Final instructions from co-captain Swifty
Freo drives the ball into the forwards
Eve Conlan
Ellen Brasier (19) and Bondy (8)
Sherise Scicluna & Jessica-Rose
Ineka Hart marks in front
Ineka slots the first goal!
Sherise & Bondy
Brooklyn (16), Casta (23), Summer (13) & Dando (29)
Ellen & Casta
Quarter time instructions
Ineka, Ellen, Bondy, Jasmine Smith (7) & Nat (20)
Senior Men complete their pre-game warm-up
Final instructions from Cas
Spot the ball!
Brucey Doull under the pump
Twins Riley Alexander & Lachlan Webb, with Ernie in his 100th game
Riley Alexander slots his first
Riley "Wiz" Alexander
Grabs the pill ...
Feeds off the handball to Webby
Who slots the goal!
Charlie Scanlon and Riley (5)
Liam Walsh lays the tackle
With help from Will Lowry (27)
Ben Vicary kicks, with Chill, Richo & Spitta
Tyler Costa kicks with Bilbo looking on
Brendan Plowman and Darcy Thorn (39)
Jonty "Bull" Randall, Charlie (30) & Ernie
Quarter time address from Coach Rick
Tate Spiteri
Costa, Charlie (kicking) & Jonty
Bryce slots another with Riley Keath (8)
Webby guides another through!
Charlie Scanlon & Liam Walsh
Vickers adds yet another possession
Another Brucey set shot
Riley perfectly placed for the crumb
Another forward entry by Riley
Webby passes to Bryce
Brucey Doull bags another!
Ernie doing what Ernie does!
Ernie being tackled by #50 and #50!
Vickers goal!
Bryce double teamed yet again
Walshy, Ernie and The Twins!
Three quarter time huddle
Liam Walsh goals!
Brucey kicks the sealer!

Round One – Senior Men & Women (2022)

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