Round 7 Match Reports (2022)

Round 7 Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 28.15 (183) defeated Swinburne University 10.8 (68)

Goal Kickers: Riley Alexander 10, Bryce Dowler 5, Tate Spiteri 4, Ernie Fan 2, Robert Pain 2, Sam Benetti-Baker, Joe De Angelis, Josh Horder, Ben Vicary, Riley Keath
Best Players: Riley Alexander, Connor McCredden, Riley Keath, Tyler Costa, Andy Castles, Lachlan Webb

It was tipped to be our biggest challenge yet as we came up against top of the ladder Swinburne University who were 6-0, but after our disappointing performance last week against St Johns our boys were out for blood.

Our bull-brigade (Riley Keath, Ben Vicary, Sam Benetti-Baker and Archie Conboy) wiped last week from their memories as they took control of the contest from the first bounce asserting their physical presence on the game. It was Rob Pain who got the scoreboard ticking over with the first goal of the game, while Lachlan Webb hadn’t missed a beat after the week off opening the game up with his run. However, it was Riley ‘The Wiz’ Alexander who stole the show piling on four first quarter goals and eventually ending his day with a massive bag of 10!

Leading 51-7 at the first break the next three quarters were just pure dominance as we played our style of footy for four quarters. Bryce Dowler and Tate Spiteri had a purple patch within the game kicking three in a row each with ‘Brucey Doull’ finishing with five goals and ‘Spitta’ four. Tyler Costa was at his best winning groundballs and keeping us in possession. Andy Castles had the job on their key forward, keeping him quiet while intercepting and rebounding from the defensive 50. The addition of Tom Whelan proved to steady our back seven and freed up Connor McCredden to do what he does best and intercept everything off half back.

Despite finishing with no rotations on the bench with two out at halftime and another three pretty banged up bodies, we managed to win every quarter comfortably. Even the last quarter, when we left some goals on the table trying to get the ball to Wiz so he could bag his 10, we kicked 9.3 to cap off an emphatic win and make the strongest possible statement

It’s into the second bye round for our men with the Reserves sitting top of the table at 5-1, and the Seniors in second spot, a game behind Swinburne University who have played in all 7 rounds – go figure the VAFA!

Senior Women:

La Trobe 0.3 (3) defeated by Glen Eira 7.9 (51)

Best Players: Ineka Hart, Kate Bond, Molly O’Brien, Steph Darlington, Tayla Dando, Elise Freeman

A day full of major events with election day, the Trober women’s second home game for the season and Kyaa’s first game back since her ACL injury last year.

Pumped and fueled up on democracy sausages, the Trober’s knocked the dew off Tony Sheehan Oval with the 10 a.m. start time.

The first quarter was an arm wrestle. Unfortunately, the team were met with a string of injuries, taking out some of our key players. However, they persisted keeping Glen Eira to 2 goals for the quarter.

The second quarter saw the backline remain strong, with Ellen Brasier and Steph Darlington repeatedly attacking the ball and building a strong defensive line.

The third quarter was the strongest for the team. Co-Captain Kate Bond stood up and showed a bit of Trober spirit by breaking through the pack and delivering the ball into our forward 50. Up and coming first-year player Ineka Hart was able to make use of this opportunity by getting a score on the board.

Unfortunately, the team went to down in a tough match. Next week we are playing at home against AJAX for the second time this season after facing them back in Round 5.

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 8.6 (54) defeated by Swinburne University 8.8 (56)

Goal Kickers: Jordy O’Brien 3, Darcy Thorn 3, Laughlin Cargnali, Mackenzie Mann
Best Players: Darcy Thorn, Jacob Ellett, Laughlin Cargnali, James Toomey, Connor Burns, Jordy O’Brien

The Midday Show headed to St James Park in Hawthorn to take on the Razorbacks, looking to cement our spot on top of the ladder. Swinburne got off to a quick start, getting first hands on the ball through the middle of the ground, and the Trobers had a little trouble stemming the flow.

An injury late in the first term to a Swinburne forward saw the game stopped as we waited for an ambulance to arrive.

With shortened quarters, La Trobe started the second quarter strongly. Coach Mick Correnti rang the changes starting with moving our centre half back Laughlin Cargnali to centre half forward which paid dividends with Laughy taking some strong marks and kicking a goal. Darcy Thorn was also dominant across half forward and finished the quarter with a goal.

After closing the gap, the Trobers came out after half-time looking to continue their momentum, but unfortunately, we were unable to take advantage of some strong play from James Toomey and Jake Ellett on our wings, and finished the quarter by only scoring one goal, another major to Thorny.

La Trobe put the foot down in the final quarter attempting to run down a 27-point lead. The boys kicked 4 goals – Jordy O’Brien with 2, Mackenzie Mann 1, and Darcy Thorn 1, whilst holding Swinburne to just a single point.

The Reserves battled hard but would ultimately fall just short of taking home the 4 points. We will take full advantage of the bye and come back in Round 9 looking to get back in the winners’ column.

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Trober News

Vale Bob Segrave

It is with great sadness that we inform the Trober community of the passing of Bob Segrave on Monday morning 17th January, 2022.

Vale Russell Badham

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform our Trober community of the passing of Russell Badham on Monday morning 3rd January, 2022 after a short illness. Russell Badham arrived at LTUFC in 1969.

Steph Castagnini leads the team out for her 50th Trober game!
Another early start away from home
Jess Lowry in the ruck with Kate Bond awaiting the outcome
Bondy clears from the back half
Jess with eyes on the ball
Steph Darlington tackles with Bondy (8) Casta and Freo (4)
Molly O'Brien
Nat Cappelletti contesting for the pill
Tayla Dando and Jess Lowry
Casta putting everything into her tackle
Casta marks as Freo looks on
Elise Freeman marks as Jess Rogers and Wiz look on
JR out of defense
Courtney Donoghue kicks into the forward line
Casta, Freo (hidden) and Acacia Vernon
Backs at the quarter time huddle
Coach Jaryd addresses the team
Final words
Freo kicking in after a point
Steph D handballs as Paige Kenny blocks and Bondy cops one in the back!
Nat kicks as Jess Olschyna ducks clear!
Jess rucking as Steph D watches
PK gathers and handballs ...
To JR who kicks forward
PK kicks as Steph D and Eve Conlan look on
Tayla Dando kicks from the back half
Jess Olschyna contests as Freo and Ellen Brasier close in
Jaryd addresses the team after the game
Reserve Men - Jordy O'Brien marks
Jobba slots another goal
Rob Pain centres the pill as Denis Singh watches
It's Miller time!
Lachlan Miller swings onto his trusty left foot
Brendan Plowman handballs from the centre square
Cameron Marcroft leads his St Johns opponent to the ball
Midfielder Dom Tracy adds another possession
Denis Singh (64) and James Billings
Dom again with Burgo looking on
Coach Mick Correnti
Mick addressing the team at quarter time
Miller on his left
Miller and Jobba celebrate another goal with James Toomey (68) and Denis Singh in shot
Denis Singh handballs
Angus Tickner and Ross Campbell (13)
Jacob Ellett tackles his somewhat larger opponent with Connor Burns (centre) and Jamie Koo
Gus Tickner kicks from the back half
Gus Tickner (7), Painy and Eli Papworth (66)
Dom Tracy marks with Plow, Toomsey (68) and Cob (62)
James Toomey marks with Cob, Zac Tunks and Dom in shot
Connor, Toomsey and Plow
Luba (13) with Connor, Gus, Andy Devine and Joel Curry
Skipper Laughlin Cargnali marks with Kooie and Luba watching on
Gus Tickner
Andy Devine heads for goal as Dom and Burgo follow
Tunks switches with Connor also in shot
Joel Curry about to handball to Connor
Dom Tracy
Connor Burns
Senior Men - Riley Keath in the ruck, Ben Vicary held and no free , eh Bill?
Vicars with Archie Conboy, BB and Brucey (21)
Riley Alexander marks at full stretch!
And Wiz slots the goal
Brucey, Wiz and Vicars about to celebrate the goal
Tate Spiteri gets his kick away under tackle pressure
Keathy kicks with Ernie (33) and Wiz watching
Archie Conboy handballing and Wiz
Forwards with Rogo at the quarter time huddle
Coach Ricky Nolan
Ricky addresses the team with Matt Ogle
Jonty Randall kicks into the forward half as Vicars looks on
Josh Horder snaps the goal with BB and Wiz watching
Liam Walsh kicks on the run
Keathy from the boundary line
Pat Lindsay kicks inside 50 with Hords watching
Keathy tackled over the shoulder - one of our 9 frees for!
Spitta slots another major!
And the celebration
Hords marks as Tyler Costa awaits the outcome of the contest
Vicars kicks inside 50
Bull kicks on the run
Uncle marks with Spitta looking on
Uncle kicks the goal from just on the 50 arc
Cal Ross breaks free and heads forward
Vicars held - no free kick!
Celebrating Wiz's goal with Walshy, BB, Damo, Vicars and Cas
Cas marks in front of his opponent
Vicars kicks along the pavilion wing
Three quarter time huddle done
Ernie and Brucey
Spitta on the burst
Joe De Angelis from the back half
Will Lowry drives the pill down the pavilion wing
Disciplined Walshy punches from behind!
Walshy kicks inside 50 as Chill watches on
Hords goals with Brucey (21) and Kane Newby (74)
Ernie marks inside 50 before hitting up Spitta
Spitta kicks for goal
Hords with BB and Ernie (33)

Round Six – Senior Women, Reserve Men & Senior Men (2022)

Round 6 Match Reports (2022)

Round 6 Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 8.13 (61) defeated by St Johns 9.11 (65)
Goal Kickers: Riley Alexander 4, Tate Spiteri, Pat Lindsay, Josh Horder, Jonty Randall
Best Players: Andy Castles, Pat Lindsay, Jonty Randall, Riley Keath, Tate Spiteri, Liam Walsh

After losing our last two encounters with St Johns by four goals or less, our boys were looking to flip the script but unfortunately fell agonisingly short.

Against the wind in the first we started well with Riley Keath giving our mids first use and Tate Spiteri lively across half forward, but we were unable to capitalise on the scoreboard which gave St Johns a sniff to get their game going before we surged late in the quarter to peg back their four-goal lead to just eight points at the break.

In the second quarter we were able to structure up better and keep the ball in our forward half with Andy Castles and Robbie Fawcett ensuring nothing got past them in the back half. With the ball played predominately in our half and some inaccuracy, kicking 2.7 for the quarter, it was Pat Lindsay and Josh Horder who stood up in the contest to keep the ball in our half. Ernie Fan was exceptional below his knees with clean hands helping to bring his teammates into the game. We took an 11-point lead into halftime knowing this was going to be a tough contest – and an arm-wrestle it was in the second half.

St Johns again took advantage of the wind adding four goals to their tally from their 11 scoring shots in the quarter. Thankfully, Skipper Andy Castles found himself on the goal line saving a few to keep us in striking distance. Riley Alexander kept up his form with his fourth goal before being injected on-ball, while Pat Lindsay almost had himself a contender for Goal of the Year. Trailing by six points at the final break it was there for the taking.

The fourth quarter was a battle with Jonty Randall and Tyler Costa putting their heads over the footy and winning loose balls to generate us going forward. Eventually, we were able to break through with a Josh Horder goal giving us the lead, but St Johns managed to steal another goal before the final siren to give us our first loss of the season.

A tough loss to swallow but its eyes on next weekend now as we try to take a scalp over top of the ladder arch-rivals Swinburne University.

Senior Women:

La Trobe 0.0 (0) defeated by Whitefriars 5.8 (38)

Best Players: Courtney Donoghue, Tayla Dando, Amanda Olschyna, Paige Kenny, Steph Castagnini

It was a cloudy morning as the Trober women prepared to take on Whitefriars at Donvale.

The vibes were high, but they were higher than usual. “Why?”, you ask. Well, this was Steph ‘Casta’ Castagnini’s 50th game for La Trobe!! This is an amazing achievement and one for the record books!

The Trober’s carried their good vibes onto the field and commenced the game. It was a tough battle from the get go, with both teams continually laying strong tackles and creating smart passages of play. The Trober’s were able to keep the extremely skillful Whitefriars to only one goal in the first term.

The second quarter proved to be the most challenging for the team, as Whitefriars progressed their lead by a few quick (lucky) goals.

However, the team’s enthusiasm did not waiver. They took in coach Jaryd’s words of wisdom and came out as fiery as ever. Key players such as Courtney Donoghue and Tayla Dando stood up and showed some Trober spirit. Again, the team was able to keep Whitefriars to one goal.

The last quarter was a display of determination and grit from La Trobe. The backline remained strong in defense. Not letting Whitefriars get close to a goal all quarter. The team were able to create some really nice passages of play, with the assistance of Amanda Olschyna and Paige ‘PK’ Kenny. Once again, the team displayed an enormous amount of resilience.

Unfortunately, La Trobe couldn’t take home the cookies this weekend. However, there are some very positive signs for the team. Can’t wait to see what happens next week against Glen Eira at home. Go Trobers!!!

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 13.6 (84) defeated St Johns 4.7 (31)
Goal Kickers: Jordy O’Brien 8, Rob Pain 2, Lachlan Miller 2, Jacob Ellett
Best Players: Jordy O’Brien, Dom Tracy, Angus Tickner, James Toomey, Jacob Ellett, Rob Pain

The Reserves were back at Tony Sheehan Oval for just their second home game of the year. With the Reserves unfortunately missing out on a game in Round 5 due to Eley Park Sharks forfeiting the boys were chomping at the bit for the chance to play some footy.

The game started in wet conditions with rain falling for most of the first half. La Trobe’s commitment to attack the ball helped them get first hands on the pill and build a 13-point first quarter lead, with our Skipper Jordy “Jobba” O’Brien kicking 2 and Rob Pain slotting one as well.

The second quarter would see much of the same thanks to the work of Dom Tracy and Angus Tickner through the middle of the ground. The Trobers were able to add 5 more goals, with 3 to Jobba, another to Painy and Jake Ellett also kicking truly. La Trobe went into half time 37 points up.

St Johns came out after half time determined to get back into the contest and were able to keep the Trobers goalless during the third quarter. James Toomey would continue patrolling the wing and getting to plenty of contests, with the back six led by Jamie Koo, able to repel continual entries and concede only a couple of goals.

The boys entered the final quarter looking to rebound from the disappointing third quarter and rebound they did, with Jobba kicking another 3 goals to take his total to 8 for the game. The returning Lachlan Miller added 2 goals of his own as La Trobe ran out comfortable 53-point winners.

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Final instructions for the team
Jess Lowry kicks inside 50
Ineka Hart set to kick surrounded by plenty of Saints and Trobers
Steph Castagnini drives the ball towards goal
Casta with the safe hands
Eve Conlan gets her kick away under tackle pressure
Paige Kenny kicks from the centre square
Kate Bond, a picture of concentration!
Ineka Hart handballs to Elinna Yau
Ineka wraps up her AJAX opponent
Elise Freeman kicks through the centre square
Amanda Olschyna handballs as Ellen Brasier provides the shepherd
Steph Castagnini about to kick as Amanda Olschyna shepherds
Teresa D'Angelo heads for the goals
Ellen Brasier handballs
Jasmine Smith kicks inside 50
Tayla Dando kicks towards the goal square
Swifty clears from defence with plenty looking on
Jess Lowry about to be double teamed
Some dodgy looking spectators!
Coach Jaryd addresses his team at quarter time
Swifty kicks inside 50 to start the quarter
Ineka Hart gathers another possession
Amanda, Bondy and Harty
Bondy clears from defence
Amanda and her amazing levitating hair
Crunch time Bondy!
Courtney Donoghue kicks towards goal
Courtney working inside the centre square
Elise Freeman with a rebound 50
Final instructions before the game
Riley Alexander handballs to Ben Vicary (12)
Josh Horder slots the first of many goals!
Sam Benetti-Baker about to hit the scoreboard
Ben Vicary about to add another clearance
And Vicars drives the pill inside 50
Jonty Randall handballs to Nathan Richardson
Pat Lindsay working in heavy traffic
Lachlan Webb with another inside 50 as Hops, Luba, Cob, Tata & Rubberguts look on
Riley Keath marks on the lead
Keathy shoots for goal
A hair raising ruck duel with Bryce Dowler (21), Pat and Damon Guy (29)
Hords with the hit-out
Keathy centres the pill for his forwards
Riley Alexander kicks for goal
BB switches to the pavilion wing
Kane Newby kicks into the forward half
Keathy marks inside the centre square
And drives the ball inside 50
Wiz finishes with another major
Keathy dominating the centre ball-ups
Webby about to gather for another clearance
Brucey Doull kicks for goal
Jonty Randall (53) and Joe De Angelis
Archie Conboy moving through traffic with Richo and Wiz (5) clearing the way
Bryce Dowler kicking another major
Pat, Keathy says "I'm over here"
Damon Guy kicks inside 50
Quarter time huddle
BB to Vicars for the centre clearance
Wiz marks out in front as Ernie Fan watches
Ben Vicary kicks the goal of the game!
Damo battles his EP opponent
Rob Fawcett loves kicking on his left foot!
The Flying Doormat!
Webby snaps from the pocket
Keathy kicks inside 50 as Bull watches
Brucey with the vice-like grip clunks another
Wiz snaps from the pocket
Tom Whelan about to handball to Will Lowry
Webby in full flight
Wiz finishes off Webby's great work
The Human Turnstile gets to work
Richo hits the scoreboard!
Second half about to start
Connor McCredden marks
And drives the ball from the defensive 50
Will Lowry on the pavilion wing
Tyler Costa handballs to the outside runners
Taps can kick with his right foot!
Three quarter time huddle before the rain arrived
Costa kicks inside 50
Wiz adds another major
Brucey, Richo (24) and Kane Newby
Archie Conboy kicks one of his three final quarter goals
Uncle on the move as Hords looks on
Pat Lindsay drives the ball inside 50
Richo with another possession delivers from the back half
Damon Guy clears from the centre square

Round Five – Senior Women & Senior Men (2022)

Round 5 Match Reports (2022)

Round 5 Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 27.19 (181) defeated Eley Park Sharks 1.7 (13)
Goal Kickers: Riley Alexander 5, Bryce Dowler 5, Archie Conboy 3, Lachlan Webb 2, Sam Benetti-Baker 2, Kane Newby 2, Josh Horder 2, Ernie Fan, Ben Vicary, Nathan Richardson, Connor McCredden, Pat Lindsay, Riley Keath

Best Players: Lachlan Webb, Archie Conboy, Ben Vicary, Sam Benetti-Baker, Connor McCredden, Will Lowry

Without The Midday Show this week our senior boys decided to put on a show of their own with a 168-point thumping of Eley Park Sharks on the road.

Josh Horder, in his first game back in the seniors, got the ball rolling with the opening goal. Quickly followed by a running banana from Sam Benetti-Baker as he found the scoreboard for the first time this season. From there the goals kept flowing with a seven to one goal first term. Ben Vicary, Sam Benetti-Baker and Riley Keath dominated the contest early, while debutants Archie Conboy and Kane Newby made their presence known from the get-go.

The second quarter saw the floodgates open as we piled on another eight goals to their none. Kane Newby kicked his first of two for the day, as Riley Alexander kicked four of his five in the first half. Will Lowry was finding plenty of the footy and using it well, while Lachlan Webb continued to break the lines as he took the game on. Nathan Richardson and Ernie Fan were both rewarded with a goal each for their pressure efforts inside 50.

With a 91-point lead at the half and ten goal kickers, our boys were determined to make this a statement game and not get complacent. Bryce Dowler continued his great 2022 form with three goals in the third term to take his tally to five for the day, while Pat Lindsay continued to be an option higher up the ground. With a little bit more play in the defensive half, Robbie Fawcett and Adrian Marulli stood tall winning the one-on-one contests and allowing run off half back for Connor McCredden, which included kicking a great goal on the run from outside 50! Tyler Costa won plenty of the footy, especially once the game turned wet in the last quarter, but it was Archie Conboy on debut who made the final term his own with three goals in a row! Eventually running out winners by 28 goals, it was a pleasant change for Damon Guy who played his first senior game since 2018 where we went down by 229. A massive 397-point turn around!

For the second year in a row both our Senior and Reserve Men’s sides have started the season 4-0, setting our seniors up for a big two weeks, taking on worthy rivals third-placed St Johns followed by arch-rivals second-placed Swinburne.

Senior Women:

La Trobe 0.1 (1) defeated by AJAX 2.5 (17)

Best Players:  Ineka Hart, Eve Conlan, Steph Darlington, Jess Lowry, Jasmine Smith, Nat Cappelletti

Coming off last week’s defeat against the top team in the competition, we wanted to ensure we started the game well and win the contested footy throughout the game.

The first quarter was very tightly contested and both teams had a chance to attack and defend with some free flowing movement between the arcs. Both defensive units held up as neither team was able to hit the scoreboard.
For the second quarter we tried to tighten some things up and to ensure we kicked out into space where we looked our best. The second quarter was much like the first, although AJAX looked to get a little on top and managed to score a goal before the half-time siren.
The main break was all about making sure we kept building on our team chemistry and ensuring we could get back into the game.
Unfortunately AJAX kicked away in a very low and tight game but it left us to think our main thing to work on and to keep us in games is to improve our ball entry into the forward line and how to score.
Ineka Hart provided a great option for us across half forward all game and Eve Conlan keeps getting better and better each week on the wing. Jasmine Smith and Steph Castagnini were playing great games of footy until they both received head knocks.

Reserve Men:

La Trobe defeated Eley Park Sharks via forfeit

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LTUFC Launches Strategic Plan to 2025

The plan outlines our club’s purpose, vision, values, strategies, and action areas as we strive for continuous improvement and success on and off the field.