Round 11 Match Reports (2019)

Senior Men:

La Trobe: 10.10 (70) defeated by Eley Park Sharks 11.15 (81)
Goal Kickers: S. Denier 2, T. Mooney 2, A. Castles, R. Timmins, R. Nolan, T. Spiteri, W. Humphreys, M. Ogle.
Best Players: T. Mooney, S. Benetti-Baker, M. Ogle, L. Miller, C. Randell, W. Humphreys.

A tough loss in really trying conditions on the weekend. The Senior Men went down by 11 points in the wind and rain at Box Hill against a tough Eley Park Sharks. After a tight first quarter Eley Park kicked away through the next two quarters and had a 6-goal lead at 3 quarter time. Tom Mooney was on from the first bounce and led from the front in the last quarter comeback. Matt Ogle was good again and received a heap of attention from the Eley Park flogs.
Equally importantly, the Club Ball was on the weekend with Will Luhrs and Ryan Timmins showing their off-field form!
Another bye this week as the boys look to launch into the back end of the season in two weeks.

Vs Albert Park FC
Played at Oval 20 Abert Park
Game starts at 2:o0 P.M. 

Senior Women:

La Trobe: 2.6 (18) defeated Ivanhoe 0.9 (9)
Goal Kickers: S. Greene, K. Bond.
Best Players: S. Castagnini, K. Bond, J. Yew, L. Molloy, S. Velona, R. Melican.

Hurricane La Trobe came blasting in with the wind and a win on the weekend! It was wet weather footy and the girls knew they were in for a dirty day. They were praying to Mother Nature that the rain would hold off as any moisture would ruin their fresh fake tans for the Ball that night … bad luck sistas!

The first quarter was a beauty. It was 2.1 to zip and it looked (early) as if the weather wasn’t going to affect the game. Bondy was able to slot the first after leading by example and laying a tackle inside 50 which saw her take a set shot from 25 out – the ball could’ve hit the lower playing fields if she didn’t play the wind correctly. The next goal came from Greeney, who keeps adding to her goal tally to ensure no one else steals HER award from her this year! Her shot was on the run and from the boundary – doesn’t get silkier than that.

Lilly was jumping high all day to ensure first touch on the ball at every ruck contest, and made sure her little minions were below her getting first use of the ball. Our midfielders were elite all day and worked well with the backline to make sure Ivanhoe didn’t score in the second quarter. Ivanhoe did manage to kick a “goal” through tallying 6 behinds (stats are stats) and this showed how great our defensive pressure was.

In the third quarter (our last with the wind) and when the weather picked up, Ivanhoe dropped two loose players in our forward line which made it incredibly congested and hard to score. However, our forwards worked tirelessly to flip their role into a defensive one and made sure the ball didn’t leave our forward 50. Don’t put this tactic beyond Senior Coach Jaryd because come the fourth quarter, there were 36 players in Ivanhoe’s forward 50 (no, not forward half … forward 50!). I mean, didn’t Ivanhoe’s coach ever teach their defenders to build a wall rather than go inside their own forward line? If you drove past on Kingsbury Drive and turned to look at the oval when you only see one end, you would’ve thought there was no game on with not a single player in sight. Ivanhoe’s coach didn’t seem too happy after the game, but no one told him to tell his backline players to flood their own forward 50! #statsarestats #smartcoachingbyjaryd

Overall, the girls played a good, hard defensive game and made it two on the trot. Let’s make it 3!

Vs Old Haileyburian FC
Played at Princes Park Oval 2
Game starts at 10:30 A.M. 

Reserve Men:

La Trobe: 11.12 (78) defeated Eley Park Sharks 6.7 (43)
Goal Kickers: J. Rogerson 3, S. Coghill 3, J. Lasslett 2, R. Wills, M. Waight, B. Plowman.
Best Players: J. Lasslett, B. Coghill, J. Horder, D. Hamel, J. Rogerson, A. Baillie.

‘The Midday Show’ fielded a strong team for a 78-43 win over Eley Park Sharks in Box Hill on Saturday. On a day of monumental achievements, La Trobe celebrated with Alain Baillie for his 100th game in the Red and Black! It was a good day for flying a kite, as the constant cross-field breeze later led to a sloppy, wet second half of 2’s footy.
Trobers jumped to an early lead, with the Sharks finding themselves in deep water at half time being 35 points behind. When the rain finally came, the Trobers’ hot run cooled and the grind began with a slippery ball and greasy blokes turning it into classic wet weather footy. This win cements La Trobe’s 3rd position on the ladder with a tough game coming against Albert Park in 2 weeks. Last time La Trobe and Albert Park met in Round 6 at home saw the Trobers go down by 17 points. There will be redemption in the air with La Trobe proving they are a finals team in 2019. 

Vs Albert Park FC
Played at Oval 20 Abert Park
Game starts at 11:40 A.M.

U19 Men:

La Trobe forfeited to Williamstown CYMS 

Vs St Kevins FC
Played at TH King Oval
Game starts at 11:40 A.M. 

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