Round 8 Match Reports (2019)

Senior Men:

La Trobe:  24.8 (152) defeated Box Hill North AFC 7.5 (47)
Goal Kickers:  B. Higgins 5, R. Nolan 4, T. Mooney 3, S. Benetti-Baker 2, L. Cooke 2, M. Ogle 2, B. Zimmermann 2, W. Lowry 2, S. Denier, C. Randell.
Best Players: S. Benetti-Baker, S. Denier, A. Castles, M. O’Brien, B. Higgins, R. Nolan.

A big win this week for the Trobers as the boys dismantled Box Hill North quite comfortably. There was a keenness in the group to get off to a good start and that’s exactly what happened with La Trobe kicking two goals in the first few minutes, thus setting the tone for the rest of the match. 

Although the forwards kicked straight it was the back six who all really impressed. Box Hill North had a large number of inside 50s, but the defenders managed to keep them to only seven goals. A feat, which largely helped set up the huge win.  Billy Higgins and Ricky Nolan were dangerous up forward and it is now a competition between those two for the biggest heads at the Club.  Sam Benetti-Baker played his best game of the year with some brilliant displays of skill and poise.

This week the boys have the Queen’s Birthday bye round as we turn the corner for the back end of the home-and-away season.

Vs South Mornington FC
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 2:00 P.M. 

Senior Women:

La Trobe: 2.4 (16) defeated by Old Brighton 4.7 (31)
Goal Kickers: S. Greene 2.
Best Players: T. D’Angelo, C. Ross, S. Castagnini, S. Velona, S. Scicluna, E. Freeman.

The wind was up and the footy was cold, but luckily the La Trobe women were feeling bold. Starting the first quarter brought many kicks, and even a few spectacular tricks.

All the spectators were most impressed, when there was a kick from Soccer manifest, Into a goal from legend Sam Greene, who as we all know is quite supreme.

The second quarter proved to be testing, but the La Trobe women were not yet resting. Yewy blew us away with her play on the wing, where up and down the ground she would always ping.

A star performance from Sherise, clearly highlighted her expertise,
When she would fight and spoil the ball, like it was simply protocol.  
The La Trobe women during the third, made Old Brighton look rather absurd.
All quarter Swifty worked the ground, she gave our opponents the run-around. Swifty also had a knack, of bursting through the pack, as if she was a maniac.

The time left in the match grew shorter, as the game entered the final quarter.
Rosco shook off the opposition, as though it was her mission, to obliterate the competition. Unfortunately, the La Trobe women didn’t get the win, but the team still shared a happy grin. The effort of the La Trobe girls was truly great, and the next game will begin with a clean slate.


Vs Beaumaris FC
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 4:45 P.M.

Reserve Men:

La Trobe: 14.7 (91) defeated by Box Hill North AFC 19.17 (131)
Goal Kickers:  S. Pearson 3, A. Tomada 3, Z. Price 2, J. Ferguson 2, R. Wills, J. Rogerson, T. Costa, B. Plowman.
Best Players:  J. Rogerson, J. Lasslett, A. Tomada, T. Costa, A. Baillie, J. Ferguson.

‘The Midday Show’ suffered a tough loss over the weekend after going down to Box Hill North AFC by 40 points. Box Hill ran away with an early lead, one that the depleted La Trobe 2’s couldn’t narrow down.

Once again, the 2’s struggled for numbers as several key players were out from injuries and other commitments resulted in mismatched positions and a lack of team cohesion. La Trobe moved the ball well and dictated terms of the game in pockets during the game but failed to sustain that momentum throughout the whole game.

Round 8 saw 4 of the top 5 teams lose to lower placed sides, indicating no one is safe on the ladder. The Queen’s Birthday weekend will see all teams rest up during a week off and replenish their playing stocks. La Trobe will face South Mornington at home on June 15th, a do or die game to remain in the top 3 as SMFC have had strong performances in recent weeks.

Vs South Mornington FC
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 11:40 A.M.

U19 Men:

La Trobe 5.10 (40) defeated by Brunswick NOBSPC 18.12 (120)
Goal Kickers: W. Luhrs 2, C. Ross, R. Dell, D. Thorn.
Best Players: R. Dell, W. Luhrs, C. Ross, D. Thorn.

A frustrating inability to kick goals was the theme of the day, with another inaccurate performance in front of goal for the young Trobers. Unfortunately, the U19’s squandered their chances in front of goal, converting just one third of their scoring shots into majors. The same couldn’t be said for Brunswick, who had their kicking boots on from the start.

Once again, the backline was under monumental pressure all day. As usual, they stood up, repelling the ball from the defensive half of the ground with great skill for the entire game. Once the side sorts out its goal kicking, success for the young team will surely follow.

Vs Mazenod OCFC
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 6:40 P.M. 

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