Tayla Dando looking for options
Molly O'Brien tackled (high?)
Paige Kenny needs to get that arm free
Jess Rogers kicks out of the back half
Casta fist pump
Jess Lowry drives the ball forward
C'mon ump, open your eyes!
Bondy swings onto her trusty left
Jaryd Coghill addresses his troops
Girls have started well
Final instructions at the quarter time huddle
Jess Lowry competes at the bounce
Jasmine Smith with a big tackle
Lis Symon in defense
Good from Vickers
Jess wins the throw-in
Courtney Donoghue competes for the mark
Bondy kicks clear of the pack
Hands outstretched and Swifty takes a great grab
Swifty shoots for goal
Great ball drop from Sophie Rodier!
Nat Cappelletti kicks from inside 50
Soph Rodier tackled
Molly O'Brien kicks from inside 50
Jas kicks into the goal square
A big smother from Swifty as Molly O applies the tackle pressure
Sherise Scicluna applies a big tackle
The bench seems pleased with how things are going
Sherise kicks from the centre square
JR about to kick down the pavilion wing
Jocelyn Yew breaks clear of the pack
They can't catch Bondy
Elise "Freo" Freeman brings out the vibe rater
Jas bursts out of the pack
Finds some space on her own
The kick for goal
And straight through, she has hops!!
Nearly a second for Jas
Swifty cops one high
Goes back
And goes bang, it's raining goals
Megan Phillips has a shot on goal
Another for the Trobers
Casta catches her opponent
A big tackle and rewarded
Casta kicks long
The girls celebrate a big win

Round Twelve – Senior Women, Reserve Men, Senior Men

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