Round 1 Match Reports (2021)

Senior Men:

La Trobe 15.15 (105) defeat Swinburne AFC 9.11 (65)
Goal Kickers: R. Alexander 4, J. Rogerson 3, C. Randell 2, R. Wills, B. Robinson, J. Horder, P. Lindsay, R. Nolan, N. Richardson.
Best Players: C. Ross, S. Benetti-Baker, R. Alexander, J. Rogerson, B. Robinson, M. Ogle. 

“We’re a bloody great team we’ll sing it again” … It was the textbook definition
of four seasons in one day Melbourne with La Trobe proving too strong for a
competitive Swinburne outfit. It was the first competitive game in 18 months
and there was legitimate excitement in the air. The game was hot with
pressure but La Trobe was able to always be first to the pill despite a few
dodgy late hits from a couple of Swinburne flogs. The game was tight until
three quarter time, but La Trobe were too fit and too good as they kicked
away with a 7-goal final quarter.
Riley Alexander took the mickey in his first game for the Club with 4 goals
and plenty of other chances, and will remain a player to watch. Calvin Ross
dominated on the wing by throwing himself into every contest and his
repeated inside 50 entries resulting in a BOG performance.
Despite some concern in regard to how the backline would hold up without
star defender Lachie Miller who was out with a stonefish sting, they proved to
be unfounded. Two debutants Tom Whelan and Joey De Angelis impressed
in the back six, quelling any concerns.
Brad Robinson excited in his first game back for the Club whilst senior
players Sam Benetti-Baker, Josh Rogerson (playing his 50th game) and
Matt Ogle were also impressive.
In some unfortunate news, captain Andy Castles went down in the second
quarter with a shoulder injury. Fingers crossed for Cas and a speedy recovery
with his 50th game due up next! 

Senior Women:

La Trobe 4.4 (28) defeated by Hawthorn AFC 3.11 (29)
Goal Kickers: K. Bond 2, T, D’Angelo, H. Wapper.
Best Players: K. Bond, N. Cappelletti, A. Atkinson, K. Ritchie, A. Olschyna, V. Lacock-Smith. 

After a long hiatus the La Trobe women commenced Round 1 on a cold and windy day Saturday morning against Hawthorn at Rathmines Road Reserve. Eleven new Trobers made their debut in the red and black (Emily Davis, Annie Atkinson, Stephanie Darlington, Coby Lowrie, Shalini Jay, Maeve Huxtable, Montana Hillman, Amanda Olschyna and KJ EL-Sayed). All the girls, new and returning were pumped to put all their pre-season work to the test.

It was a slow start for both teams, as first game nerves got the best of the girls, with Hawthorn leading by 8-points at half time.

Fortunately, in the third term the Trober girls really stepped up the x-factor (it was probably because Coach Jaryd was manifesting good vibes only). Captain Kate Bond was one of many players who led by example. Her silky-smooth skills and pin-point accuracy allowed the girls to remain within arm’s reach of Hawthorn as she burst through the packs and slotted a beautiful goal, her second for the game.

Ness and Ritchie did well in the ruck, and some great tackling was seen around the ground by all players. Waps took a solid mark up front and kicked straight through the big sticks and Swifty finally got one after a couple missed chances.

Unfortunately, Hawthorn were just too good and defeated the Trober girls by a nail-biting one point in the final minutes. 

Reserve Men:

La Trobe 11.21 (87) defeat Swinburne AFC 5.13 (43)
Goal Kickers: T. Spiteri 5, M. Oliver 3, S. Rathbone, J. O’Brien, T. Costa.
Best Players: H. Thackray, D. Tracy, T. Spiteri, T. Costa, M. Oliver, J. Hay. 

Welcome to the Midday Show!
The return to footy in 2021 welcomed a new co-coaching team of Grant “Huss” Dowler and Michael “Nartz” Correnti and 8 debutants to the Club. With the team working hard over the glorious summer months Round 1 arrived with icy winds and drizzle throughout the day.
The game started with strong service from ruckman Harry Fry giving our midfielders first use and with Mitch Oliver starting by kicking truly! Unfortunately, this would not continue throughout the day as Mitch would end up with a wasteful 3.7. A real bag gone missing! Martin “Ginis” Grinter was getting plenty of the ball on the half forward flank feeding the rest of the forwards. At the end of the first quarter, we had much of the play leading 4.6 (30) to 1.4 (10).
The second quarter saw Dom Tracy get into his work, laying multiple tackles and smothers to keep the Swinburne mids under pressure. Lead up forward Tate Spiteri marking and kicking (mostly) well with 2 long goals to half time, even if he managed to kick one into the man on the mark from about 15m out directly in front. We headed into half time 5.11 (41) to 3.6 (24) controlling the game, but yet to put Swinburne to the sword.
The coaches implored our Trobers to continue with the pressure all across the
ground, with the dour defence forcing Swinburne wide and making their goals very hard to come by. Defender Josh “Tangles” Hay put in his first entry for the golden fist with consistent spoiling all across the ground. The midfield group of Dom TracyHarry Thackray and Zac Price all prolific being in and under with multiple tackles and smothering efforts. The injury of Jade Russell led to Tate Spiteri being moved into the midfield rotation, a move that resulted in an impressive Dusty-like game of 5 goals and plenty of the pill. More peppering of the goals meant less than full reward for effort, kicking 3.6 for the quarter.
The final quarter began and it being Round 1, bodies started to tire on both sides and with plenty of cramps evident, the game opened right up. Jordy “Jobba” O’Brien was left very flat after a clean pickup deep in the pocket, a great hit right over the goal umpire’s hat on his opposite foot and running back to give a high five, only to find the umpire had given a free to the opposition! Reckon Diesel owes him a froff. Following this, some late Tyler Costa magic by kicking one from well inside the square to cap off a solid victory and a winning start to the 2021 campaign – 11.21 (87). Think we might do some goal kicking work when we get back our oval later this week!
A big thank you to Alumni Representative Simon Hast for coming into the rooms and allowing us to learn about the contributions of our former Trobers Jim Phillips and Andrew “Boris” Brennan. We are all custodians of this Club and value the importance of reflecting on those who have come before us. Viva La Varsity! 

Thirds Men:

La Trobe 2.2 (14) defeated by Whitefriars OC FC 12.18 (90)
Goal Kickers: J. Bellinger, J. Lasslett.
Best Players: J. Lasslett, C. McKenzie, R. Timmins, R. Fawcett, R. Campbell, Will Wilson. 

With 25 blokes named on Thursday night, in typical Third’s fashion, the boys only had 19 players come early Saturday morning at Whitefriars College. Many of our boys hadn’t touched a footy in 18 months while Whitefriars had a big group that had done a full pre-season meaning it took us some time to blow off the cobwebs!
However, after quarter time the contest was more even with our boys winning their own footy and holding strong down back. Unfortunately, the side was unable to move the ball forward and capitalise on the scoreboard. Jake Lasslett kicked a nice crumbing goal to boost the boys early in the second as the Trobers took back control of the game. 
Jake Lasslett, Ryan Timmins and Damon Guy all bought their own footy to the game having plenty of it all day. Jack Bellinger and Jack Kovacic were solid on the ball with rucks Will Wilson and Liam Antonio giving them first use. Cam McKenzie and Ross Campbell were strong down back with the fist while Robbie Fawcett continuously cleared the ball out of our defensive 50.
Highlight of the day was Jack Bellinger calling his own free kick in the ruck contest which our Club Umpire Paddy McCormack happily obliged rewarding the shot on goal free kick which Bellinger kicked true.
Plenty of promise and improvement for the boys as the season progresses! 

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