Team huddle before the game starts
Kate Bond handballs as Jas Smith, Nat Cappelletti and Ineka Hart look on
Another Bondy possession
Nat with Harty in support
Elise Freeman and Bondy
Paige Kenny with Teresa D'Angelo and Elinna Yau
Jas Smith lays the tackle as Nat awaits the outcome
Steph Castagnini with Nat and Harty (obscured)
Courtney Donoghue taps with Ellen Brasier, Jas (7) and Molly O'Brien
Molly O'Brien takes possession with Harty providing a block and Jas a possible handball
Casta clears from the backline with Harty looking back and Steph Darlington
Shalini Jayasekera gets her kick away with Jas Smith and Harty (obscured)
Coach Jaryd Coghill making the moves
Swifty kick as Molly O and Nat watch - is that Jas on the deck?
Quarter time
Coach's address at the quarter time huddle
Swifty kicks into the forward 50
Kate Fox from the boundary line as runner Greeney looks on
Jas handballs to Molly O as Courtney, Casta and Shalini look on
Molly tackled but gets her kick away
Nat Cap kicks inside 50
Molly O tackled as PK and Jas look on
PK kicks inside the forward half
Bondy inside the 50 arc
Ellen Brasier looks to kick into the forward half
Swifty kicks as Bondy lays a great block
All eyes on the ball
Jocelyn Yew heads inside 50 as PK and Eve Conlan look on
PK handballing inside 50
Courtney swings onto her left foot as Nat provides the block
Harty marks inside 50
The kick for goal
And the celebrations begin!
Jas kicks inside 50 as Nat and Shalini watch
Harty lays a great tackle!
Burnsy, Toomsy, CB (I think!) and Newbs lend their support
Boundary umpire Hords in front of the Trober bench
Game over!

Round Eight – Senior Women (2022)

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