Round 5 Match Reports (2019)

Senior Men:

La Trobe: 12.11 (83) defeated Eley Park 3.21 (39)
Goal Kickers: B. Higgins 5, R. Nolan 2, C. Randell, B. Plowman, L. Cooke, M. Ogle, B. Zimmermann.
Best Players: R. Nolan, B. Higgins, B. Zimmermann, L. Tunbridge, P. McCormack, A. Castles.

La Trobe had a comfortable 44-point win over the woefully inaccurate Eley Park Sharks. The Trobers got off to a good start and maintained a comfortable lead throughout the game. The back 6 were dominant in not allowing the opposition a single goal in the first half. The Sharks continued to shoot themselves in the foot after half time with piss poor accuracy in front of goal. They couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat!
Billy Higgins took the piss in the first half kicking 5 goals and really helped set up the win. In the second half he played through the middle and the backline in what was a complete performance. Reports coming through are that Billy’s head is so big he can’t fit through his front door!  Ricky Nolan was dominant again and was honoured with BOG (a bit lucky to get that to be honest).
This week the Trobers take on Albert Park under the lights at the Tony Sheehan Oval.

Vs Albert Park Football Club
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 6:00 P.M. 

Senior Women:

La Trobe: 1.2 (8) defeated by Beaumaris 6.5 (41)
Goal Kickers: A. Dunn.
Best Players: E. Turnbull, S. Castagnini, G. Alsop, A. Cutler, T. D’Angelo, S. Watts.

Excited, energetic and edgy. These are just 3 words used to describe the emotions amongst the La Trobe women players before their 5th game of the season, against the Beaumaris Sharks. The girls begun the first quarter with a booming start, once again highlighting their dominance on the field. Although they didn’t score a goal this quarter, it was through the likes of Swifty that demonstrated a ferocious attack on the ball and dynamic running. Apparently, there was even a rumor that some of the spectators thought Swifty was actually Dustin Martin dressed in disguise!
The Beaumaris Sharks were after blood in the second quarter; however, La Trobe’s defense proved its resilience. Sadly, the Sharks were able to kick a few goals on the La Trobe girls. Yet, it was players such as Sarah Watts who swatted the ball away from her opposition, and Grace Aslop who ‘grace- fully’ took some spectacular marks, that stopped the Sharks from scoring more goals.
The La Trobe girls were back and fighting in the third quarter. They waved the bait right in front of the Sharks faces, by all players standing up to get the team back in the game. Amy Dunn was able to elegantly kick La Trobe’s first goal of the game, as well as her first goal as a La Trober!! The girls incredible defensive pressure remained strong – which was extremely evident by agile Abbey Cutler’s chase down tackle on the opposition.
The final quarter proved to be the hardest once again. With a grueling 20 minutes left in the game, the La Trober girls were still in it and they all knew they were going to have to step up. In the midfield Turns was running like a bull chasing after a red rag, although it was the red Sherrin footy. Unfortunately, La Trobe lost the game, but gave it a red-hot go.
The La Trobe Women’s football team will verse Old Haileyburians in this week’s game on FRIDAY NIGHT under the lights at Tony Sheehan Oval. Hopefully a first win is on the horizon. Yeehaa!!

Vs Old Haileyburians Football Club
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
FRIDAY NIGHT – Game Starts at 8:00 P.M. 

Reserve Men:

La Trobe: 14.9 (93) defeated Eley Park 4.5 (29)
Goal Kickers: E. Buffon 4, L. Bence 2, R. Wills 2, S. Pearson 2, J. Bruce, Z. Tunks, J. Ferguson, D. Hamel.
Best Players: E. Buffon, R. Wills, J. Bruce, J. Ferguson, L. Bence, A. Tomada.

No Report

Vs Albert Park Football Club
Played at Tony Sheehan Oval, Bundoora
Game starts at 3:40 P.M. 

U19 Men:

Under 19’s:
La Trobe: 7.14 (56) defeated by St Kevin’s 10.6 (66)
Goal Kickers: W. Luhrs 3, D. Thorn 2, C. Ross, D. Robertson.
Best Players: W. Luhrs, D. Thorn, T. Tregea-Copeland, T. Wight, E. Fleming, R. Dell.

There is an age old saying that every player knows: “Bad kicking is bad football”. That was the story of the day, as La Trobe U19’s went down to St Kevin’s by ten points despite leading the scoring shots 21 to 16.
However, it wasn’t all bad. During the actual game, the Trobers looked very good by hand and foot. The team’s six defenders deserve credit for their rock-solid rebound throughout the game. Now the onus is on our forwards to hold up our end of the bargain and kick more goals. With some hard work on score conversion, the wins should come pouring in. La Trobe has been very close to a win in the last few weeks, so hopefully we can reverse our fortunes when we take on De La Salle in Malvern East this Saturday.

Vs De La Salle Football Club
Played at Basil Street Reserve, East Malvern
Game starts at 2:00 P.M. 

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