No Ordinary Football Club: A History 1967-2017


Our 50th year history book tells the story of the La Trobe University Football Club from its establishment in 1967 to 2017.

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No ordinary football club … It is fitting that in this, its fiftieth year, the La Trobe University Football Club should tell its own story.

It is also fitting that this story be a collective endeavour. Collaboration is at the heart of all football clubs, but at the Trobers, it’s our heart and soul.

At LTUFC, players come together during the most exciting times of their lives. They don’t just play football together, they go to the same classes, live in the same colleges, and see each other on campus almost every day. They spend Saturday nights and most social occasions together. They share the anxiety of exams. They struggle with professional ambitions, and share the burden of fees and debt. It is a period of great discovery. It’s a period in which friendships get made to last.

this books celebrates all those friendships. And, needless to say, all those premierships too!

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