Mental Health Awareness Evening 2021

Mental Health Awareness Evening 2021
On Saturday night the club held its 3rd consecutive Annual Mental Health Awareness Evening. The purpose of the evening was to raise greater awareness for mental health and to create a safe space for club members to be open about mental health.
We were extremely lucky and grateful to hear from two passionate speakers on mental health, Dr Many Ruddock from Outside the Locker Room and Brad McEwan, a Beyond Blue ambassador, TV presenter and sports journalist.
The club has managed to raise $500 for Outside The Locker Room and $500 for Beyond Blue, however ticket sales will remain open on the club website with all money earned going towards these organisations.
A huge thanks to Brad and Mandy for coming down and to our Club Welfare Officer Natalie Cappelletti for organising the evening!
Let’s remember to look after our mates and to reach out when we’re not feeling well 🥰 🔴⚫️

Published by Tom Dixon 19.04.2021