Round 7 Match Reports (2021)

Round 7 Match Reports (2021)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 17.12 (114) defeated St Johns FC 3.7 (25)
Goal Kickers: J. Horder 5, T. Spiteri 4, D. Tracy 2, R. Pain 2, B. Robinson, C. Randell, R. Alexander, J. Rogerson.
Best Players: T. Costa, P. Lindsay, H. Baker, J Randall, A. Castles, J. Horder. 

In cracking conditions in front of the past players and parents, La Trobe proved far too strong for an undermanned & disorganized St Johns OC team.

Kicking into the wind during the first quarter, the Trobers set the tone kicking 2 snags to zilch to lead by 10-points at the first break.  After quarter time La Trobe extended their lead each quarter and continued pushing for snags right until the final siren.

Jonty Randall must have had COVID-19 because St Johns were very socially distanced from him as he racked up a thousand possessions on the wing. Tyler Costa continued is good form as he entered the midfield rotation, but he still can’t kick it over a jam tin though! Josh Horder booted 5, despite having to run around with tape wrapped around his head and snout from quarter time.

It was a good team display all round and was a pleasure to be back on the beautiful home deck (and the winners list!).

In more important news, birthday boy Andy Castles confirmed his leadership status with a best on field performance at the post game iPod Shuffle function on Saturday night. Good on ya Cas!

The boys travel down to Whitehorse Reserve in Box Hill next Saturday to take on Eley Park Sharks and look to continue their winning form. 

Senior Women:

La Trobe 1.1 (7) defeated by Old Melburnians FC 5.16 (46). 
Goal Kickers: C. Ross.
Best Players: N. Cappelletti, C. Croome, T. D’Angelo, K. Ritchie, K. O’Brien, V. Lacock-Smith.

The Trober girls were set for a tough match after Old Melburnians had moved up to Division 1 only to return to Division 2 a couple of weeks later.

However, our girls put in a massive four quarter effort. The Omelettes kicked with the wind in the first quarter and established what turned out to be a match-winning lead. Our defence line came out fighting after the first break to limit their scoring to just one goal for the rest of the game. 

Chemistry was electric in the team with everyone putting in their best. Annie Atkinson went down hard, which only motivated the girls to be as hard as her. 

Nat Cappelletti was strong in the forward line and Kaitlyn O’Brien and Charlotte Croome dominated it in a very tough backline.

Our final quarter efforts were tremendous, with Caitlin Ross scoring a fantastic goal. Even though we didn’t score the win, team moral was alive and we look forward to our next challenge.

The girls will be heading down Plenty Road next week to take on the RMIT Redbacks to hopefully secure another win for the season! 

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 0.0 (60) defeated by forfeit St Johns FC 0.0 (0)
Goal Kickers: Nil.
Best Players: Nil. 


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Vale Bob Segrave

It is with great sadness that we inform the Trober community of the passing of Bob Segrave on Monday morning 17th January, 2022.

Vale Russell Badham

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform our Trober community of the passing of Russell Badham on Monday morning 3rd January, 2022 after a short illness. Russell Badham arrived at LTUFC in 1969.

Round 6 Match Reports (2021)

Round 6 Match Reports (2021)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 5.8 (38) defeated by South Melbourne Districts FC 15.9 (99)
Goal Kickers: M. Oliver 2, J. Rogerson 2, C. Ross.
Best Players: M. Oliver, S. Benetti-Baker, T. Costa, H. Baker, M. O’Brien, B. Vicary. 

A tough loss in blustery conditions on a pretty crap and sodden Lindsay Hassett Oval down at Albert Park. La Trobe were switched on from the opening bounce and had plenty of inside 50s, but accuracy was again a concern as we posted 2.4 for the term. A late goal on the siren to The Bloods cut our lead to just 3 points after having much of the play.

South Melbourne was able to hit the front and kick away in the next two quarters, but to the boys’ credit we didn’t lie down and continued to fight the game out until the end.

The scoreboard doesn’t reflect the competitive nature of the game with South Melbourne just playing slightly better across the board.

Mitchy Oliver was very impressive, playing much of the game in the ruck after big man Matt Ogle went down in the first quarter. Sam Benetti-Baker continued his very crisp form in the middle, providing plenty of drive while Tyler Costa was very good on the wing and would’ve kicked a goal if he could kick the ball over a jam tin! Harry Baker and Ben Vicary provided drive through the midfield and Mark O’Brien was solid down back, repelling many forward attacks by South Melbourne.

Next week the boys are back at home against St Johns for the twilight game on what will be Past Players and Parents Day

Senior Women:

La Trobe 2.3 (15) defeated by Therry Penola FC 5.3 (33). 
Goal Kickers: S. Jayasekera, E. Freeman.
Best Players: A. Atkinson, S. Castagnini, E. Freeman, N. Cappelletti, R. Love, C. Ross. 

It was the coldest day of the year yet as we faced off against Therry Penola, recently relegated from Division 1. The day had rain, hail and shine!

The La Trobe girls burst out of the middle from the first bounce with Elise Freeman putting on a crucial shepherd as captain Kate Bond got the clearance and sent the ball forward resulting in the first goal of the match.

Unfortunately, Therry Penola were quick to respond despite the Trobers kicking to the scoring end in the first quarter. At halftime the Trobers trailed 1.2 (8) to 3.2 (20) points.

There was a lot of back chat and whinging by Therry Penola, a few girls in particular not happy with the likes of Caitlin ‘Rosco’ Ross and Steph ‘Casta’ Castagnini laying some solid bumps and tackles.

The Trober girls had a much better second half with consistent pressuring and proactive football, but were unable to make an impact on the scoreboard.

Annie Atkinson played a crucial role as the loose player in defence earning her the BOG for the day, helped by her fellow defenders who worked tirelessly against a Therry Penola onslaught.

Hopefully the girls can come out firing next week against Preston Bullants when they again play on Tony Sheehan Oval

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 2.3 (15) defeated by South Melbourne Districts FC 14.13 (97)
Goal Kickers: C. Blair, P. Howard.
Best Players: D. Tracy, P. Howard, S. Dickenson, J. Koo, J. Gibson, O. Hernandez. 

This weekend we played South Melbourne Districts and found ourselves up against another well drilled side. We welcomed back club favourite Lachlan Watson and also saw the debut of Conall Barrett who has made the move down from Byron Bay and found his way over to the football club. There are no outsiders at La Trobe.

A tough first quarter saw La Trobe crack in and apply lots of pressure around the ball, tackling hard and making the game an arm wrestle for both sides. The defence of Jamie Koo and Joe Gibson locked down the game in the slippery conditions.

The second quarter saw La Trobe’s effort continue but South Melbourne were able to open the game up, being able to use the release out the back of the stoppage, and were able to score a little more freely. Oli Hernandez continued his good work across the backline locking down hard on his forward, making the game a continued contest.

The third quarter saw the injection of Jordy O’Brien into the midfield and Pat Howard into the ruck who combined well with Dom Tracy and Stu Dickenson to push the ball forward. This allowed La Trobe to get on the attack and get the scoreboard ticking over. South Melbourne continued to put pressure on the tiring La Trobe bodies. The last quarter was again a solid effort, but the bigger South Melbourne bodies were able to control the game across half back.

We look forward to next week with a lot gained from the tough opposition over the past two weeks and seek to bounce back against St Johns on Tony Sheehan Oval.

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