Round 6 Match Reports (2019)

Senior Men:

La Trobe: 14.5 (89) defeated by Albert Park 16.14 (110)
Goal Kickers: R. Nolan 3, B. Higgins 2, M. Ogle, T. Mooney, C. Randell, R. Timmins, A. Castles, L. Tunbridge, T. Spiteri, L. Bence, W. Holmes.
Best Players: R. Nolan, L. Tunbridge, A. Castles, M. Ogle.

It was a tough loss this week for the Trobers.  After a tight match for the first three quarters, Albert Park kicked away early in the last.

Unfortunately, the La Trobe boys were unable to hit back in what was a most disappointing finish. Despite the loss there were still plenty of positives. First gamers Will ‘Nugget’ Holmes and James Bruce were excellent in their debuts. It is suspected that their bald heads absorbed the energy of the full moon giving them an extra edge. Ricky Nolan continued to impress alongside Matt Ogle who dominates the ruck every week.

After a disappointing loss the boys will look to bounce back against Masala this week.

Vs Masala Football Club
Played at Fotheringham Reserve, Dandenong
Game starts at 2:00 P.M. 

Senior Women:

La Trobe: 3.3 (21) defeated by Old Haileyburians 5.4 (34)
Goal Kickers: S. Greene 2, A. D’Angelo.  
Best Players: M. Andrews, K. Bond, T. D’Angelo, L. Molloy, S. Castagnini, R. Melican.

A Friday night thriller was in store for the Trober girls. The girls had the energy for Friday night – the energy they usually spend on the dancefloor at their favourite watering hole (that is when they don’t have a game the next day!)

With a new warm up to start the night off led by Ritchie, the girls were pumped! Being in a new division, the girls were ready to come out firing to redeem pretty much the last 5 rounds. Coaches, supporters and players needing a win.

Within the first 10 minutes the girls were able to register 2 goals. OLHB didn’t know what had hit them. Lily was smashing the ruck and the midfielders were getting the clearances. The ball was in the Trobers half for majority of the first quarter as the midfielders were gaining control and Lily was doing it easy in the ruck. Everything was positive at quarter time.

Starting the second quarter OLHB allowed a second field umpire onto the ground (they didn’t allow two in the first quarter – long story, eh Spud?). Trobers held their structures to keep it level at half time. Also, Greeney was looking like reaching her 300th goal for the Club. It was getting a little heated during the first half, but the Trobers were still hunting for the win. Still a very close game at 3-quarter time with only 3 points kicked for the quarter.

Cuppa took over the 3-quarter time chat with a passionate spiel of how much the girls deserved this win after a 5-week drought. During the fourth quarter unfortunately the Trobers’ structures slipped away. Maybe it was nerves wanting a win, maybe it was too much gingerbread before the game. Greeny had a few chances at her 300th with no luck. Trobers didn’t go down without a fight. Marleigh taking some brilliant intercept marks to keep it in our forward 50 but unfortunately OLHB ended up with a 2-goal win.

There were a few drinks shared between the teams, with Trobers later winning a boat race at the end of the night. Although it was a loss, there were many positives from the game which Trobers will be taking into Round 7 to get that first win and then some!

Vs Hawthorn Amateur Football Club
Played at Rathmines Road Reserve, Hawthorn
Game Starts at 9:20 A.M. 

Reserve Men:

La Trobe: 7.13 (55) defeated by Albert Park 10.12 (72)
Goal Kickers: W. Lowry 2, S. Pearson 2, R. Wills, E. Buffon, J. Bates.
Best Players: A. Baillie, W. Lowry, B. Tremellen, P. Howard, S. Pearson, S. Condon.

It was a hard-fought loss by The Midday Show, going down by 17 points to Albert Park at home.  The weather on Saturday couldn’t have been any better for perching up on the beach getting that golden crisp; instead, we were sweating it out with the sun in our eyes.

Failing to capitalise on our forward 50 entries, Albert Park moved the footy better and took advantage with a handy goal kicker. Classic 2’s footy, with new and old blokes in every week which makes consistent footy hard, but a big thanks to those boys who dusted off the boots.

This weekend we migrate east to play Masala FC who are yet to record a win for the season, but vital for The Midday Show to return to our winning form.

Vs Masala Football Club
Played at Fotheringham Reserve, Dandenong
Game starts at 11:40 A.M. 

U19 Men:

La Trobe: 3.0 (18) defeated by De La Salle 17.20 (122)
Goal Kickers: N. Richardson, J. McCaw, W. Wilson.
Best Players: E. Fleming, C. Ross, T. Floyd, W. Wilson, N. Richardson, D. Thorn.

A warm afternoon in East Malvern wasn’t the best place to play a game of football. Combined with a shoddy ground complete with two cricket pitches, it was a recipe for disaster. It quickly became apparent that it just wasn’t our day on Saturday. In the end, the side was comprehensively defeated by De La Salle, who outperformed us in every way. Like the previous week, the backline deserves credit for not stopping in the face of great adversity.

This week’s game against St Bede’s/Mentone Tigers is an exciting opportunity against a similarly struggling side.

Vs St Bedes/Mentone Tigers Football Club
Played at Brindisi Street Oval, Mentone
Game starts at 2:00 P.M. 

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