy on Sunday as The Midday Show took on South Melbourne Districts in the day of days, the big dance, the final hit-out, but better known as the Grand Final. Despite forecasts predicting rain, wind and a likely underdog win, only the first two occurred with the Trobers going down in a fierce battle 70-39.

It was a hotly contested footy from the get-go as La Trobe kept South Melbourne from getting an early blowout, finishing the first quarter trailing by just 7 points after their opponents had kicked with the wind. The fight continued into the second, as the Trobers took advantage of the wind and gained a 1 goal lead by half time. The third was the beginning of La Trobe’s downfall allowing South Melbourne to score 5.2 and edge in front by 8 points. Unfortunately, the last quarter went all South Melbourne’s way as they stacked on another 3.5 against an injured, depleted and ultimately scoreless La Trobe team.

This Grand Final loss was in fact a larger picture win for the La Trobe Club after a winless (Reserves Men) season in 2018. In fact, for a team that was unable to even field a team in the final weeks of last season to go on to compete in a Grand Final just 12 months later –  it was a true achievement for those who dedicated their Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to improving their footy! At the beginning of the season about 30 individuals, who mostly didn’t know each other, threw on the Red and Black to play for The Midday Show. It shows what having a group of mates, a committee and a new oval and facilities can do to boost the hopes and aspirations within a Club. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year as the Club attempts to further its achievements!    

Published by Damien Hamel 19.09.2019

Preliminary Final Match Report (2019)

Preliminary Final Match Report (2019)


La Trobe: 11.6 (72) defeated Elsternwick AFC 9.14 (68)
Goal Kickers: J. Coghill 3, B. Higgins 2, J. Horder, B. Coghill, E. Buffon, Z. Price, R. Wills, S. Coghill.
Best Players: B. Higgins, W. Lowry, J. Lasslett, B. Coghill, J. Coghill, B. Plowman.

“the Triumphant Quarter”

The midday-show expressed determination, guts and mateship on Sunday to overthrow Elsternwick 72-68 in what was the Trober’s finest quarter of the year. The weather was much like the on-field calls by the whistle blowers “wet, dry, then wet again” but never consistent. Elsternwick jumped to an early lead of 13 at the close of the first, which La Trobe fought back in the second to finish 3 down by half time. By the end of the third, Elsternwick believed the game was theirs for the talking with a comfortable lead of 21 points. But the game wasn’t over, not until the fat man rings the bell and in the fourth it was all one-way traffic. The crowd were on the edges of the seats (because the other half was wet) as La Trobe dictated the game, play after play, inching away at the strong lead Elsternwick held until their lead was no more, the Trober’s were in front for the first time of the game with 5 minutes left on the clock. The seconds felt like hours as every mark was carefully transitioned to keep possession and marks inside 50 where cheered as it was a scoreboard certain. Hearts were thumping as the final siren blasted La Trobe victory across the park and finals celebration was in order with a cold tin and the team song that is still mumbled.

Two’s, two’s, two’s, two’s…!

Grand Final
Vs South Melbourne Districts FC
Played at Trevor Barker Oval (Sandringham)
Sunday 15th Sept at 11:40 A.M.

Published by Damien Hamel 09.09.2019

Round 18 Match Reports (2019)

Round 18 Match Report (2019)

UNDER 19’s:

La Trobe:18.7 (115) defeated Therry Penola OB 9. 6 (60)
Goal Kickers: J. Long 5, W. Luhrs 2, P. McCormack 2, K. Clarke 2, B. Zimmerman 2, B. Tremellen, D. Holmes, W. Wilson, D. Robertson, L. Badkin.
Best Players: W. Wilson, A. Leitch, B. Tremellen, J. Ellett, W. Luhrs, B. Zimmerman, K. Clarke.

Victory! At last, the mighty Trobers have emerged victorious! In what was a very long and challenging season, the young under 19s were excited to play their final game.

Right off the bat, the 19s looked good. With the best squad of the year on the park, it did not take long to score the first goal. Within the first minute, a major was scored. A mere fifteen minutes later, six more goals were added. That was the story for the rest of the day, as the persistent u19s reaped the rewards and cruised to a ten-goal win.

Next year will be exciting as we will see if the 19s can build on this impressive win. Go Trobers!

Season completed.


La Trobe: 3.4 (22) defeated by South Melbourne Districts FC 12.11 (83)
Goal Kickers: J. Rogerson, B. Higgins, S. Condon.
Best Players: T. Costa, J. Lasslett, A. Hodgson, Z. Tunks, A. Tomada, Z. Price.

La Trobe and South Melbourne played off in what was a dead-rubber match to finish the normal season over the weekend with South Melbourne running away with an 83-22 comfortable win.

The Albert Park ovals provided another mixed bag ground in conjunction with cross-field gale saw the Trobers undermanned and on the back foot early. Trobers provided a solid contest but South Melbourne where able to find holes in the La Trobe defence and snag a few lucky goals and by half time South Melbourne led by 4 goals.

With a strong breeze South Melbourne continued their attack in the 3rd and 4th stamping their make on the game with a 9-goal win. The end of the home and away season finished with South Melbourne, La Trobe, Albert Park and Elsternwick continuing to the finals. La Trobe rested numerous key players that will return this weekend to replay South Melbourne in the first round of qualifying finals.

A big thank you to all those players throughout the season that had contributed to La Trobe hitting the finals in a strong position to take the flag this year.

Vs South Melbourne Districts FC
Played at Coburg City Oval
Sunday 1st Sept at 11:40 A.M.


La Trobe: 14.12 (96) defeated South Melbourne Districts FC 8.13 (61)
Goal Kickers: R. Nolan 3, B. Zimmerman 3, S. Denier 3, A. Castles, C. Randell, S. Condon, M. Ogle, T. Mooney.
Best Players:  A. Castles, S. Benetti-Baker, S. Denier, R. Nolan, B. Zimmerman, C. Ross.

5 wins in a row to finish the home and away season. Despite having important players out and a real bizarre injury on the weekend to a key player, La Trobe were still able to record another comfortable 6 goal win.

A solid start with the wind in the first quarter was backed up by a grinding second quarter where the boys were able to kick a couple important snags against the breeze and take a 12-point lead into half time. By half time we had lost key defender Lachie Miller due an unfortunate knee driving into an unfortunate area resulting in an unfortunate cut in said unfortunate area.

This did not stop the Trobers dominating the third quarter with the win and taking an 8-goal lead into the final quarter. The last quarter was a pretty standard affair as the Trobers finished the game 6 goals in the better. Andy Castles was judged best on by both sides apart from the umpires who publicly announced that they “got that one wrong” when giving out the votes. Simon “the Boston bun” Denier was also very impressive around the ground in the ruck and managed to kick three snags as well.

A special mention will also go out to twos captain Alex Hodgson for providing 45 minutes of absolute box office entertainment at the function that evening. The stubbies/track pant combination he was rolling with was a thing of beauty.

Vs Elsternwick AFC
Played at Coburg City Oval
Sunday 1st Sept at 2:00 P.M.

Published by Josh Horder, Damien Hamel, Daniel Roberston & Lachlan Miller 29.08.2019