Round 16 Match Reports (2019)

Round 16 Match Report (2019)

UNDER 19’s:

La Trobe: 0.0 (60) defeated South Melbourne Districts FC 0.0 (0)
Goal Kickers: Nil
Best Players: Nil

South Melbourne Districts unfortunately decided to forfeit on Saturday. Which is very disappointing because the Under 19’s were about to play with their best team to date. All the boys were looking forward to seeing what they could have produced on Saturday morning. It meant for the 19’s, they get the 4 points for the first time this year – what a way to get their first win.

Vs Williamstown CYMS
Played at Fearon Reserve
Game starts at 11:40 A.M.


La Trobe: 10.10 (70) defeated Masala AFC 3.2 (20)
Goal Kickers: B. Coghill 2, J. Rogerson 2, B. Higgins 2, Price, Naidoo, Cooke, Pearson
Best Players: T. Costa, M. Welsh, J. Tomada, J. Ferguson, L. Cooke, J. Rogerson

The Midday Show fielded a strong team and firmly grasped second position on the ladder, after a confident 70 to 27 win over Masala at home on Tony Sheehan Oval.

A perfect day to be a duck, as the rain and wind made conditions nippy, making moving the ball difficult for both teams. Blowing a gale throughout the game didn’t deter the Trobers from applying pressure and minimising Masala’s ball movement around the ground and keeping them scoreless for 2 quarters.

The first quarter started off relatively even between the two teams but as the game progressed, Masala lost fitness, possession and mentality that contributed to their seemingly endless season long losing streak.

The Trobers need to maintain consistency over the coming weeks heading into the finals, it is a significant element to being successful at the end of the year. This weekend La Trobe travel to Narre Warren South to play St Francis Xavier OC. Last time St Francis met at La Trobe in Round 4, Trobers dominated from the start and edged a 1 goal win. This weekend it will be expected the 2nd and 3rd ladder clash should be a hotly contested game. 

Vs St Francis Xavier OC
Played at Strathaird Reserve
Game starts at 11:40 A.M.


La Trobe: 8.14 (62) defeated Masala FC 8.11 (59)
Goal Kickers: B. Zimmermann 3, S. Denier 2, Ross, Thackray, Spiteri
Best Players:  A. Castles, S. Benetti-Baker, E. Fan, M. Ogle, B. Zimmerman, S. Denier

A huge come from behind win in the wind and rain has kept the boy’s finals hopes well and truly alive. After letting Masala get out to a five-goal lead in the first quarter and still trailing by 21 at half time it was a bloody good comeback in extremely trying conditions.

The win was really set up in the third quarter where, despite Masala having the wind, the team held strong and managed to make it one goal apiece. In the last quarter La Trobe, inspired by their Coach’s words and the presence of the 2009/10 premierships players in their huddle, had too much run and ticker for Masala and overran them to win by three points in an absolute thriller.

Andy Castles took the piss again and word on the street is Mooney will not be getting the captaincy back off him. Can’t argue with a 100% winning record, eh Cas?! Bailey Zimmerman’s mongrel drop punts were effective as per usual as he snagged three handy goals in front of the 2009/10 premiership sides. As we should we celebrated with a beer pong competition that night which Lachlan “Swingman” Miller and Harrison “Paleo Pete” Thackray dominated from go to woe, taking the piss out of the competition. Worst on for the event was Theo Balabanov – could barely drink a glass of water leaving Josh Horder by himself for half the tournament but that didn’t stop Hords making the Final. He will be sure to pick a better partner for next year’s tournament!

This week the boys take on St Francis Xavier OC in what will be a big clash!

Vs St Francis Xavier OC
Played at Strathaird Reserve
Game starts at 2:00 P.M.

Published by Josh Horder, Damien Hamel & Lachlan Miller 14.08.2019

2009/10 LTUFC Premiership Reunion

Please note that this event is ‘FREE’ to RSVP your attendance however there will be an on the day cost of approx. $40.00 for the luncheon.

Round 13 Match Reports (2019)

Round 13 Match Report (2019)

UNDER 19’s:

La Trobe forfeited to De La Sale OB


Vs Peninsula OB
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval
Game starts at 1:20 P.M.


La Trobe: 15.18 (108) defeated Elsternwick 6.3 (39)
Goal Kickers:  M. Burrowes 4, S. Pearson 3, J. Coghill 3, B. Coghill 2, R. Wills 2, J. Tomada.
Best Players: M. Burrowes, J. Tomada, J. Ellett, H. Fry, J. Lasslett, S. Pearson.

The midday show is sitting pretty in second position after a defining win over Elsternwick 108-39 at home over the weekend. Blowing a gale throughout the game didn’t detour the boys from applying pressure and ball movement around the ground to dictate the terms of the game.

Elsternwick jumped to an early lead using the wind after the first quarter, but the Trobers kept pressure on Elsternwick’s throat and kept them scoreless in both the 2nd and 4th quarters. The Trobers enjoyed controlling the game in adverse weather conditions and ensured capitalising on forward entries was a focal component of the forwards attack. Maintaining consistency over the weeks coming tracking into finals is a significant element to being successful at the end of the year.

This weekend La Trobe hosts Box Hill North at home to rectify the humiliating defeat when we last met back in round 8 where we failed to take off against a lower ranked team.

Vs Box Hill North AFC
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval
Game starts at 1:20 P.M.


La Trobe: 7.16 (58) defeated by Elsternwick 9.12 (66)
Goal Kickers: B. Zimmerman 2, R. Nolan, M. O’Brien, P. Howard, L. Miller, R. Timmins.
Best Players: A. Castles, W. Humphreys, P. Howard, T. Mooney, R. Nolan, M. O’Brien.

A tough loss in an important game for the boys on the weekend. La Trobe led by one point at Quarter time thanks to a freakishly brilliant goal from Lachie Miller. The game was always going to be topsy turvy due the strong winds favouring one end. Going into half trailing by 21 points the boys needed a big lift and they got it. La Trobe dominated the third quarter with 12 scoring shots.

Unfortunately, those scoring shots only lead to two goals. With X-factor man Lachie Miller going off with an injury it was always going to be tough to hold onto a one-point lead against the wind in the last quarter. Ultimately Elsternwick were too strong in the last quarter, but it wasn’t easy for them as La Trobe fought hard to final siren.  Mark O’Brian was immense down back and thick as a brick Nolan was strong all day as well.

The boys will look to get back on the winners list this week as they play Box Hill at Home in a night game.

Vs Box Hill North AFC
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval
Game starts at 6:00 P.M.


La Trobe: 5.7 (37) defeated Old Hawthorn 2.5 (17)
Goal Kickers: S. Greene, R. Melican, E. Freeman, A. D’Angelo, E. Miller.
Best Players: K. Bond, S. Velona, L. Molloy, E. Freeman, A. Cutler, K. Ritchie.

The La Trobe women had a big game ahead on a cool Saturday evening. The Tony Sheehan oval was packed with supporters, including past women’s players of La Trobe who had earlier that day been presented with the team of decade. Well done to the girls who were awarded with this amazing achievement.

The Trober’s started the first quarter off with the challenge of playing against the wind. However, it did not phase them as they were able to keep Hawthorn to one goal. It was through the likes of the amazing defenders Soph and Brit, that enabled the girls to keep the scoring margin down so low.

The Trober’s unleashed the beast during the second quarter. They were able break away with the wind on their side, by kicking 3 goals. Amongst the goal kickers was Millzy, who kicked her first Trober goal for the year.

During the third quarter La Trobe continued their attacking brand of football. Kya and Bry were able to assist with the incredible pressure through applying the one percenters throughout the whole game.

It was the dynamic duo, Lilly Molloy and captain Kate Bond that finalized La Trobe’s position within the fourth quarter. Their ability to seamlessly mark and run with ball gave the team a competitive edge that Hawthorn didn’t have.

The girls were able to maintain their lead throughout the game resulting in their fourth win for the season. What an amazing effort!! The Trober’s take on Old Scotch for their final game of the season and Sam Greene’s 150th. Hopefully they can come away with another win. Yeet-haa!!!

Vs Old Scotch FC
Played at Camberwell Sports Ground
Game starts at 2:00 P.M.

Published by Josh Horder, Damien Hamel, Lachlan Miller, Ros Melican and Caitlin Ross 25.07.2019

1988/89 LTUFC Premiership Reunion

Please note that this event is ‘FREE’ to RSVP your attendance however there will be an on the day cost of approx. $50.00 for the luncheon.

Round 9 Match Reports (2019)

Round 9 Match Report (2019)

UNDER 19’s:

La Trobe: 6.8 (44) defeated by Mazenod 18.16 (124)
Goal Kickers: J. Ellett 2, B. Zimmermann 2, D. Thorn, W. Luhrs
Best Players: C. Ross, D. Thorn, W. Luhrs, J. Ellett, K. Clarke, A. Leitch

It was a bitterly cold Saturday night at the Tony Sheehan Oval when the Under 19’s ran out to finish off a great day for the Club. The 1999 Premiership team had reunited at the Club’s flashy new facilities, and the much loved ‘Shit Shirt Night’ was mere hours away.

Once more, the young 19’s played a good game. They were competitive for the entire game, despite what the scoreboard read at the final siren. In particular, the backline stood up as they always do, placing much needed pressure on the Mazenod forwards all night, and running the ball out of defence to the advantage of the midfield and forward-line.

Unfortunately, the team still faces a frustrating inability to score, but after this week, have shown that all other areas are sound. The next round is a good opportunity for the Under 19’s, as the reserves and seniors have the bye, meaning that the youngest side at the Club should be well supported as they take on Melbourne High School Old Boys.

Vs MHSOB Unicorns
Played at Melbourne High School, South Yarra
Game starts at 2:00 P.M.


La Trobe: 12.12 (84) defeated South Mornington 9.7 (61)
Goal Kickers: J. Coghill 5, B. Coghill 2, B. Rowles 2, H. Thackray, S. Condon, J. Rogerson
Best Players: H. Thackray, B. Coghill, J. Coghill, S. Nelson, S. Sutton, A. Hodgson 

‘The Midday Show’ came through with a handy win over South Mornington at home by 23 points to cement a top 4 position on the ladder. SMFC capitalized on a slow first quarter and jumped to an early lead that was overcome once the Trobers warmed up and began hitting targets.

By half time the matchups were relatively even and with South Mornington only 11 points behind, it was anyone’s game for the taking. La Trobe moved the ball well and controlled the game, extending the lead throughout the 3rd, but that momentum slowed allowing South Mornington to whittle some of the Trobers lead.

By the final siren La Trobe edged out South Mornington 84 to 61. This weekend La Trobe enjoys another bye to replenish bodies and souls before travelling to Box Hill next weekend to take on Eley Park Sharks and hopefully teach them how to play football like the Trobers did at home in Round 5. Then we head home to get ready for the biggest night of the Trober’s year, The Gala Ball!



La Trobe: 15.15 (105) defeated South Mornington 10.8 (68)
Goal Kickers B. Zimmermann 6, W. Lowry 2, T. Spiteri 2, T. Mooney 2, F. Balabanov, W. Luhrs, M. Oliver
Best Players: T. Mooney, A. Castles, B. Zimmermann, M. Ogle, W. Luhrs, S. Benetti-Baker

It was good to be back on Tony Sheehan Oval after a few weeks away and there was additional hype about the game as we were playing in front of the 1999 Premiership side. Having the buzz around really lifted the boys, which led to a fast start and a four-goal lead at quarter time.

Young gun Bailey Zimmerman had superglue on his hands as he clunked and booted his way to a lazy 6 goals during the game. Tom Mooney was bullish all day in the middle and at one point needed to employ the finger point to the opposition to highlight his displeasure with their dirty tactics. Those same dirty tactics led to Callum Randell being knocked out, leaving him with a bent nose and Mitch Oliver having his hair pulled!

In the end the footy did the talking and the Trobers won convincingly and sent the South Mornington peanuts on their way.



La Trobe: 6.4 (40) defeated by Beaumaris 10.7 (67)
Goal Kickers: S. Greene 2, A. Dunn 2, L. Molloy, S. Castagnini
Best Players: E. Turnbull, S. Castagnini, L. Molloy, E. Freeman, C. Ross, G. Alsop

On a cool Saturday afternoon, the La Trobe Women prepared to take on Beaumaris on Tony Sheehan Oval. However, this game was different compared to the others they have played this year. It was Soph Rodier’s 50th game for the Club! An incredible effort and may I add that she played an amazing game!

The girls had a stellar first quarter, by starting the game with 4 goals. It was through the likes of the amazing Amy Dunn, who kicked 2 goals, and inspired her teammates Sam Greene and Lilly to also kick a goal each.

The La Trobe women continued their dominance on the field into the second quarter. Their ability to have smooth passages of play allowed for them to maintain their lead in the second quarter. Unfortunately the second quarter was cut short, due to one of La Trobe’s star players suffering a major injury. Teresa ‘Swifty’ D’Angelo went down in pain with a serious ankle injury which required an ambulance to attend. Great care was provided by our fantastic medical staff, which also included former Club trainer Kylie Edmunds (née Turton) who was attending the 1999 Premiership reunion with husband and LTUFC Life Member Danny.

Ridden with injury, the La Trobe women were ready to shake off the bad vibes and energies, in order to put their best foot forward in the third quarter. Although Beaumaris were able to kick a few sneaky goals, it did not affect marvelous Millzy and magnificent Marleigh’s determination to win the contest with their persistent pressure.

The La Trobe women highlighted their never-say-die attitude, with a brilliant and gritty fourth quarter. Star performances from Turns and Casta, allowed for the girls to kick two more final quarter goals. Sadly, the La Trobe women lost the game, but put in an amazing effort and demonstrated their resilience.
As a matter of fact, Taylor Swift wrote a song about how the game went on Saturday. It is to the tune of “Shake It Off” and is as follows:

This game was too late
The La Trobe women have nothing to gain
That’s what the Beaumaris girls say, mmm-mmm
That’s what the Beaumaris girls say, mmm-mmm

The La Trobe women win too many games
But they can’t make that change
At least that’s what the Beaumaris girls say, mmm-mmm
That’s what Beaumaris girls say, mmm-mmm

But the La Trobe women keep cruising
Can’t stop, won’t stop moving
It’s like they have got this music
In their mind
Saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”

Cause the La Trobe players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the Beaumaris haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, the La Trobe Women are just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
We are gonna shake it off,  shake it off
Beaumaris defenders are gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the Beaumaris fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Baby, the La Trobe women are just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
We are gonna shake it off, shake it off

The La Trobe Women’s team will play Old Mentonians down at Keysborough this week. Hopefully, they can get their second win on the board. Also, best wishes and a quick recovery to Swifty and Jess who were both injured during last week’s game. Yeehaa!!

Vs Old Mentonians FC
Played at Mentone Grammar Playing Fields, Keysborough
Game starts at 10:45 A.M.

Published by Josh Horder, Daniel Robertson, Damien Hamel, Lachlan Miller, Ros Melican and Caitlin Ross 21.06.2019