Round 4 Match Reports (2019)

Round 4 Match Report (2019)

UNDER 19’s:

La Trobe: 6.6 (42) defeated by Peninsula 10.14 (74)
Goal Kickers: D. Robertson 6
Best Players: P. McCormack, D. Thorn, T. Floyd, T. Tregea-Copeland, B. Tremellen, E. Fleming

It was an exciting time for the Unders, their first game in a new division, heralded a chance for the Trobers to be competitive. Naturally, we were to be making the longest trip in the competition. The Trobers played an exciting brand of football against Peninsula, who are one of the form teams this year.

With just one goal separating the teams at three quarter time, the boys looked poised to get a win. However, with four of our Senior boys leaving at three quarter time for Senior duties, this left us a man down for the last quarter. Despite being one down in the last, we pushed the home team until the end, before finally running out of legs in the final term. Just wait ‘til we have a full team!

Despite losing the game, it was quite the spectacle to watch. Each and every player stood up during a crucial moment in the game, which is a huge credit to this young side.

Next weekend we take on St Kevin’s, who have been notably struggling. There is a huge opportunity for a win if we can only take it.

Vs St Kevins Old Boys Football Club
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts 9:20 A.M.


La Trobe: 8.13 (61) defeated St Francis Xavier OC 8.7 (55)
Goal Kickers: J. Coghill 3, R. Wills, D. South, H. Fry, J. Ferguson, W. Lowry
Best Players: B. Higgins, J. Coghill, B. Plowman, L. Galvin, S. Condon, J. Ferguson

No Report

Vs Eley Park Sharks Football Club
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 11:40 A.M.


La Trobe: 13.8 (86) defeated by St Francis Xavier OC 13.10 (88)
Goal Kickers:  R. Nolan 2, W. Luhrs 2, M. Ogle 2, T. Spiteri 2, F. Balabanov, J. Horder, S. Denier, C. Randell, B. Zimmermann
Best Players: R. Nolan, M. Ogle, T. Mooney, B. Zimmermann, T. Spiteri, C. Randell

A tough two-point loss on the weekend for the boys as they played their first game under lights at the Tony Sheehan Oval. After giving St Francis a three-goal head start in the first quarter the La Trobe boys fought back all game to put themselves in a position to win the game.  Unfortunately, the lads couldn’t get over the line in what was a tough contest. 

Ricky Nolan was commanding all day and showed the type of leadership required from a primary school teacher. Matt Ogle and Tom Mooney continued to dominate as per usual. Young buck Bailey Zimmerman was excellent all night and was nearly the hero as he had a shot after the siren to win the game. Unfortunately, he couldn’t slot the goal, but a gallant effort nonetheless from 50 plus meters out with a wet ball.

This week La Trobe take on the Eley Park Sharks at the Tony Sheehan Oval.

Vs Eley Park Sharks Football Club
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 2:00 P.M.


La Trobe: 2.8 (20) defeated by Old Mentonians 4.6 (30)
Goal Kickers: S. Greene, K. Bond
Best Players: S. Velona, A. Dunn, A. D’Angelo, K. Bond, S. Castagnini, T. D’Angelo

It was a cool and windy Autumn evening down at the Tony Sheehan Oval, where the La Trobe women’s football team were getting prepared to take on Old Mentonians for the first time in their new division.

The girls started the first quarter exhibiting their spectacular skills, highlighting to Old Mentonians what the Trober girls were made of. Through the likes of silky-smooth Sam Greene kicking their first goal and getting the girls up and about.

The second quarter was slow for the La Trober girls, with Old Mentonians scoring a few sneaky goals to get themselves in front. However, the Trobers consistently highlighted their dominance on the field, with attacking Amy Dunn winning most of the ball up’s and cool, calm and collected Casta applying her per usual tackling and defensive pressure.

After the half-time break and a few words of wisdom from dynamic coaching duo Jaryd and Dos, the girls re-focused and continued to put in the hard yards. They were able to repeatedly win the ball and maintain their high level of tackles. Along with Bondy deciding that no matter if it was rain, hail or shine, it was her time to make it mine. Captain Bondy was able to kick a stellar goal on the run, that allowed the team to get right back into the game.

With a grueling last quarter, the team were determined to take back the lead. It was the continued efforts of speedy Soccer and her clean skills that helped keep the team within a couple points in the final quarter. Unfortunately, the team did not win, but put in a great effort, with the score board not demonstrating how close the game actually was.

The La Trobe Women’s team look forwards to playing Old Beaumaris this week and hopefully a first win for 2019. Yeehaa!!

Vs Old Beaumaris Football Club
Played at Banksia Reserve, Beaumaris
Game Starts at 4:45 P.M.

Published by Josh Horder, Daniel Robertson, Lachlan Miller, Ros Melican and Caitlin Ross 09.05.2019

Round 3 Match Report (2019)

Round 3 Match Report (2019)

UNDER 19’s:

La Trobe: 2.4 (16) defeated by Aquinas 26.29 (185)

Goal Kickers: R. Dell, E. Bowman
Best Players: B. Tremellen, J. Long, E. Fleming, T. Wight, L. Mitchell, P. McCormack

The boys were ready and raring to go on a chilly Friday evening. With no wind the conditions were perfect for a night game – well as good as they can get. Coach Bence delivered his wise words as usual at the pre-match chat which got us all revved up and ready to play. With two of the senior boys back for this game we were keen and ready to go.

Once again it was clear the VAFA had made a mistake with the divisions. We always fought hard in the contests, but we couldn’t find a way to get the ball forward early on. As the game progressed the boys were getting tired, and with only one on the bench it sure made it hard to get a rest. With a couple of injuries in the second half, that really put the nail in the coffin.

This week going to Division 4, it will be sure to be a much closer score line and who knows, we may even come away with the four points.

Vs Peninsula Old Boys
Played at Narambi Reserve, Mornington
Game starts 2:00 P.M.


La Trobe: 3.0 (18) defeated by Collegians 13.12 (90)

Goal Kickers: S. Greene, K. Ritchie, L. Molloy
Best Players: K. Bond, S. Greene, B. Bordignon, N. Symons, S. Velona, T. D’Angelo

No Report.

Vs  Old Mentonians Football Club
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game Starts at 12:00 P.M.

Published by Josh Horder, Daniel Robertson 02.05.2019

Round 2 Match Reports (2019)

Round 2 Match Report (2019)

UNDER 19’s:

La Trobe University 1.0 (6) defeated by Monash Blues 32.17 (209)
Goal Kickers:
P. McCormack
Best Players: B. Tremellen, L. Whitbourne, D. Robertson, D. Thorn, W. Holmes, T. Tregea-Copeland

It was Round 2 of the 2019 VAFA season, and the 19s were off to Monash University, for their second game as a team. It was a baptism of fire for the young lads. While the scoreboard doesn’t reflect it, there were times where the boys looked good.

Unlike the previous week, the first quarter was more competitive. While Monash did kick 6.4, it was never easy for them to score. A credit to our determined backline. However, after quarter-time, fatigue started to well and truly set in. Unlike Monash, who had a six-man bench, the Trobers had only two spare players to start the game. That buffer didn’t last long, with the boys quickly losing players to injury and contentious yellow-cards. It quickly became a slog in the latter part of the second quarter after the boys were starting to become tired. No bench meant no rest for the lads, allowing Monash to run us off our legs. But the Trobers never gave up, continuing the fight for the entire game.

It is uncertain what the future holds for the under 19s as we look to change divisions, but if we continue to train together and work hard, the results will come.

Vs Aquinas Football Club at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 7:15 P.M. (Friday Night)


La Trobe University 13.8 (86) defeated Elsternwick 9.8 (62)

Goal Kickers: R. Wills 3, S. Benetti-Baker 2, E. Buffon 2, B. Plowman 2, H. Fry 2, M. O’Brien, R. McMinn
Best Players: S. Benetti-Baker, R. Wills, M. O’Brien, B. Plowman, B. Higgins, H. Fry

After the disappointment of a close Round One loss, to say the Trobers were keen for a win would be an understatement. With everyone managing to make the long trip down to Brighton and bolstered by some returning Club stalwarts (shout out to Dinga and Macca), everything seemed to be going to plan early. However, Captain Hodgo arrived without his own boots, shorts or socks and ended up having to play in all borrowed gear thus ensuring an early laugh. He truly did represent a Ressie footballer, and he was probably still drunk from the night before too!

Despite this, an overly physical Elsternwick side came out firing. Still fresh from having the bye in Round 1, Elsternwick got off to the better start, despite a valiant effort from the Trober defence, led by Captain ‘forgets all his gear’ Hodgo. The Trobers kept surging forward, finding an avenue to goal through re-born forward Plow, who was leading with intent, clunking grabs and crashing packs, much to the delight of coaches and captain alike.

A 16 point half-time margin was the result, and coaches Squeak and Laz were keen for the Trobers to keep running. They noted the dominance in patches, despite how the score line looked. To their credit, the boys responded, with the midfield of BB, Mobla and the recently arrived Bencey (from coaching the Under 19’s) rising to the challenge, and ensuring the momentum started shifting our way.

With Harry Fry dominating the ruck, even finding time to push forward to chip in with a couple of goals, and the midfield lifting, the forwards started getting more of the service they needed. With goals to Plow, BB and Squeak along with the relentless work of Billy Higgins, this ensured the final quarter would be a spirited affair.

Despite some mounting injuries and tired legs, the final quarter was all La Trobe, with Willsy particularly enjoying himself, managing to snag a couple of vital goals, including a long range shot from outside the 50m arc. A spirited and rejuvenated defence was holding all the Elsternwick forwards at bay, ensuring that the ball was camped in our forward half for most of the quarter. This ed to a 4-goal victory and a chance to sing the song for the first time for a lot of players at the Club.

The Ressie’s finally breaking their year long run of losses and forfeits

Vs St Francis Old Collegians
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 3:40 P.M.


La Trobe University 10.11 (71) defeated by Elsternwick 15.11 (101)

Goal Kickers: M. Ogle 4, W. Luhrs 2, L. Cooke 2, J. Rogerson, S. Denier
Best Players: M. Ogle, T. Mooney, R. Nolan

It was a tough day for the Trobers in Round Two. Elsternwick got off to a strong start in the first quarter and were able to maintain a comfortable lead throughout the day. First gamers Will Luhrs and Will Humphreys were impressive in their debuts for the Trobers and Ricky ‘Wide Load’ Nolan was strong through the middle all game. Matt Ogle dominated around the ground and managed to kick four snags. The most surprising thing about that is he kicked a football in a straight line four times in a row! Tom Mooney continued his great form in taking the piss throughout the midfield.

The boys have two weeks off to rest up and prepare for a night game at home on Tony Sheehan Oval against St Francis Xavier OC on the 4th of May.

Vs St Francis Old Collegians
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 6:00 P.M.


La Trobe University 0.0 (0) defeated by Old Geelong 14.21 (105)

Best Players: J. Rogers, S. Rodier, G. Alsop, A. Symon, E. O’Brien, Z. Springs

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, someone else gets the reward. It’s a sad reality, but Old Geelong really did make a Saturday morning game look easy. Around 80% of the time the ball was in their forward 50, and to the credit of our backline (Grace, Ruby, Jess, Sophie) they did all they could to stop another ten or so goals going through.

When we did have it up our end, the girls fought tooth and nail for the ball. Maike had three or four marks, after which the Old Geelong players tried to regain the momentum. Rosco made an appearance and drove a few girls into the mud, but ultimately, we didn’t score. It was a great test of our skills, a marker in which we know where to develop and what to do going forward.

With that, we welcomed several new players to the side, as well as some Old Geelong players who graciously came over, so we had a bench (here’s to hoping they caught the La Trobe bug and come over to the light side). From here, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Are you – yes, you reading this right now – a girl in the Bundoora area looking for a new sport and a new group of girls to meet? Come down to the new La Trobe football ground Monday or Wednesday night at 6pm. We play Saturdays and have a lot of fun doing it!

Vs Collegians Football Club at Ross Gregory Oval, Albert Park
Game starts at 12:00 P.M. (Saturday afternoon)


La Trobe University 2.0 (12) defeated by 9.7 (61)

Goal Kickers: K. Bond, A. D’Angelo
Best Players: E. Freeman, R. Melican, K. Bond, R. Wertheim, S. Watts

Second round for the season and the Senior Women were ready for redemption. It was a crisp Saturday morning at Como Park in South Yarra with the first quarter being pretty even, and the back line holding up well. However, Old Geelong (OG) were able to get three quick goals but Captain Kate Bond kicked one goal in response to keep La Trobe in the game. In the second quarter the Trobers were unable to keep control of the ball and Old Geelong kicked another 3 to La Trobe’s 1, kicked by Cuppa.

At half time the seniors had no bench due to injuries. We were thankful for the reserves players who still had their boots on and were ready to help out. The talk at half time was positive but all agreed that there needed to be more of an attack from the backline and forward line. After the long break, La Trobe put up a fight, stopping Old Geelong from scoring in the third. Our girls were able to control the ball once again however, we couldn’t put any away. With no fresh legs to come on, La Trobe fought it out in the last quarter but couldn’t catch Old Geelong this time round.

You could see the improvements the girls have made from Round One, and with more players coming back from holidays to fill the side it can only be up from here!!

Vs Collegians Football Club at Ross Gregory Oval, Albert Park
Game starts at 2:00 P.M. (Saturday afternoon)

Published by Josh Horder, Daniel Robertson, Carly Mitchell, Lachlan Miller, Ros Melican and Caitlin Ross 17.04.2019