Round 10 Match Reports (2019)

Senior Women:

La Trobe: 2.6 (18) defeated Old Mentonians 0.1 (1)
Goal Kickers: S. Greene, A. D’Angelo.
Best Players: L. Molloy, R. Melican, J. Yew, E. Turnbull, S. Castagnini, M. Andrews.

The good footy energies were strong on a cool Saturday morning down at Old Mentonians oval in Keysborough. Some would say the La Trobe women were cherry ripe and prepared for a big game ahead.

The girls had an explosive start to the game, as they were able to highlight their dominance on the field from the get-go. It was through the magnificent ruck work of Lilly (also known as ‘Crocs’), who embraced her good footy energies, in order to allow her team to get first possession of the ball.

They continued their great triumph into the second quarter. It was the Trober’s ability to take clean possession of the ball that allowed for them to take charge of the game and kick their first goal. Cuppa snagged a beautiful goal from the pocket.

Old Mentonians proved to be a physical team in the third quarter. However, it was no match compared to La Trobe’s efforts. Players such as Joz and Roz used their minds as tools and inspired their teammates, as they bashed and crashed through packs. Ultimately, highlighting their amazing defensive pressure and other one percenters.

The fourth quarter came around and the girls knew that they needed to maintain their high level of play in order to win the game. Although Sam Greene may have been too determined, as for when she was attacking the ball, she slid at least 10 meters in the extremely muddy centre and some say she is still sliding to this very moment!

It was through an amazing effort that the La Trobe women won their second game of the year!!! It was very exciting. The girls take on Ivanhoe this week, with hopefully another win for the Trobers. Yeehaa!!!

Vs Ivanhoe
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 12:00 P.M. 

U19 Men:

La Trobe: 0.3 (3) defeated by MHSOB 19.27 (141)
Best Players: T. Wight, R. Dell, K. Clarke, B. Zimmermann, J. McCaw, T. Tregea-Copeland.

If there was an award for ‘muddiest ground in the VAFA’, the Melbourne High football ground would be a serious contender. Like the shoddy playing surface, so was the equally sub-par car park. With the day underpinned by these difficulties, it was always going to be an uphill battle for the brave Under 19s.

With a good portion of the side not available for selection, it was thanks to several top-up players that the team was able to play at all. These blokes who put their hands up are to be commended. As has become a repeat occurrence, the backline once again was under immense pressure all day and shouldered the burden well as always. Unfortunately, fate did not smile upon the Under 19s on Saturday, as they struggled to score at all throughout the match. Again, there were good signs however, as the team was able to move the ball effectively on such a poor-quality surface.

The next game will prove to be a big test for the young team, as they face Williamstown CYMS at home on Tony Sheehan Oval.

Vs Williamstown CYMS
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 2:00 P.M. 

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