Nat Cappelletti kicking under pressure
Goal umpire Connor 'Turtle' McCredden
Jess Rogers looking for an exit strategy
Co-captain Kate Bond kicks into the forward 50
JR on the move
Steph Castagnini clears from the defensive 50
Lis Symon kicks on her trusty left foot
Ellen Brasier kicks from the backline
Coach Jaryd Coghill
Quarter time huddle
Molly O'Brien in the back half
Ineka Hart with Kaitlyn O'Brien ready in support
Elise Freeman kicks out after a point
Courtney Donoghue in the ruck
Ellen Brasier
Half time
Bondy reinforces the halftime message
Centre square ruck contest
Eve Conlan kicks along the pavilion wing
Jasmine Smith and Eve Conlan (1) contest in among Glen Eira players
Eve , Ineka and Molly O'B gang tackle
Molly O'Brien strong in the marking contest!
Evie on the move
Emily McColl contests for the mark
Bondy swings onto her left foot
Ineka Hart has some work to do here!
Paige Kenny looks to be outnumbered
But lays a great tackle as Vicars looks on!
Harty kicking for goal inside 50
Bondy tackles her Glen Eira opponent
PK kicking from inside 50
Amanda Olschyna kicking inside 50
Harty kicks on the run watched by Nat Cap
Up there Jas Smith as Steph Darlington looks on

Round Seven – Senior Women, Reserve Men, Senior Men (2022)

Reserve Men - James Billings (38) with Conall Barrett (73) and Gus Tickner at the first centre ball-up
Denis Singh tackles AP opponent with Jordy O'Brien, Andy Devine (34) and Elias Papworth - Rob Pain obscured
Tate Tregea-Copland in full flight!
Elias Papworth kicks inside 50
Jobba with first gamer Archie Conboy ready to pounce!
The boys get around Archie's first Trober goal - Damon Guy (29), Elias, Joel Curry and Thorny (39)
Debutant Andy Devine kicks out of the back 50 with skipper Laughlin Cargnali (55) and Cameron Marcroft
Damon Guy kicks inside 50
Jobba turns his opponent inside out and heads for goal
Archie Conboy snaps for goal while Mackenzie Mann and Joel Curry await the outcome
Senior Men - Cal Ross (25), Rob Fawcett (70), Connor McCredden and Will Lowry
Jonty 'Bull' Randall clears from the back 50 watched by Nathan Richardson and Ben Vicary (12)
Pat Lindsay marks with Richo (24), Ernie Fan, Riley Keath (8) and Lachlan Webb (6)
Uncle delivers a bullet inside 50 . . .
To Bryce Dowler who takes the first of many marks!
Brucey Doull kicks the goal
Pat Mulvahill (75) clears the defensive 50 as Cal Ross (25) watches
Jonty Randall lays a tackle with Sam Benetti-Baker (3), Rob Fawcett (obscured) and Riley Keath (8)
BB kicks inside 50 with Dom Tracy (37)
Riley Alexander kicks with Liam Walsh (65), Charlie Scanlon and Tate Spiteri
Ernie Fan finishes off a great team goal!
Skipper Andy Castles kicks from the defensive 50
Jonty gathers another possession on his wing
Cas marks over his AP opponent as Connor McCredden watches
The ever-reliable Tom Whelan
Wheels again with Turtle, Mulva and Walshy (65)
Webby delivers inside 50 watched by Wheels, Richo and Keathy (8)
The Wiz snags another major!
Rob Fawcett in the ruck with Walshy (65), Chill (27) and Webby coming from the outer wing
Webby gets the centre clearance as Ernie Fan looks on
Walshy gets his kick away in heavy traffic
Charlie Scanlon switches as Rob Fawcett looks on
Joe De Angelis clears from the back 50 with Walshy watching
Brucey handballs over the top to Ernie
The Fanman finishes with another great goal!
Brucey slots another major
Joe De Angelis and Will Lowry (27)
Tom Whelan with another clearance and Pat Mulvahill
Ernie Fan does what The Fanman does - courage personified!!
AP opponent, "What happened there?"
Bryce Dowler slots another goal - nice work Jacob Ellett!
Tate Spiteri moves the ball down the outer wing with 'Bull' Randall
Brucey Doull in heavy traffic
Over the shoulder and a handful of jumper - and still no free kick!
Joey De Angelis on the burst through the middle!
Liam Walsh kicks with Chill and Webby
Webby with another inside 50
To twin Wiz
Who slots one of 6 for the day!
Wheels out of defense yet again!
Rob Fawcett about to clear the defensive 50 with Wheels (9), Joe (1) and Chill (27)
Wheels handballs to Chill (27)
Wiz adds another
The Pocket Rocket at work again!
Tate Spiteri on the pavilion wing
Bryce Dowler
Connor 'Turtle' McCredden heads for the bench
Pat Lindsay kicks the goal
Riley Keath marks . . .
And kicks the goal
Three quarter time huddle
Riley Alexander snaps with Bull and Ern watching
Rob Fawcett kicks with BB (3) and our fantastic sponsors Polaris!
Richo out of the back half to Tate
Joe De Angelis marks - Brucey lovin' it!
Joey kicks his first goal!
Wheels kicks with Taps looking on
Brucey Doull in the square!
Brucey slots his third!
BB clears the defensive 50 just before the final siren
Senior Women - Kate Bond gets the clearance with Jess Lowry (3), Paige Kenny (11) and Lis Symon
Acacia Vernon wrapped up before she can handball to Steph Darlington
Eve Conlan kicks with Jess (3), Lis (13), Bondy (8) and Paige
Quarter time huddle
Three quarter time huddle - please forgive the photographer who has been on team manager duties!
Leo and Louie Greene
Jess Lowry wins the centre ball-up
Courtney Donoghue with Nat Cappelletti, Acacia and Amanda Olschyna (18)
Courtney and Bondy want the free!
Tayla Dando kicks on the run
Sophie Rodier kicks inside 50
Ellen Brasier clears from the back 50
Birthday girl Jess Lowry
Courtnet applies the tackle with Sophie, Bondy (8) and Maddi Warner
Tayla Dando handballs with Jess Lowry and Ineka Hart
Bondy about to send it forward with Jessica-Rose, Amanda shepherding, Jess, Ineka and Swifty
Swifty leads with a straight left - kidding!
Jess wins another ball-up contest
Swifty clearance as Courtney and Maddi look on
Steph Castagnini kicks from the back half with Steph Darlington (34) and Jessica-Rose (54)
Steph D in heavy, heavy traffic!
Game over!

Round Four – Reserve Men, Senior Men & Senior Women (2022)

Round 4 Match Reports (2022)

Round 4 Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 15.6 (96) defeated Albert Park AFC 8.7 (55)
Goal Kickers: Riley Alexander 6, Bryce Dowler 3, Ernie Fan 2, Joe De Angelis, Patrick, Lindsay, Ben Vicary, Riley Keath
Best Players: Riley Alexander, Tom Whelan, Riley Keath, Liam Walsh, Andy Castles, Lachlan Webb

After a two-week break, we were finally back home at Tony Sheehan Oval for the first time this season in a triple header. While Albert Park are always a hard contested outfit, this was an opportunity for our boys to cement their ladder position in the early stages of the season.

The first half was exactly as expected – hard fought around the contest which ultimately left us with sore and injured bodies going into the main break up by just 12 points. Ernie Fan was again flourishing in his new role as a pressure forward, getting on the end of a couple of goals. The ever-reliable Tom Whelan was controlling the contest down back ably supported by Connor McCredden, while Lachlan Webb kept breaking the lines with his run and inside 50 deliveries.

Down two rotations and a couple of sore midfielders didn’t make Robbie Fawcett or Riley Keath’s day any easier as they handled the unique ruck-fullback-midfield rotation. Despite these challenges our boys rose to the occasion in front of the home crowd which included Carlton great Anthony Koutoufides who parked himself in the forward pocket to watch ‘The Wiz Show’ as Riley Alexander kicked another bag of six for the second game in a row. Connor McCredden was intercepting everything off half back making our transition game flow as we ran out 41-point winners. Joey De Angelis, in his return game, was playing basketball with the footy with multiple bursts running through the corridor and even managed to hit the scoreboard with his first career goal!

Our boys are back on the road next week to take on 5th placed Eley Park at Whitehorse Reserve.

Senior Women:

La Trobe 0.0 (0) defeated by Hampton Rovers 8.7 (55)
Best Players: Steph Castagnini, Teresa D’Angelo, Eve Conlan, Jess Lowry, Ineka Hart, Amanda Olschyna

It was great to be back on our home deck at Tony Sheehan Oval for the first triple header of the season. We understood going into the game how good Hampton Rovers have been over the first two rounds and that it was going to be a challenging night. The biggest thing we wanted to work on was being physical and never giving up on any contest.

The first quarter was really well defended and although we didn’t control a lot of the quarter, we were able to take away their run and carry through the middle. Unfortunately, we gave up a goal with 10 seconds to go.
The second quarter was much like our second quarter in Round 1 where we gave up the control to Hampton and they were able to kick some easy goals with the middle of the ground opening up. At the main break we knew we had some things to work on and we wanted to get back to the points we talked about pre-game.
The second half was a good showing of what we can achieve against the top teams. We are able to defend well and win the contested footy, but we lack the run and skills that the top teams have which they are able to use to apply scoreboard pressure.
We discussed after the game that it’s a long season and like other years, we are only going to get better and gel as the season continues.
Steph Castagnini was once again terrific in defense and stopped multiple goals. Teresa D’Angelo’s attack on the ball was a standout and Eve Conlan was evasive on the wing and provided run all game. There were improving signs for all players and once we balance up our attack to go with our defense, good things will come.

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 10.11 (71) defeated Albert Park AFC 9.6 (60)
Goal Kickers: Jordy O’Brien 4, Archie Conboy 2, James Billings, Andrew Devine, Robert Pain, Damon Guy
Best Players: Andrew Devine, Angus Tickner, Jacob Ellett, Darcy Thorn, Archie Conboy, Robert Pain

It was a day for debutants in The Magoos this week as Matt Ogle and Josh Rogerson stepped up as caretaker coaches while Michael Correnti was in isolation with COVID. With the well-oiled machine that Mick has operating, the most difficult decision was unfortunately having to leave four blokes out of the side. A good issue to have and no doubt a major reason why both men’s teams are undefeated after four rounds. But it wasn’t the coaches that stood out, it was Andy Devine’s best on ground performance in his first ever game of footy.

Our boys knew that Albert Park would be big bodies that want to play a contested game, so they took it right up to them from the start in the middle with James Billings getting first use in the ruck and our three bulls Andy Devine, fellow debutant Archie Conboy and Angus Tickner hitting the contest hard. James Toomey had plenty of the ball in the first quarter, making it look easy with just three points in it at quarter time. The second quarter was just as much of an arm wrestle but with plenty of run off half back from Jacob Ellett and through the wing from Darcy Thorn, we were able to match them as we kicked into the wind trailing by just one point at the half. After a massive collision going back with the flight, we moved Archie Conboy forward and Rob Pain into the guts which saw them link up for a pivotal goal late in the term.

The third quarter saw the ball spend 90-percent of the time in Albert Park’s forward half, but our defenders stood up only allowing them to kick two goals. Trailing by 8 points going into the last we knew the game was going to be won by outworking our opponents. With Andy Devine and Angus Tickner nullifying the contest inside, it allowed Jacob Ellett, Darcy Thorn and Damon Guy to find space to run and use the footy. Archie Conboy hit the scoreboard for his second goal to give us the lead after trailing at every break before Jordy O’Brien sealed the game with a drop-punt set shot on the boundary and a point to the crowd.

With another four goals, Jordy O’Brien continues to lead the league goal kicking in his quest to bag 100 goals, while our reserve men are now the only undefeated team in their competition after a great come from behind win!

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Vale Bob Segrave

It is with great sadness that we inform the Trober community of the passing of Bob Segrave on Monday morning 17th January, 2022.

Vale Russell Badham

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform our Trober community of the passing of Russell Badham on Monday morning 3rd January, 2022 after a short illness. Russell Badham arrived at LTUFC in 1969.

Round 1 Match Reports (2022)

Round 1 Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 13.11 (89) defeated Masala FC 12.5 (77)
Goal Kickers: Lachlan Webb 3, Bryce Dowler 3, Riley Alexander 2, Ben Vicary, Jonty Randall, Liam Walsh, Tate Spiteri, Riley Keath
Best Players: Riley Keath, Ben Vicary, Tom Whelan, Charlie Scanlon, Lachlan Webb, Nathan Richardson

The dreaded cross-town trip to Dandenong was ideal for a character building Round One win for our senior boys as they celebrated Ernie Fan’s 100th game.

Captain Andy Castles started true winning the toss and kicking with the wind which we made the most of kicking four straight to lead at the first break. Nathan Richardson had the lockdown on Disco and was able to nullify his run all day. Charlie Scanlon battled contest to contest on debut doing the team efforts that lead to our crumbing forwards pressuring at ground level and kicking goals. Ben Vicary set the tone early on-ball, dominating the contest all day with having the ball on a sting.

The second term saw Masala peg back our lead which had us trailing by one point at the half. The third term saw the game break open a little more with both teams kicking five each. Tom Whelan was pivotal down back, winning one-on-one and using the ball beautifully off half back to give Jonty Randall and Will Lowry space on the wings. With our forward-line humming, Bryce Dowler presenting well and getting the reward and Lachlan Webb kicking three on debut, our boys were in the driver’s seat to bring home the four points going into the final break up by two points.

The last term saw our boys grit their teeth as gun recruit and part-time ruck Riley Keath went to another level throwing himself at every contest before he went back with the flight to take a massive contested mark before kicking true into the wind from beyond the arc to give us the lead. Ernie Fan did what Ernie Fan does and turned Disco into a pancake early in the last which helped free up Nathan Richardson on the wing. Liam Walsh kicked the sealer on debut with a lovely set shot and Connor McCredden was huge late off half back.

A great team win to kick off our 2022 campaign. Congratulations to Ernie on 100 games and our six debutants yesterday, welcome to La Trobe!

Senior Women:

La Trobe 2.1 (13) defeated by Oakleigh 8.7 (55)
Goal Kickers: Ineka Hart, Kate Bond
Best Players: Kate Bond, Steph Castagnini, Eve Conlan, Ineka Hart, Ellen Brasier, Courtney Donoghue

Everyone was excited and raring to go for Round 1 on a cold Saturday morning against Oakleigh AFC. Unfortunately, due to unavailability we are already down to 18 by the first bounce.

The first quarter was played with a lot of spirit and the first 10 minutes played in our forward half with the opening goal of the match going our way kicked by debutant Ineka Hart. Tired legs due to no rotations allowed Oakleigh to take control late in the quarter but we were able to dig deep and keep them scoreless.

Unfortunately, two of our players sustained some small injuries and we had to play with 16 healthy players while still fielding the other 2 in the pockets. The second quarter was all Oakleigh and with 4 goals in 7 minutes they went into the half with a solid 20-point lead.

The second half of the game was damage control due to our lack of rotations but credit to the team as we fought hard until the end of the game and made it a stalemate.

Besides the second quarter blitz from Oakleigh we could see that with a full team we would be able to take it up to them in the next meeting.

Co-captain Kate Bond and Steph Castagnini fought on all day while new player Courtney Donoghue provided a much needed calm head in the key posts. Debutant Ellen Brasier had to ruck all game and was great providing second efforts in every quarter, while another new player Ineka Hart showed plenty of run when out in space.

We now look to Round 2 against Canterbury as a new opportunity to get the first win of the season!

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 9.13 (67) defeated Masala FC 1.6 (12)
Goal Kickers: Jordy O’Brien 6, Damon Guy, Ross Campbell, Lachlan Bence
Best Players: Dominic Tracy, Mark O’Brien, Conall Barrett, Jordy O’Brien, Angus Tickner, Damon Guy

The Midday Show made the trip down to Dandenong to take on Masala in our first hit out for the year. Our newly appointed skipper Jordy “Jobba” O’Brien would win the toss and kick with the breeze.

The new look reserve side with 8 players making their Trober debut, started with a bang kicking 5 goals in slippery conditions. Jobba would be the focal point up forward kicking 3, and in a move that could only be described as inspired, Ross “Luba” Campbell found himself in unfamiliar territory on a forward flank but would reward Coach Mick Correnti’s faith by slotting a major. Damon Guy would also finish truly snagging himself a goal.

The second quarter would kick off with the drizzling rain well and truly having set in. Masala would take advantage of the Ammos not having a 6-6-6 rule to park about half their side in La Trobe’s forward half, this certainly slowed down the Trober’s ability to score with a solitary goal to Jobba being the only major kicked for the quarter. On the other side of the ball the defence, led by Mark O’Brien, was as staunch as ever allowing only 4 points for the half.

The third quarter saw the midfield continue its dominance through the middle and at the stoppages. Dom Tracy, Gus Tickner and Conall Barrett would be the standouts in the midfield group, continually getting in first in trying conditions and winning the ball at ground level. La Trobe would add 3 more goals for the quarter, with Jobba slotting 2 and Lachlan Bence kicking the other.

As the fourth quarter kicked off the rain would get heavier and the next 25 minutes would be an arm wrestle between the two 50 metre arcs as both sides attempted to push forward trying to score. Some strong defence from Masala and slippery conditions saw us unable to convert our opportunities into goals, as we would finish the quarter only kicking 6 behinds.

A strong four quarter performance in less-than-ideal conditions saw the Reserves kick off their season with a 55-point win. 

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Practice Match Reports (2022)

Practice Match Reports (2022)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 17.12 (114) defeated Swinburne Uni AFC 6.4 (40)
Goal Kickers: Patrick Mulvahil 3, Riley Alexander 3, Tate Spiteri 2, Josh Horder 2, Ernie Fan, Mitchell Rogerson, Jordy O’Brien, Jonty Randall, Nathan Richardson, Andy Castles, Connor McCredden
Best Players: Brendan Plowman, Riley Alexander, Lachlan Webb, Nathan Richardson, Tyler Costa, Connor McCredden

A picturesque day at Tony Sheehan Oval as our boys took on arch-rivals Swinburne Uni in our final practice match before the season opener next Saturday. With 30 players in the squad, we played six 15-minute terms as first time Senior Coach Ricky Nolan put his game plan to the test and the new players continued to put their hand up for Round One selection, making his job harder in all the right ways!

Our boys started well, especially holding strong across half back with vice-captain Pat Lindsay controlling the contest and plenty of run from recruit Connor McCredden. In a low scoring first-term Ernie Fan managed to hit the scoreboard first. Our next two terms saw us break away from Swiny with some good spread and ball use from the likes of Mitchell Rogerson, Nathan Richardson and Will Lowry which Patrick Mulvahil enjoyed being on the end of, kicking three goals. Tom Whelan was solid down back and could relax knowing that Jonty Randall and recruit Lachlan Webb were on to switch and release down the wings.

With a comfortable lead at the half, the rotations were increased, including the injection of club favourite Jordy O’Brien to the goal square. Brendan Plowman continued to work hard all day as the lone ruck, with Ben Vicary giving him the ‘Shaun Grigg’ chop out when he wasn’t winning the inside footy himself. Tyler Costa continued to accumulate plenty on the football through the middle, while Andy Castles, Riley Alexander and Tate Spiteri all proved dangerous in the air and at ground level down forward. Recruit Angus Tickner also had a few nice passages of play going forward. Overall, it was a fantastic team performance with everyone playing their role and doing what was asked of them.

We look forward to Round One next Saturday as we start our 2022 campaign against Masala Dandenong on the road. Good luck to coaches Ricky, Jaryd, Mick and all our teams this season!

Senior Women:

La Trobe versus Mount Alexander FC
Goal Kickers: 
Best Players:  


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LTUFC Launches Strategic Plan to 2025

The plan outlines our club’s purpose, vision, values, strategies, and action areas as we strive for continuous improvement and success on and off the field.