Vale Bob Segrave

Vale Bob Segrave

It is with great sadness that we inform the Trober community of the passing of Bob Segrave on Monday morning 17th January, 2022.

Former LTUFC Secretary Jim ‘Snout’ McMillan wrote in No Ordinary Football Club, the history book published in 2017 to commemorate the Club’s 50th anniversary:

“Our first President was as much saint as patron. Bob performed his day job at the University as Publications and Information Officer with great distinction and steered the footy club with a gentle and avuncular hand. He rarely lost his temper but, if righteously provoked, he could go off with a booming voice and a rapier wit”.

Club Poet Laureate Craig Nelson contributed the following for our beloved Bob:

“Bob was La Trobe’s chief elder, first coach and first President. An immortal club stalwart, he was also a mentor to many. La Trobe’s most prestigious annual award is named in his honour (The Bob Segrave Award) and presented to a person who has provided the Club with outstanding service, on or off the field, over a significant period”.

“When he left La Trobe, Bob and his wife Suzy were spectacular hosts at their restaurant. I particularly remember a practice match between the Blacks and Reds in which Bob, making up the numbers, charged at the ball with a pipe in his mouth. Even in those pre-OH&S days, I thought that seemed dangerous! Not that anyone would get burnt, although that was a possibility, but that the pipe would get rammed down his throat!”

Bob’s daughter Robin Krabbe wrote:

“Dad wanted to thank you all for being such great friends. He was here with me, my husband and son for his last few months in Tasmania and will be buried on our property this Thursday. He didn’t want any flowers or any fuss made whatsoever!”

As the founding ‘father’ of the La Trobe University Football Club, Bob had a profound influence on a generation of players, many of whom went on to become leaders of industry, commerce, education and politics. He may now be gone, but he will never be forgotten! Our beloved Bob.

On behalf of the wider La Trobe family, we extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to Bob’s daughter Robin and family members.

Bob Segrave (6/5/1935 – 17/1/2022)

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Round 7 Match Reports (2022)

The Senior Men bounce back in emphatic style against top-of-the-table (and undefeated) Swinburne University while the Reserve Men suffer their first loss and the Senior Women are cruelled by a run of injuries.

Vale Russell Badham

Vale Russell Badham

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform our Trober community of the passing of Russell Badham on Monday morning 3rd January, 2022 after a short illness.

Coach Emeritus and great friend Tony Sheehan captured the essence of Russ in a piece he wrote for No Ordinary Football Club, the history book published in 2017 to commemorate the Club’s 50th anniversary:

“Russell Badham arrived at LTUFC in 1969. A human tsunami of profanity, wit, energy and initiative, Russell was to become a key figure in the history of the club. A capable senior player whose social habits tended to conflict with that level of endeavor, Russell played some 150 games, served as Reserves captain and coach, and often acted as chief runner and/or advisor to the senior coach, Tony Sheehan”.

“Russell was to become [a 1976 premiership winning] club President, a winner of the Bob Segrave Award, a LTUFC Life Member and a President of the Decade (1976 – 1987)”.

“A prodigy of the political left, Russell completed an Honours Degree in Politics, and worked as a teacher, teacher union activist and Trades Hall Council Representative, Twice Mayor of the City of Northcote, he also worked as an advisor to a Labor Federal MP, a ministerial advisor in the Cain and Kirner Labor Governments and as a chair of the Victorian Local Government Commission. All by the age of thirty”.

“[More recently] … he established a boutique wine export company, a vocation for which he was well prepared by his university experience”.

Current LTUFC President Andrew Sutherland contributed the following thoughts:

“Russell was the energy behind our 50th anniversary celebrations and the publication of the Club’s history No Ordinary Football Club in 2017. He rarely missed a reunion or a major gathering. So many of us who met Russ as young men were the better for his insightful, articulate and often entertaining perspectives on so many subjects”.

“Thank you Russ for all you did for us. Rest In Peace, a great ‘Trober!”

On behalf of the wider La Trobe family, we extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to Russell’s wife Marg and family members. We will publish funeral/memorial service details once planning has been finalised. 

Russell B Badham (11/2/1951 – 3/1/2022)

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Vale Bob Segrave

It is with great sadness that we inform the Trober community of the passing of Bob Segrave on Monday morning 17th January, 2022.

Vale Russell Badham

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform our Trober community of the passing of Russell Badham on Monday morning 3rd January, 2022 after a short illness. Russell Badham arrived at LTUFC in 1969.

Welcoming our LTUFC 2022 Committee

Welcoming our LTUFC 2022 Committee


We are excited to announce our 2022 LTUFC Committee following the election at Monday nights Annual General Meeting. While few experienced committee members will be stepping away from the committee in 2022, following a second retirement from coaching Andrew Sutherland will be stepping into the role of President with his decades of experience at the Club. Alumni Representative Simon Hast will continue for his third consecutive season in the role and Secretary Teresa D’Angelo will be continuing for her fourth consecutive season in the role. 2021 Club President Tom Dixon will be stepping down from the role after his first season at the Club but will continue on the committee as a general member to continue the implementation of our new strategic plan. Welfare Officer Natalie Cappelletti will continue in her role for a second season after doing an amazing job this season. Apparel Officer Sophie Rodier will also continue in her role for her second consecutive season. Tate Tregea-Copeland will be stepping up from deputy to replace Josh Rogerson as Men’s Football Operations Manager in season 2022, while we welcome Elise Freeman to the committee for her first time as she replaces Steph Castagnini as the Women’s Football Operations Manager. Must like Tate, Brad Tremellen will be stepping up from deputy to replace Sam Benetti-Baker as Treasurer in 2022. Shalini Jayasekera will step into the role Events Coordinator after helping on the sub-committee this season. Bailey Zimmerman will be stepping down from the Media and Communications Officer role after successfully implementing the new role in 2021, welcoming Riley Alexander into the role and his first time on the committee. 

PresidentAndrew Sutherland (new position)
Alumni RepresentativeSimon Hast
Men’s Football Operations Manager: Tate Tregea-Copeland (new position)
Women’s Football Operations ManagerElise Freeman (new member)
Treasurer: Brad Tremellen (new position)
Secretary: Teresa D’Angelo
Events CoordinatorShalini Jayasekera (new position)
Media & Communications OfficerRiley Alexander (new member)
Welfare OfficerNatalie Cappelletti 
Apparel Officer: Sophie Rodier 
Strategy OfficerTom Dixon (new position)

We look forward to implementing our new strategic plan, continuing our on-field development and our off-field initiatives for what will no doubt be a massive 2022! 


It is always sad to see committee members leave our committee but it is often so they can focus on their careers and greater endeavours so we are extremely grateful for all their hard work. We would like to thank out-going committee members Josh Rogerson, Steph Castagnini, Sam Benetti-Baker, Bailey Zimmerman, Daniel Robertson, Joe Callander & Grant Dowler. Without the work throughout season 2021 from all committee members the Club simply wouldn’t run as smoothly. Thank you on behalf of all Trobers! 


Thank you to Steph Castagnini who has been our Women’s Football Operations Manager for the past two seasons. Since joining, she has unfortunately had to deal with arguably our two most disrupted seasons in club history so we thank you for your efforts tackling the challenging times, especially as a healthcare worker during this pandemic. 

Thank you to Sam Benetti-Baker and Josh Rogerson who both joined our committee at the end of 2017 and served the Club during some challenging times. BB, joined as the Apparel Officer on the 2018 committee before stepping into a bigger role as Treasurer in 2020 and 2021. BB in his time on the committee has helped implement apparel that is available year round, helped implement a stocktake system and online systems to sell apparel. As Treasurer he navigated the pandemic like a pro ensuring the Club was in a safe and sustainable financial position that looks promising for the future that will help the Club avoid finding themselves in a common position of being underfunded. Rogo, joined as the Secretary on the 2018 committee before stepping into a bigger role, the inaugural Men’s Football Operations Manger role from 2019 to 2021. Rogo in his time on the committee as been involved in many aspects of the Club, including helping develop specific roles to help spread the workload of volunteers at the Club. Most importantly, he has had a large role in creating a sustainable men’s program that has reduced player turnover and allowed others to develop in the environment and step into leadership roles at the Club. 


Get familiar with the faces of our new committee below! 

Finally, if you are interested in joining the committee we do have one position vacant or if you are interested in just seeing how a particular role might work and helping a little we have deputy or sub-committee roles available. Please reach out to Andrew Sutherland ( or Teresa D’Angelo ( if you’re interested. 

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Key Trober to take the reins as Senior Men’s Coach for 2022

Key Trober to take the reins as Senior Men’s Coach for 2022

The Club is excited to announce Ricky Nolan will step into the role of Senior Men’s Coach for season 2022. Ricky was the Senior Men’s Vice-Captain for season 2021 but unfortunately suffered a broken hand and then a torn ACL in the two games he played this season. Despite these significant injuries retiring 2021 Senior Men’s Coach, Andrew Sutherland was pleased to see Ricky gain an interest in coaching and apply for the job, “I got an insight into Ricky as a potential coach while he was injured this season and I am very pleased to be passing the reins onto him in 2022 and watching him fulfill his potential at the Club”.

Ricky joined the Club in 2014 through our Under 19’s and has played at the Club ever since, notching up 88 games for the Club. Ricky has played many roles at the Club over the years, including: a member of the Committee in 2016, Reserve Men’s Captain in 2017, Reserve Men’s Best and Fairest in 2017, Senior Men’s Best and Fairest Runner Up in 2019 and Senior Men’s Vice-Captain in 2021. Now as a teacher and established player and member of the Club, only naturally, he will step up further as a leader of our men’s program in 2022.

When asked about taking on his first coaching role Ricky said “I probably saw myself coaching in the future but having to sit out a majority of 2021 with my knee probably sped up that process. La Trobe just seemed a natural fit, seeing as though I’ve been involved in the Club since 2014”. A big contributor to the decision was his experience at the Club, “after moving to college from Cobram, LTUFC provided me with great opportunities to play some footy and enjoy the social aspect of being at a Uni club. Hopefully, I can provide new players the same opportunities and enjoy some success along the way”.

On field, Ricky is a talented left-footer who made his senior debut for Cobram FC as an 18-year-old before moving to the city and joining the Trobers. Playing senior footy in most years at the Club, it was 2019 that was his breakout season in the seniors. Finishing runner up in the Best and Fairest as an inside midfielder that could win the clearances, use the ball well by foot and kicking 25 goals for the season he became one of our most valuable players.

When asked about what Ricky hoped the 2022 season had in store he said, “I’d love to see LTUFC keep building on the foundations of the club’s culture, both on and off the field. Seeing individuals improve their game, leadership and become part of a tight knit club are definitely something I’m excited about for 2022.” With an interrupted 2021 season and ultimately the cancellation of the season, the third placed Senior Men didn’t get their opportunity at their first finals win since 2016. Ricky hopes our Senior Men can break that drought in 2022, saying “I’m sure that if the young core stick together and we add a few pieces to the team, we can certainly put our case forward to play some finals footy. I’d love to be part of the next La Trobe team that brings a premiership back to Tony Sheehan Oval”.

Congratulations Ricky on your appointment and no doubt there will be a lot of excitement around the Club when training returns with having both our Senior coaches and Reserve Men’s coach looked after for season 2022! 

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LTUFC Launches Strategic Plan to 2025

The plan outlines our club’s purpose, vision, values, strategies, and action areas as we strive for continuous improvement and success on and off the field.

Coghill signs on for an unprecedented sixth season

Coghill signs on for an unprecedented sixth season

Experienced coach, Jaryd Coghill, will continue his role as Senior Women’s Coach after recommitting to season 2022. In 2021, Jaryd lead a new look Trober women’s program with many new players joining the Club after several significant retirements. The women began their season flying with a 2-2 record before the season was derailed by covid interruptions. This, however, didn’t break the spirits of our women as they turn their focus to a big off-season in preparation for season 2022.

Jaryd began coaching our Senior Women in 2017 and has continuously risen to the challenges he has faced, overcoming them to always place the women in the best spot possible. His continuous ability to create an enjoyable environment, a safe space to learn the game and develop players saw Jaryd get shortlisted this season for the AFL National Volunteer Senior Coach of the Year award.

Jaryd is enthusiastic about 2022, saying “I think if we retain most of our list from this season, which were mostly new players and aim for a good solid pre-season, my hopes and goals for us is to play finals again. To be competitive in all games, win games and play finals”.

Congratulations Jaryd on the re-appointment and we are excited for season 2022! 

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Mental Health Awareness Evening 2021

We were extremely lucky and grateful to hear from two passionate speakers on mental health, Dr Many Ruddock from Outside the Locker Room and Brad McEwan, a Beyond Blue ambassador, TV presenter and sports journalist.