Reserve Men's huddle before playing Eley Park Sharks
Welcome to La Trobe Max Primerano!
Fantastic first Trober game from Jake Shelley!
Andy Devine from our defensive 50 with Denis Singh (64), Jamie Koo and Jayden Jacobsen
Jacob Ellett clears along the outer wing - with Polaris sponsor's sign in the background!
Jaryd Coghill kicks a goal in his first hitout for 2022
Denis Singh handballs to Luke Nelson (79), with Jacob Ellett (62) next in line as Andy Devine looks on
Andy Devine through the centre square with Max Primerano watching
Luke Nelson about to kick inside 50
Jake Shelley looking to centre the pill with Luke Nelson (79) and James Billings (38)
Mark O'Brien marks in defence as Jake S, Lachlan Miller, Tate Tregea-Copeland and Joel Curry watch
Coggers checkside goal watched by Kane Newby (71) Luke Nelson (79) and Martin Grinter (45)
Bilbo mark inside 50 with acting skipper Lachlan Cargnali watching
Tate Tregea-Copeland leads his opponent to the ball
Jamie Koo delivers outside to Denis Singh (64) as Andy Devine and Jaryd Coghill watch
Bilbo slots a goal despite being surrounded by Sharks!
Luke Nelson kicks along the pavilion wing with Brendan Plowman trailing behind
Andy Devine heads for goal with James Billings (38) and Laughlin Cargnali (55)
Joel Curry, Jacob Ellett (62), Tate Tregea-Copeland and Jayden Jacobsen
Quarter time
Luke Nelson marks with James Toomey
Joel Curry about to kick with Luke, Jake and Miller
L to R: Andy D, Denis S, Brad Tremellen and Kane Newby
Miller clears from the defensive half as Jake Shelley watches
Jacob Ellett about to mark on the pavilion wing
Jamie Koo on, and straight into the forward line!
Result ... Kooie's first goal for the year - backmen love kicking goals!
And also love the celebrations!
Martin Grinter loves kicking goals as well!
Will Lowry with Coach Ricky Nolan
Coach Nolan looks pretty relaxed pre-match
Jayden Jacobsen with Sharks opponent Johnny T
Senior Men waiting to warm up at three quarter time - Walshy, Taps, Adro & BB
Nathan Richardson and Nick Delaney
Taps, Uncle, Adro, Wiz, Damo and Walshy
Reserves @ three quarter time
Max Primerano with Jacob, Kane and Jayden
Jake Shelley kicking as Jacob Ellett watches
Senior Men's pre-game huddle

Round Ten – Reserve Men, Senior Men, Senior Women (2022)

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