Team lines up for the Anzac Day service
Final instructions
Tayla Dando kicks out of defense, with Jessica-Rose Szuhai-Andrews (54)
Sophie Rodier clears the ball, with Amanda Olschyna (34) and Teresa D'Angelo (27)
Courtney Donoghue (17) kicks into the forward half as Kate Bond watches
Bondy gathers yet another possession!
And another to Bondy!
Jess Lowry contests the ball-up with Jess Rogers (18) and Bondy (obscured)
Lis Symon clears from defense
Amanda Olschyna
Amanda O kicks along the pavilion wing
Quarter time huddle
Bondy's booming left on target - nice work Brucey!
Acacia Vernon clears from defense as Ellen Brasier looks on
Bondy tackled without the ball!
Bondy slots yet another goal!
Three quarter time huddle
Jess Lowry kicks after earning a free kick
Jess Lowry in the ruck, with Jessica-Rose and JR (18)
Amanda Olschyna kicks her goal in the final quarter

Round Three – Senior Women (2022)

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