Round 12 Match Reports (2019)

Senior Men:

La Trobe: 6.7 (43) defeated by Albert Park 19.10 (124)
Goal Kickers: M. Oliver, M. Ogle, J. Rogerson, T. Mooney, S. Denier, B. Zimmerman.
Best Players: T. Mooney, J. McCarten, M. Oliver, B. Zimmerman, A. Castles, H. Thackray.

It was a shocking day and an even worse game. After a tight and tough three quarters where we kicked 4 goals against the wind in the second quarter, Albert Park kicked away in the last, completely running away with the game.

Being their typical bastard selves Albert Park were giving La Trobe players plenty of attention off the ball, to the point where big Ogle suffered a concussion. Another week and another occasion where we were unable to finish the game without several injuries. Along with Ogle’s concussion, our skipper Tom Mooney broke his snoz and had to go to hospital. However, these injuries are still no excuse for the poor finish to the game.

The boys will look to bounce back against Elsternwick at home this weekend.

Vs Elsternwick AFC
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval
Game starts at 2:00 P.M. 

Senior Women:

La Trobe: 3.0 (18) defeated by Old Haileyburians 5.16 (46)
Goal Kickers: S. Greene, M. Andrews, S. Castagnini.
Best Players: J. Yew, S. Watts, E. Turnbull, G. Alsop, S. Castagnini, K. Bond.

Sit down and prepare yourself for the journey that you are about to embark on. In this match report it will highlight the strength, stamina and sheer determination that the La Trobe women faced in their match against Old Haileyburians.

As the La Trobe women were preparing in the change rooms prior to the big game ahead, a random person’s puppy ran into the change rooms. (This has nothing to do with the game itself, but I felt as though it is an important piece of information).

As always, the La Trobe women had a fantastic start to the game. Sam Greene was able to snag a crucial goal, which allowed for the girls to gain a lead within the first quarter.

The second quarter proved to be testing, as Old Haileyburians gained more confidence. However, it was no match against our elite back line. Turns, Grace and Swatta were constantly intercepting marks, spoiling the ball and booting it out of the backline.

After the half time break the Trober’s fighting spirit was back. Thanks to the exceptional work of Jocelyn, who constantly ran up and down the ground to open space, it allowed for her fellow winger Marleigh to kick a goal. Although this was no ordinary goal, as Marleigh booted it from the middle of the ground! As you can imagine we were all in awe.

Entering the fourth quarter, the game remained close. It was through Roz’s amazing ruck work that allowed La Trobe to stay in the game. It is very likely that Roz is the smallest ruck in the competition, but her ability to read the ball gives her a competitive edge.

It was a hard-fought game, and unfortunately La Trobe did not come out with the win. Hopefully they are able to get their fourth win of the season next Saturday against Hawthorn at our home ground. Yeet-haa!!!

Vs Hawthorn AFC
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval
Game starts at 10:30 A.M.

Reserve Men:

La Trobe: 5.9 (39) defeated Albert Park 3.2 (20)
Goal Kickers:  J. Tomada 3, B. Plowman, L. Cooke.
Best Players: T. Costa, A. Tomada, J. Tomada, J. Horder, L. Cooke, B. Coghill.

‘The Midday Show’ ventured down to the cold, windy and absolutely garbage truck worth of a ground ‘Oval 20, Beaurepaire Pavilion’. Even the great name of Beaurepaire is not worthy of such an oval. The club itself weren’t much better.

The boys ran out in an amazing shade of orange in our special VAFA clash guernsey, which needless to say they weren’t washed, shocker right? Must have been the bright orange guernseys that blinded Albert Park, because we were off to a flyer, with a five goal first quarter. This should’ve been higher due to our wasted shots on goal, with a 4.5 score line.

In the second quarter Albert Park hit back with the wind. Thankfully our backs stood strong, repelling many of our opponents scoring opportunities. In the third quarter we got one of those goals back thanks to a lovely dribble from 40 out.

In the second half we only managed that one goal but our defensive pressure, especially in the last quarter, meant we kept Albert Park off our heals to run out 19-point victors. Fair to say the boys sang the song LOUD and made sure Albert Park heard, as they were their usual flog selves.

Vs Elsternwick AFC
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval
Game starts at 11:40 A.M. 

U19 Men:

La Trobe forfeited to St Kevins FC 

Vs De La Sale
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval
Game starts at 9:20 A.M. 

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