Nat Cappelletti kicking under pressure
Goal umpire Connor 'Turtle' McCredden
Jess Rogers looking for an exit strategy
Co-captain Kate Bond kicks into the forward 50
JR on the move
Steph Castagnini clears from the defensive 50
Lis Symon kicks on her trusty left foot
Ellen Brasier kicks from the backline
Coach Jaryd Coghill
Quarter time huddle
Molly O'Brien in the back half
Ineka Hart with Kaitlyn O'Brien ready in support
Elise Freeman kicks out after a point
Courtney Donoghue in the ruck
Ellen Brasier
Half time
Bondy reinforces the halftime message
Centre square ruck contest
Eve Conlan kicks along the pavilion wing
Jasmine Smith and Eve Conlan (1) contest in among Glen Eira players
Eve , Ineka and Molly O'B gang tackle
Molly O'Brien strong in the marking contest!
Evie on the move
Emily McColl contests for the mark
Bondy swings onto her left foot
Ineka Hart has some work to do here!
Paige Kenny looks to be outnumbered
But lays a great tackle as Vicars looks on!
Harty kicking for goal inside 50
Bondy tackles her Glen Eira opponent
PK kicking from inside 50
Amanda Olschyna kicking inside 50
Harty kicks on the run watched by Nat Cap
Up there Jas Smith as Steph Darlington looks on

Round Seven – Senior Women, Reserve Men, Senior Men (2022)

Steph Castagnini leads the team out for her 50th Trober game!
Another early start away from home
Jess Lowry in the ruck with Kate Bond awaiting the outcome
Bondy clears from the back half
Jess with eyes on the ball
Steph Darlington tackles with Bondy (8) Casta and Freo (4)
Molly O'Brien
Nat Cappelletti contesting for the pill
Tayla Dando and Jess Lowry
Casta putting everything into her tackle
Casta marks as Freo looks on
Elise Freeman marks as Jess Rogers and Wiz look on
JR out of defense
Courtney Donoghue kicks into the forward line
Casta, Freo (hidden) and Acacia Vernon
Backs at the quarter time huddle
Coach Jaryd addresses the team
Final words
Freo kicking in after a point
Steph D handballs as Paige Kenny blocks and Bondy cops one in the back!
Nat kicks as Jess Olschyna ducks clear!
Jess rucking as Steph D watches
PK gathers and handballs ...
To JR who kicks forward
PK kicks as Steph D and Eve Conlan look on
Tayla Dando kicks from the back half
Jess Olschyna contests as Freo and Ellen Brasier close in
Jaryd addresses the team after the game
Reserve Men - Jordy O'Brien marks
Jobba slots another goal
Rob Pain centres the pill as Denis Singh watches
It's Miller time!
Lachlan Miller swings onto his trusty left foot
Brendan Plowman handballs from the centre square
Cameron Marcroft leads his St Johns opponent to the ball
Midfielder Dom Tracy adds another possession
Denis Singh (64) and James Billings
Dom again with Burgo looking on
Coach Mick Correnti
Mick addressing the team at quarter time
Miller on his left
Miller and Jobba celebrate another goal with James Toomey (68) and Denis Singh in shot
Denis Singh handballs
Angus Tickner and Ross Campbell (13)
Jacob Ellett tackles his somewhat larger opponent with Connor Burns (centre) and Jamie Koo
Gus Tickner kicks from the back half
Gus Tickner (7), Painy and Eli Papworth (66)
Dom Tracy marks with Plow, Toomsey (68) and Cob (62)
James Toomey marks with Cob, Zac Tunks and Dom in shot
Connor, Toomsey and Plow
Luba (13) with Connor, Gus, Andy Devine and Joel Curry
Skipper Laughlin Cargnali marks with Kooie and Luba watching on
Gus Tickner
Andy Devine heads for goal as Dom and Burgo follow
Tunks switches with Connor also in shot
Joel Curry about to handball to Connor
Dom Tracy
Connor Burns
Senior Men - Riley Keath in the ruck, Ben Vicary held and no free , eh Bill?
Vicars with Archie Conboy, BB and Brucey (21)
Riley Alexander marks at full stretch!
And Wiz slots the goal
Brucey, Wiz and Vicars about to celebrate the goal
Tate Spiteri gets his kick away under tackle pressure
Keathy kicks with Ernie (33) and Wiz watching
Archie Conboy handballing and Wiz
Forwards with Rogo at the quarter time huddle
Coach Ricky Nolan
Ricky addresses the team with Matt Ogle
Jonty Randall kicks into the forward half as Vicars looks on
Josh Horder snaps the goal with BB and Wiz watching
Liam Walsh kicks on the run
Keathy from the boundary line
Pat Lindsay kicks inside 50 with Hords watching
Keathy tackled over the shoulder - one of our 9 frees for!
Spitta slots another major!
And the celebration
Hords marks as Tyler Costa awaits the outcome of the contest
Vicars kicks inside 50
Bull kicks on the run
Uncle marks with Spitta looking on
Uncle kicks the goal from just on the 50 arc
Cal Ross breaks free and heads forward
Vicars held - no free kick!
Celebrating Wiz's goal with Walshy, BB, Damo, Vicars and Cas
Cas marks in front of his opponent
Vicars kicks along the pavilion wing
Three quarter time huddle done
Ernie and Brucey
Spitta on the burst
Joe De Angelis from the back half
Will Lowry drives the pill down the pavilion wing
Disciplined Walshy punches from behind!
Walshy kicks inside 50 as Chill watches on
Hords goals with Brucey (21) and Kane Newby (74)
Ernie marks inside 50 before hitting up Spitta
Spitta kicks for goal
Hords with BB and Ernie (33)

Round Six – Senior Women, Reserve Men & Senior Men (2022)

Final instructions for the team
Jess Lowry kicks inside 50
Ineka Hart set to kick surrounded by plenty of Saints and Trobers
Steph Castagnini drives the ball towards goal
Casta with the safe hands
Eve Conlan gets her kick away under tackle pressure
Paige Kenny kicks from the centre square
Kate Bond, a picture of concentration!
Ineka Hart handballs to Elinna Yau
Ineka wraps up her AJAX opponent
Elise Freeman kicks through the centre square
Amanda Olschyna handballs as Ellen Brasier provides the shepherd
Steph Castagnini about to kick as Amanda Olschyna shepherds
Teresa D'Angelo heads for the goals
Ellen Brasier handballs
Jasmine Smith kicks inside 50
Tayla Dando kicks towards the goal square
Swifty clears from defence with plenty looking on
Jess Lowry about to be double teamed
Some dodgy looking spectators!
Coach Jaryd addresses his team at quarter time
Swifty kicks inside 50 to start the quarter
Ineka Hart gathers another possession
Amanda, Bondy and Harty
Bondy clears from defence
Amanda and her amazing levitating hair
Crunch time Bondy!
Courtney Donoghue kicks towards goal
Courtney working inside the centre square
Elise Freeman with a rebound 50
Final instructions before the game
Riley Alexander handballs to Ben Vicary (12)
Josh Horder slots the first of many goals!
Sam Benetti-Baker about to hit the scoreboard
Ben Vicary about to add another clearance
And Vicars drives the pill inside 50
Jonty Randall handballs to Nathan Richardson
Pat Lindsay working in heavy traffic
Lachlan Webb with another inside 50 as Hops, Luba, Cob, Tata & Rubberguts look on
Riley Keath marks on the lead
Keathy shoots for goal
A hair raising ruck duel with Bryce Dowler (21), Pat and Damon Guy (29)
Hords with the hit-out
Keathy centres the pill for his forwards
Riley Alexander kicks for goal
BB switches to the pavilion wing
Kane Newby kicks into the forward half
Keathy marks inside the centre square
And drives the ball inside 50
Wiz finishes with another major
Keathy dominating the centre ball-ups
Webby about to gather for another clearance
Brucey Doull kicks for goal
Jonty Randall (53) and Joe De Angelis
Archie Conboy moving through traffic with Richo and Wiz (5) clearing the way
Bryce Dowler kicking another major
Pat, Keathy says "I'm over here"
Damon Guy kicks inside 50
Quarter time huddle
BB to Vicars for the centre clearance
Wiz marks out in front as Ernie Fan watches
Ben Vicary kicks the goal of the game!
Damo battles his EP opponent
Rob Fawcett loves kicking on his left foot!
The Flying Doormat!
Webby snaps from the pocket
Keathy kicks inside 50 as Bull watches
Brucey with the vice-like grip clunks another
Wiz snaps from the pocket
Tom Whelan about to handball to Will Lowry
Webby in full flight
Wiz finishes off Webby's great work
The Human Turnstile gets to work
Richo hits the scoreboard!
Second half about to start
Connor McCredden marks
And drives the ball from the defensive 50
Will Lowry on the pavilion wing
Tyler Costa handballs to the outside runners
Taps can kick with his right foot!
Three quarter time huddle before the rain arrived
Costa kicks inside 50
Wiz adds another major
Brucey, Richo (24) and Kane Newby
Archie Conboy kicks one of his three final quarter goals
Uncle on the move as Hords looks on
Pat Lindsay drives the ball inside 50
Richo with another possession delivers from the back half
Damon Guy clears from the centre square

Round Five – Senior Women & Senior Men (2022)

Reserve Men - James Billings (38) with Conall Barrett (73) and Gus Tickner at the first centre ball-up
Denis Singh tackles AP opponent with Jordy O'Brien, Andy Devine (34) and Elias Papworth - Rob Pain obscured
Tate Tregea-Copland in full flight!
Elias Papworth kicks inside 50
Jobba with first gamer Archie Conboy ready to pounce!
The boys get around Archie's first Trober goal - Damon Guy (29), Elias, Joel Curry and Thorny (39)
Debutant Andy Devine kicks out of the back 50 with skipper Laughlin Cargnali (55) and Cameron Marcroft
Damon Guy kicks inside 50
Jobba turns his opponent inside out and heads for goal
Archie Conboy snaps for goal while Mackenzie Mann and Joel Curry await the outcome
Senior Men - Cal Ross (25), Rob Fawcett (70), Connor McCredden and Will Lowry
Jonty 'Bull' Randall clears from the back 50 watched by Nathan Richardson and Ben Vicary (12)
Pat Lindsay marks with Richo (24), Ernie Fan, Riley Keath (8) and Lachlan Webb (6)
Uncle delivers a bullet inside 50 . . .
To Bryce Dowler who takes the first of many marks!
Brucey Doull kicks the goal
Pat Mulvahill (75) clears the defensive 50 as Cal Ross (25) watches
Jonty Randall lays a tackle with Sam Benetti-Baker (3), Rob Fawcett (obscured) and Riley Keath (8)
BB kicks inside 50 with Dom Tracy (37)
Riley Alexander kicks with Liam Walsh (65), Charlie Scanlon and Tate Spiteri
Ernie Fan finishes off a great team goal!
Skipper Andy Castles kicks from the defensive 50
Jonty gathers another possession on his wing
Cas marks over his AP opponent as Connor McCredden watches
The ever-reliable Tom Whelan
Wheels again with Turtle, Mulva and Walshy (65)
Webby delivers inside 50 watched by Wheels, Richo and Keathy (8)
The Wiz snags another major!
Rob Fawcett in the ruck with Walshy (65), Chill (27) and Webby coming from the outer wing
Webby gets the centre clearance as Ernie Fan looks on
Walshy gets his kick away in heavy traffic
Charlie Scanlon switches as Rob Fawcett looks on
Joe De Angelis clears from the back 50 with Walshy watching
Brucey handballs over the top to Ernie
The Fanman finishes with another great goal!
Brucey slots another major
Joe De Angelis and Will Lowry (27)
Tom Whelan with another clearance and Pat Mulvahill
Ernie Fan does what The Fanman does - courage personified!!
AP opponent, "What happened there?"
Bryce Dowler slots another goal - nice work Jacob Ellett!
Tate Spiteri moves the ball down the outer wing with 'Bull' Randall
Brucey Doull in heavy traffic
Over the shoulder and a handful of jumper - and still no free kick!
Joey De Angelis on the burst through the middle!
Liam Walsh kicks with Chill and Webby
Webby with another inside 50
To twin Wiz
Who slots one of 6 for the day!
Wheels out of defense yet again!
Rob Fawcett about to clear the defensive 50 with Wheels (9), Joe (1) and Chill (27)
Wheels handballs to Chill (27)
Wiz adds another
The Pocket Rocket at work again!
Tate Spiteri on the pavilion wing
Bryce Dowler
Connor 'Turtle' McCredden heads for the bench
Pat Lindsay kicks the goal
Riley Keath marks . . .
And kicks the goal
Three quarter time huddle
Riley Alexander snaps with Bull and Ern watching
Rob Fawcett kicks with BB (3) and our fantastic sponsors Polaris!
Richo out of the back half to Tate
Joe De Angelis marks - Brucey lovin' it!
Joey kicks his first goal!
Wheels kicks with Taps looking on
Brucey Doull in the square!
Brucey slots his third!
BB clears the defensive 50 just before the final siren
Senior Women - Kate Bond gets the clearance with Jess Lowry (3), Paige Kenny (11) and Lis Symon
Acacia Vernon wrapped up before she can handball to Steph Darlington
Eve Conlan kicks with Jess (3), Lis (13), Bondy (8) and Paige
Quarter time huddle
Three quarter time huddle - please forgive the photographer who has been on team manager duties!
Leo and Louie Greene
Jess Lowry wins the centre ball-up
Courtney Donoghue with Nat Cappelletti, Acacia and Amanda Olschyna (18)
Courtney and Bondy want the free!
Tayla Dando kicks on the run
Sophie Rodier kicks inside 50
Ellen Brasier clears from the back 50
Birthday girl Jess Lowry
Courtnet applies the tackle with Sophie, Bondy (8) and Maddi Warner
Tayla Dando handballs with Jess Lowry and Ineka Hart
Bondy about to send it forward with Jessica-Rose, Amanda shepherding, Jess, Ineka and Swifty
Swifty leads with a straight left - kidding!
Jess wins another ball-up contest
Swifty clearance as Courtney and Maddi look on
Steph Castagnini kicks from the back half with Steph Darlington (34) and Jessica-Rose (54)
Steph D in heavy, heavy traffic!
Game over!

Round Four – Reserve Men, Senior Men & Senior Women (2022)

Team lines up for the Anzac Day service
Final instructions
Tayla Dando kicks out of defense, with Jessica-Rose Szuhai-Andrews (54)
Sophie Rodier clears the ball, with Amanda Olschyna (34) and Teresa D'Angelo (27)
Courtney Donoghue (17) kicks into the forward half as Kate Bond watches
Bondy gathers yet another possession!
And another to Bondy!
Jess Lowry contests the ball-up with Jess Rogers (18) and Bondy (obscured)
Lis Symon clears from defense
Amanda Olschyna
Amanda O kicks along the pavilion wing
Quarter time huddle
Bondy's booming left on target - nice work Brucey!
Acacia Vernon clears from defense as Ellen Brasier looks on
Bondy tackled without the ball!
Bondy slots yet another goal!
Three quarter time huddle
Jess Lowry kicks after earning a free kick
Jess Lowry in the ruck, with Jessica-Rose and JR (18)
Amanda Olschyna kicks her goal in the final quarter

Round Three – Senior Women (2022)