The Trobers season so far

The Trobers Season so Far

After the first six rounds of the 2019 season, it’s time we take a closer look at how our four La Trobe University Football Club sides are travelling. The club has predominantly settled into its new facilities after hosting five out of the six rounds.

There has been a couple of early-season divisional changes for our women’s and under 19 men’s sides. The 19’s have moved into Division four from division three, while the women’s side moved from Premier B to Division One, after the reserves team folded due to unsustainable numbers. Division one is the highest possible division for standalone teams.

Round One we held our Family and Friends Day, which featured a quintuple header at the opening of our new Tony Sheehan Oval. The day was a huge success and we appreciate the huge number of spectators that turned up to support our teams. Next big day is our round nine quadruple header for Sponsors Day.

Our Women began round one with the Reserve Women having an amazing come from behind win to register our only victory for the women’s this year.

Despite the scoreboard not necessarily going our way in other games, full back Brittany Bordignon has been a shining light for the seniors. She has been in career best form down back and had cemented herself as an early contender for the B&F.

Round four was the first Division One game for the ladies after being relocated. The match was a thrilling contest which saw the girls in it until the final minutes. Unfortunately, a five-goal breeze in the opposition’s favour and some temperamental weather saw them fall short by ten points. The performance highlighted the competitiveness they will bring to their new division and we eagerly await their future results after a couple of close loses in Division One.

Other notable players of the season so far include Ros Melican and Steph Casta who have been good through the midfield, while new recruits Sarah Watts and Grace Alsop have frequently been included in the best players. Returning from injury Steph Velona, has added some much-needed composure from the wing which earns her the April Women’s Player of the Month honours.

Our U19 Men had a tough start to the season after being placed in the wrong division for the first three matches. Since then they have been super competitive despite their lack of available numbers, which has regularly led to them playing without a bench.

In round four the unders challenged top side Peninsula and were trailing by just nine points at three quarter time. Unfortunately, some of their star players in Calvin Ross, Will Luhrs and Will Humphreys had to leave early to go play seniors. The Trobers just fell short of their first win, finishing the game with only 16 players on the field in a game that demonstrated their potential to be a force in Division Four.

Round five involved another close encounter, this time against St Kevin’s. The returns of Calvin Ross and Will Luhrs were key inclusions, however five big outs in Paddy McCormack (Seniors), Brad Tremellen (Reserves), Will Holmes, Liam Whitbourne and Thomas Floyd once again left the boys undermanned with only 19 players, falling just short once again.

Although there haven’t been any wins for the under 19s so far, seven members of the side in Bailey Zimmerman, Will Humphreys, Calvin Ross, Will Luhrs, Paddy McCormack, Darcy Thorn and Will Holmes have already tasted senior action. This will no doubt be invaluable for them and the under 19s as they look to make their move up the ladder.

Players of note include skippers Brad Tremellen and Richy Dell who continue to lead by example, while Ed Fleming, Thomas Floyd, Jacob Ellett, Lachlan Mitchell and Nathan Richardson have also shown a lot. Ethan Bowman has hit the scoreboard on numerous occasions and Tate Tregea-Copeland has been pivotal in defence. The fact that 18 individual players have been named in the best this year shows just how much depth the 19s have. If the boys stick together and continue to work hard it is inevitable that the first win is just around the corner.

Our Reserve Men began with a narrow round one loss before going on a three-game winning streak, under the expert guidance of rookie coaches Squeak and Laz. They presently sit fourth on the ladder.

The reserves have enjoyed the luxury of returning senior players Sam Benetti-Baker and Billy Higgins in rounds one, two and four. Both the boys saw an enormous amount of the ball and as a result are believed to have suffered a severe bout of leather poisoning.

Women’s Senior Coach Jaryd Coghill has made the most of his two appearances, kicking small bags of four and three.

Club stalwarts in Mark O’Brien, Sam Condon and Will Lowry have made their returns, while skipper Alex Hodgson and second-year player Jackson Ferguson have been influential in the team’s early success. Recruits Ryan Wills, Brendan Plowman and Lachlan Galvin have been promising additions to the side.

Our Senior Men had big round one win kicked off their campaign in style. Seven multiple goalkickers formed part of a great team performance, which was a fitting way to christen the new oval.

The following rounds featured some tough battles where the side was hampered by slow starts. Unfortunately, the boys consistently left too little time to bridge the gap and get the win.

In round five the slow starts were put to bed, as the side came out firing early against the undefeated Eley Park, eventually cruising home to a comfortable victory. Two wins and three close losses places the ones just outside the top four on percentage.

Last season’s VAFA Division Three, Team of the Year ruckman Matt Ogle has been phenomenal so far with the midfield brigade benefitting from his dominance. In the middle 2018 B&F winner Tom Mooney has relished the presence of some new midfield depth, with the additions of Jade Russell, Callum Randell, Bailey Zimmerman and Ricky Nolan.

Young guns Joel McCarten and Lachlan Tunbridge have thrived in new roles this season, while the returning Lachie Cooke has been an electric presence down forward.

With plenty of footy to come in the year the Trober teams look to build off the positives within the opening rounds of this 2019 season.

Published by Matthew Hughes 19.05.2019

Round 1 Match Reports (2019)

Round 1 Match Report (2019)

UNDER 19’s:

La Trobe 2.2 (14) defeated by Preston Bullants 19.18 (132)
Goal Kickers:
T. Floyd, E. Bowman
Best Players: R. Dell, L. Whitbourne, L. McClintock, T. Floyd, S. McCarten, D. Thorn

It was an exciting day for the La Trobe University Football Club. A new home ground, and new players for the new season. For the first time since 2017, La Trobe had an Under 19s team. Having only really met for the first time just a few weeks ago, it was always going to be an uphill battle for the youngest side at the Club.

The first quarter was a trial by fire for the young lads, with Preston getting off to a red-hot start, and never really slowing down for the remainder of the term. The lads were caught off-guard when the Bullants swooped from the very first bounce.

However, after quarter time, our Under 19s got into gear. While the impressive fight-back wasn’t visible on the scoreboard, the look of the game was a great improvement after quarter-time. There were very promising signs from the whole team in the second, third and fourth terms. The boys were able to quickly transition the ball from defence into the forward line.

The boys from the Under 19s expect to only get better as they train and grow together as a team over the season. It will be an exciting year for the youngest side at the Club, as well as a big test when they take on Monash Blues away this weekend for Round Two.

Vs Monash Blues, played at Frearson Oval, Monash University
Game starts at 9:20am Sat 13th April


La Trobe 8.7 (55) defeated by South Melbourne Districts 9.11 (65)
Goal Kickers:
J. Coghill 4, S. Benetti-Baker, L. Bence, D. Naidoo, M. O’Brien
Best Players: S. Benetti-Baker, A. Hodgson, J. Coghill, L. Bence, R. Wills, M. Welsh

The Midday Show came back into full flight on Saturday, with new coaches and former all stars of The Show, Jake Laslett and Edward Buffon taking control of the team. With little ‘Squeak’ Buffon even pulling on the boots! The Midday Show was not to disappoint, coming out firing. Special mention to our first-year player Dhiv, who snagged the first goal of the match, within the first minute of his first ever AFL game! What a great start, and with the first three quarters being fought out fiercely and very tight with only one point between the sides at three quarter time.
Unfortunately, losing two talls early on, Mitchell Welsh and Scott Pearson, eventually took its toll. We run out of legs in the last quarter, going down by ten points.

Vs Elsternwick, played at William Street Recreation Reserve
Game starts at 11:40am Sat 13th April


La Trobe 16.10 (106) defeated South Melbourne Districts 4.11 (35)
Goal Kickers:
C. Ross 2, J. Billings 2, R. Timmins 2, T. Spiteri 2, S. Denier 2, L. Cooke 2, B. Zimmermann
2, J. Rogerson, M. Ogle
Best Players: C. Ross, C. Randell, J. McCarten, B. Zimmermann, M. Ogle, T. Spiteri

First round of the year is always exciting, but this year there was added spice with it being the first game on the aptly named Tony Sheehan Oval. The Club and the players were up and about and ready to fire for 2019. The first quarter was a grind with the first goal coming after the siren. Josh Rogerson slotted it through making him the first senior player to kick a snag on the new ground. An honour not many more people would deserve!

After half time the game opened up for us and the Trobers bought the heat as they piled on 7.1 and really kicked away. Two first gamers in Calvin Ross and Bailey Zimmerman essentially took the piss, as the Trobers dominated the contest after the main break. There were a lot of tired players out there in the last quarter, but La Trobe still managed to pile on another 6 goals as they put the dagger into the Blood’s hearts.

Bloody good to have a win again after all the troubles of 2018!

Vs Elsternwick, played at William Street Recreation Reserve
Game starts at 2:00pm Sat 13th April


La Trobe 5.3 (33) defeated Old Xaverians 4.4 (28)
Goal Kickers:
 T. D’Angelo 2, E. Williams, C. Henderson, K. Bond
Best Players: A. Symon, R. Gulas, G. Alsop, R. Wertheim, M. Foraita, S. Rodier

With new faces, a new oval and a new coach, La Trobe’s Reserve Women’s side brought the winds of change. Admittedly, the first quarter started slowing with Xavier kicking the first goal, but we had determination. (And four or five senior girls filling in, but the details don’t matter!)

A standout performance came from the Club’s physio, Esta, who agreed to fill in last minute. Her constant gutsy efforts not only drove the ball towards our end, but also snagged herself a goal in the second quarter. The crowd cheered louder than a Crows supporter booing an umpire. In fact, most of our last-minute stand ins gave an almighty effort, and that made an impact on the game. Here’s to hoping they’ll stay on!

Many of our girls debuted, including Grace, Ruby and Maike – who impressed in their respective positions. Jess in the ruck gave it her all, despite having a sore hand afterwards from leather poisoning. Overall, it was teamwork that won the day. It all came down to the final quarter-each team inching their way past each other until Swifty hooked another into the goals. Two minutes left and it was all over for the Xavs.

We’ve locked down our first win, but you’re only as good as your next performance. With current ladder leader Old Geelong on the horizon, we’re in for a challenge!

Vs Old Geelong, played at Como Park, South Yarra
Game starts at 8:40am Sat 13th April


La Trobe 1.6 (12) defeated by Old Xaverians 10.9 (69)
Goal Kickers:
 S. Greene
Best Players: B. Bordignon, J. Yew, S. Velona, S. Watts, K. Ritchie, R. Melican

Coming on after a win for the Reserves, the Senior Girls were keen to start off the season with a win in their showcase match against Old Xaverians. Lead by captain Kate Bond, with Soccer Steph 2.0 and Jocelyn both back from injury and some brand-new ins including Freo, Swatter, Chez and Dunny, the girls were ready for the first bounce of the season. Not forgetting the girls who returned the favour and stepped up from the Reserves.
Some nerves were flying around, and we had a slow start to the game. La Trobe were unable to put away any points in the first quarter. There was a fair fight in the second quarter and La Trobe girls were able to stop the run of the Old Xavs but there was still a lot of work to be done come half time.
With no goals on the board due to inaccurate kicking, the girls needed to regroup during the main break. For those who were up to their 6 th quarter from helping out in the Reserves, it was time to shovel down some energy provided by the new team manager Nat, and for the rest it was a re-focus on the urgency that was needed to get us back into the game.

There was still a good vibe in the change rooms and in true style of the girls, they knew what they were up against now and ready to get back in the game. The crowd was getting rowdier, enjoying the new facilities (plus a few beers, ciders or maybe even both!) and wanted to see the girls put a few away. We kept more control of the ball and Greene was able to snap a goal, but unfortunately Old Xavs just got on top of them again. In the end the girls held their structures and fought it out until the final siren. Bricky took out BOG for keeping the backline in form and for her usual ‘in air’ antics. Special mention to Casta who took a huge bump, ending up winded but stayed on the ground and five minutes later doing the same to her opposition.

The girls are ready to come out with more urgency than ever against Old Geelong this weekend!

Vs Old Geelong, played at Como Park, South Yarra
Game starts at 10:40am Sat 13th April

Published by Josh Horder, Daniel Robertson, Carly Mitchell, Lachlan Miller, Ros Melican and Caitlin Ross 07.04.2019